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Deconstructing Y&R: Writers seem unable to move on from staid couples, stale secrets, and recycled scenarios

Restless Rant for July 4 - 8:

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In the last Deconstructing Y&R, we asked what would happen next and the answer seemed to be ‘more of the same’. While the Ian and Victor showdown at the cabin was entertaining, it definitely had corny and predictable elements. Ian’s epic one-liners were the highlight. Nothing new happened in the interminable Sharon’s secret storyline, and we still don’t understand any more about what’s going on with Hilary’s behavior than we did six months ago. As for couples, despite fans being eager to move forward with the exciting new pairings, the writers seem stuck into the same old, same old, as Phyllis seems uncharacteristically connected to being Jack’s ‘Stepford wife’, Nikki proved unable to break her pattern with Victor, and the appealing ‘Tricky’ action came to a standstill this week. Thoughts:

The hostage situation/Victor and Ian showdown at the cabin had moments of being highly entertaining, but on the whole it was pretty predictable that Victor would bust in and save the day and some of the material didn’t make a lot of sense. As if Ian would hand Victor his gun. Regardless, the actors involved all delivered their trademark performances, which made it worth watching. In related commentary, many seemed skeptical of the idea that the cabin rescue would be Victor’s ‘redemption’, and were left fuming over Nikki canceling the divorce and the near certainty that Victor would launch a successful appeal – especially considering he spent his time in prison enacting revenge against his children instead of feeling remorse for his crimes. His ultimatum to Adam, if nothing else, made it clear he was behind the set-up and gave some hope that Adam might be coerced back into being interesting again. If Chelsea manages to ‘save’ Adam, that translates into ‘keep him boring’. No thanks. P.S. Why hasn’t anyone investigating the identity of the mystery woman asked themselves what female has it in for Adam? Duh! Viewers commented on Victor’s cabin rescue and redemption on Twitter:

Kiss and don’t tell.
Phyllis told Billy she loved him at the cabin, but then ran back to the security of Jack’s arms after the hostage ordeal. Hopefully it was just a knee-jerk reaction as many are so over her prolonged boring stint as Jack’s dutiful spouse and past ready for the Philly pairing to go public – they first kissed in March! Jack, for his part, has been dumbed-down where both Phyllis and Hilary are concerned, as Hilary was back to hitting on him the minute she was out of the hospital. As mentioned, her motivation for pursuing Jack while rejecting her hot earnest billionaire hubby, Devon, continues to allude viewers.

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Duping Dylan.
Speaking of characters being out to lunch, Dylan continues to be easily satisfied by misleading information about Sharon, and will no doubt be the very last in Genoa City to realize she’s been grappling with a huge secret, which at the current rate, won’t be revealed until Christian/Sully is off to college.

Who is Luca working with?
With all of the drama surrounding Victor, Newman Enterprises and Travis took a bit of a backseat for Victoria this week. However a new development arose involving Luca, who not only waylaid Summer with sex while her beloved grandpa was escaping custody and tracking Ian, but called someone at the ‘facility’ to warn them of Nick’s impending visit. Suspicious indeed.

Abby’s troubles.
Abby was back on the scene after a bit of an absence, still complaining that Ben blames her for the situation surrounding Max, who is now having seizures. Not only is this an ongoing yawn, but if the writing were realistic, we would be seeing her experience some conflicting emotions regarding Max since, tumor or not, the boy caused the death of her unborn child. Meanwhile, Stitch still thinks Abby is incapable of understanding what he’s going through…nothing changes with these two.

Love seeing Esther interacting with people at Crimson Lights…more of that would be awesome; she should be up in everyone’s business! The scene with her and Devon was sweet. Also, Sharon cleaning house like a maniac was too funny!

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– Candace Young


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