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Anticipated twists in Neil’s past and Luca’s future provide intrigue

August 8 - 12

It’s true some of the unpopular storylines are lingering on, but things were looking up in a couple of instances this week, as Victor sent Luca after Travis as part of a trap to expose him before he can marry into the family, a mystery emerged involving Neil’s estranged parents, and Chloe revealed the diary pages. Thoughts:

I can’t, I won’t, it’s too painful.
Last week’s blog looked at “Y&R’s” weird devotion to the unpopular, including Kevin’s fixation on his chemistry-free relationship with Chloe, a storyline which may be headed toward Kevin realizing he ‘belongs’ with Mariah, another match-up that should be left in the friend-zone where their vibe thrums along with perfect rhythm. The related scenes with Sharon giving Mariah advice about Kevin and bonding were very good, but while many feel for Mariah’s loneliness, they’d rather see her get swept off her feet by someone other than her bestie.

Chloe conundrum.
After all that happened, I don’t see how Chelsea and Chloe’s friendship is so deep and trusting that Chelsea would be this likely to be taken in by Chloe’s con, particularly when Adam’s in such a dire situation, is insisting Chloe’s the guilty party, and especially considering the timing of Chloe’s return. In fact, it’s odd that the likes of Dylan and Michael can clearly see how Chloe makes perfect sense as the mystery woman, yet others are debating it. Kevin probably knows deep down that Chloe’s guilty and isn’t ready to admit it to himself yet, but Paul, who looked the other way with Kevin’s hacking and such many times in the past to get justice in a case, has suddenly become so inflexible he wouldn’t listen to his own son, and screamed and revoked his badge. Chelsea and Paul are both behaving uncharacteristically to further this plot. That said, the actors continue to powerfully deliver the material.

Schemes, plots, and confrontations.
The goings-on at Jabot, Brash & Sassy, and Newman kept things hopping this week, though Phyllis working with Victor took criticism from viewers:

The subtly emotional scenes with Victoria and Victor were effective, Phyllis and Jill squaring-off was entertaining, and Victor setting a trap for Luca using Travis as bait was intriguing and built anticipation. The prospect of Travis returning is appealing, and I also sense (or hope) there could be a twist coming up where it’s not as simple as Victor running Luca out of town. One “Y&R” viewer on Twitter also saw the possibilities:

As for the ‘dream team’ over at Brash & Sassy, it’s entertaining that Billy and Victoria see through Jill’s agenda, but I still can’t understand why Cane is into this – he must really want to have his own division at Chancellor. Billy imagining Phyllis when Victoria was describing her ad idea was fun – if Travis comes back maybe Vikki will have that kind of passion in her life again too.

Spotlight on… Matt Clark’s shocking death

Cold feet.
Jack telling Phyllis to just sit back and do nothing while Summer rushes into ill-advised marriage number two…bleh. Jack has been changed too much with all of this conflict avoidance. The awkward reminiscing at Summer’s wedding dress fitting was hilarious though, but oh Dummer, did you learn nothing from your experience with Austin? Why rush?

Family tree.
What’s up with Neil’s parents? I’m sure Lily will get to the bottom of it given the look on her face when Neil announced he didn’t want to know if they were still alive or not. Yike, should be quite the backstory!

Friday notes.
Billy’s assessment was dead on – Jack sucks the life out of Phyllis. It’s why so many are captivated by Philly. I wasn’t as into the ‘Adam’s dream’ scenes as some…kind of ‘over’ the whole prison thing and tired of seeing that visitation room. Chloe hiding the journal pages behind Victor’s portrait, and his reaction, was awesome. Can’t wait to see if she’ll actually hand them over, and if so, who Victor will frame. Excited that rogue Dylan is ramping up to something too!

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– Candace Young


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