Deconstructing Y&R: Intriguing pairings give Genoa City fans something to talk about

Restless Rant for June 13 - 17


The red herrings are starting to pile up! Sharon almost told Nick the secret, Mariah almost told Dylan the secret, Bethany almost told Jack about Philly, Phyllis told Jack about her and Billy…but not really. Sigh. Fans are sitting up and paying attention to some of the couples, however, as well as the ongoing drama surrounding Adam’s case and Hilary’s health. Thoughts:

Nightmares and guilt.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Sharon’s secret storyline is just feeling beyond dragged out, and continued to do so this week as it barely inched forward with Nick noticing something was ‘off’ with Sharon, which basically amounted to him learning nothing much. That said, some are enjoying Sage’s haunting, and it’s clearly only a matter of time until Sharon cracks from the guilt. Here’s hoping the secret comes out sooner rather than later and Sharon can move forward, or maybe even backward; more in the direction of the original concept of the character. I miss the days of her rivalry with Phyllis.

Ships in the night.
Something that is really working for “Y&R” right now is the newer pairings of Billy and Phyllis and Victoria and Travis. Whether you ‘ship’ these couples or not, they have fans talking, debating, and feeling, which is a vast improvement on being bored out of our minds. Some love the fire and intensity of Philly, and much like the characters themselves, want them together despite feeling bad for Jack. There is some debate about whether they’re behaving out-of-character, but both are known for being self-destructive, impulsive, passionate people, and Billy slept with Sharon when she was married to Jack, and Phyllis cheated on Jack with Nick, so it would seem not. Phyllis being a Stepford wife is way more off base. Some would like to see Billy reunite with Victoria, though many are excited about Vikki and her ‘new man’, Travis, who is undeniably adorable, and may or may not have a secret agenda (P.S. I want to know who paid off his debts). Still others would love to see Victoria and Luca hook-up, as they definitely have a certain chemistry many find intriguing. Of course Luca is currently with Summer, who, if she wasn’t already unappealing enough, has now taken to being condescending toward Victoria. No words… “Y&R” viewers weighed in on their favorite ‘ships’ on Twitter:

Whatever it takes.
Adam’s case was starting to suffer from too many scenes of Chelsea chirping, and him reassuring her, when it was finally revealed that Victor did indeed set him up. This was accomplished through a series of flashbacks in which Victor remembered recruiting a certain female to do his dirty work for him. There’s an excellent chance the woman was Chloe Mitchell, who still yearns for Adam to ‘pay’ for hitting Delia. If it is her, maybe we’ll finally find out if Chloe had Billy or Kevin’s child. Adam and Ian’s scenes were good, when they sparred verbally and hammered out a deal, and Michael being involved is always a plus of course, but the twist with Meredith coming forward to Christine was frustrating, as they’re making this professional woman look like a lovesick fool. Here’s hoping she surprises us. Anyway, it should be fun to see what transpires at Adam’s trial. Or wait, maybe there won’t even be one since Nick changed his mind about exhuming Constance’s body. Hmm.

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Living up to the hype.
The Hilary storyline is going into high gear, what with her health situation worsening just as Ashley got one over on her. There are definitely some elements of this story that are a stretch – Devon conveniently out-of-town when Hilary faints, married Jack trying to gently remind Hilary that he’s just not that into her, Hilary telling Jack the truth about her health and the drug protocol but keeping Devon in the dark, Ashley confessing to protect Neville and incriminating herself just to get one up on Hilary – must be nice to have the confidence to know your lawyers will get you a slap on the wrist. Anyway, Hilary may be sick, but it hasn’t gotten in the way of her attitude or manipulating. Case in point, her lashing out at Neville – hissing at him to ‘just fix it’ – really? I think I’d consider letting her lapse back into a coma if I were him. Also, it’s looking more like Lily is absolutely right about Hilary manipulating Jack. As of right now, she is sharing the secret of her relapse with him and not her husband, and she seemed pretty pleased that Jack covered for her with Devon. There was also a nasty little glint in her eye after she placated a questioning Devon and set about seducing him. Wow…yike.

Additional Friday notes.
Um…Phyllis and Billy decided to have their weekend together on his living room floor in Genoa City? Naturally, someone – Ashley – is going to show up per the previews, so the stakes are going to get suddenly higher. Ack! Nick deciding to change his mind about Constance, and Mariah being on the verge of telling Kevin the secret (which will no doubt be another red herring) were okay cliffhangers…but just okay.

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– Candace Young


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