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Deconstructing Y&R: From the highly entertaining to the truly disturbing…a rollercoaster week

Restless Rant for April 18 - 22:

Aside from the Max/Abby stunner, it felt like a week that was building toward things. It was great to see Esther more than once – she provided some much-needed comic relief, along with the highly entertaining clash between Sharon and Nikki. Thoughts:

Drop me.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Jack catching Billy and Phyllis in a compromising position was great fun – that was over too soon. Jack gave Billy the axe as per his deal with Victoria, and Billy reacted as expected. I’m looking forward to Billy butting heads with his brother over Jabot, however, it was unfortunate that it was written that Victoria made a huge business decision based on trying to win Billy back. Her reasoning that having Billy fired would lead to them reuniting made little sense anyway, although they did share a ‘moment’ over Delia on Friday’s show, so who knows? As for other Passkey deal fallout, while Natalie’s little makeover was fun, the focus turned to bickering over profits. I guess we’ll see if the underlying feelings between Kevin and Mariah will be addressed and/or prevail, or if he’ll mess up because he’s too infatuated with Natalie and the money.

Master manipulator.
While Victor remained in a terrible mood and continued to refuse visitors, he still managed to have showdowns with Victoria and Adam, hold an apparent meeting with Luca, and probably had Adam fired from behind bars. Hehe. Though I love the actress, I’m still waiting to feel more intrigued/excited about Dr. Meredith Gates, who so far has just spouted a lot of, as Victor put it, psychobabble. It was interesting to bring Adam into the mix with her though, and what a relief to see that Victor finally got to Adam. High time! Many viewers have become incredibly tired of ‘whipped’ Adam. CEO of Chelsea 2.0…please!

No regrets.
So far, the most intriguing element of the Summer/Luca hook-up is that it’s impossible to read Luca to tell if he’s actually falling for Summer or is just using her. Nick’s attempt at taking a stand about Summer’s involvement with the ‘dirtbag’ was laughable. She waved him off like a gnat.

Shenanigans at Sharon’s.
Love the twist of Sharon and Sage working together, but the reasons behind their investigation were pretty darn vague for them to be so gung-ho. In any case, it’s ironic that the two women who would be most affected by the baby reveal are the ones pressing for information. Loved the little teases with Patty telling Paul she was ‘protecting the baby’ and Sharon dreaming of Patty telling her ‘there is no baby’. In the meantime, Sharon’s home life has become very challenging as Dylan moved Nikki in. As if! What a treat, though, to have Sharon and Nikki verbally sparring. Great fun! Viewers were loving it:

Shocking plot.
Even though we saw Max plotting, it still somehow came as a shock that he actually went through with it and caused Abby to fall down the stairs and lose her baby. We didn’t actually see Max tape the fishing line across the step, though we saw him with the fishing line before and after, so he almost certainly did it. The sad miscarriage news affected those who had lost babies before, and made for some heart-wrenching scenes in the hospital. Of course, Max showed up with an odd handmade card for Abby, and didn’t look too happy to see his father and Abby consoling each other when he peeked into the hospital room, so yeah, it seems we’re supposed to feel disturbed about Max…and we do.

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– Candace Young


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