Deconstructing Y&R: Trials, affairs, plots, and potentially life-saving protocols…what will happen next?

Restless Rant for June 27 - July 1:


There were some awesome scenes on “Y&R” this week and some real anticipation built as to what the near future would bring in a few storylines…in some cases we only had to wait until Friday to find out! Thoughts:

The key to it all.
I was not a fan of Adam sitting in his apartment hoping Victor would prove to have a heart, so it was a relief when Kevin brought Michael into the loop by showing him the footage of Victor’s accomplice, and Michael brought that information to Adam. The scenes between Chelsea and Ian were outstanding and left us guessing since Ian’s only parting words were about needing a better suit. Hysterical! Viewers weighed in on these scenes on Twitter:

Yes, there was real anticipation building for Adam’s trial. Who would say what? Who would show up? Did Ian buy Chelsea’s phony escape plan and would he hold up his end of the bargain, or would he have his own escape plan and get on the stand and screw over Adam, who left him for dead in the Newman Towers fire? If Ian screwed Adam, would Victor save him and then extract a price for keeping his son out of prison? Friday the trial got underway and we not only got those answers, but surprise twists with Victor’s testimony (Meredith wasn’t happy!), Ian taking Nikki hostage, and of course, The mighty Mustache being shot. Such excitement!

There’s no denying that Sharon going off her meds could (and did!) yield some interesting developments in this storyline, but the problem, as mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, is we really most sincerely have secret fatigue. It felt like Mariah and Sharon kept having the same repetitive conversation over and over until Friday’s episode when Sharon knocked Mariah out with a bookend thinking she was Sage. Yike! It appears this will bring Kevin into the mix, as predicted, but there’s no telling how long the secret will still carry on.

Most Memorable Fourth of July Hook-ups: Victoria Newman and Ryan McNeil

Jack/Phyllis/Billy…and Ashley.
It was almost like Ashley suspected something was going on between Phyllis and Billy the way she pushed the Abbott cabin idea on Phyllis…and made a point of stating to Phyllis that Billy’s latest fling was a rebound…and made sure Billy knew that Phack was going away together…and flipped out on Jack when she learned he’d left Phyllis at the cabin. Hmm. Billy took out his frustration over Phyllis going to the cabin with Jack on Travis. Love how Victoria came in on it, told Billy he’d overstepped, Travis backed her up, and then she admitted she was falling in love with him. Aww… Meanwhile, unfolding at the cabin were scenes of delicious awkwardness as it began to dawn on Phyllis that she did not want to be intimate with an amorous, lingerie-gifting Jack. Her facial expressions were gold, and you couldn’t help but laugh when she grabbed the champagne and guzzled it as Jack put on sex music. I felt for her, I felt for Jack…ah, it was sad that she had to get drunk and fake him out, but it definitely illustrated how torn apart she is, and how powerless she is over her feelings. It’s time to let Jack go. Billy, also tormented by his feelings, showed up once he knew the coast was clear and realized exactly what it meant that she was unable or unwilling to have sex with Jack. Of course, they went at it on the couch. So, will they continue on as they have been, come clean, or be found out? Hmm.

Hilary’s world.
If only I had any idea what Hilary actually thinks, wants, believes, feels, or is trying to accomplish. Does she really want Jack? Who knows, but trying to make special birthday plans for him was a bit obvious, as was trying to hold his hand – getting ahead of herself. Her clashes with Lily are excellent entertainment – they both give as good as they get. Loved that ‘Ooo’ moment when Hilary came back to the Club, pissed off after her encounter with Jack at Crimson Lights, and kicked her bag over to Lily while announcing she would take the Club from Devon in the divorce. That good news traveled fast, and soon Cane, Lily, and Devon hatched a plan to neutralize her for the time being. This would involve Devon fooling her into believing he was ready to become the power couple of her dreams, and everyone else’s nightmares. Of course, Devon then found out she was at risk of dying. Devon truly loves her, so that would change everything and the feelings he expressed in her hospital room were no doubt genuine. But she won’t believe that when she gets wind of his plot with Lily and Cane. In related news, Cane, Lily, and Neil worried Hil would go after Chancellor Industries. Hmm. Foreshadow-y indeed.

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– Candace Young


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