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Deconstructing Y&R: It’s “Save Your Spouse From Themself” month in Genoa City

Restless Rant for April 11 - 15:

Several people in Genoa City continued to work to save their significant others from themselves this week, and the focus was largely on the Passkey lawsuit, with a sprinkling of other characters’ troubles thrown in as well. Loved the Friday cliffhanger with Jack walking in on Phyllis and Billy post-ride! Thoughts:

In the baby storyline this week, Drunk Nikki essentially offered to buy Sage another baby mama/baby, which sent Sage into a tailspin and she ended up receiving comfort from Adam. He is portrayed as the one person who is grieving Christian like Sage, and yet Nick believed Christian was his – so wouldn’t he be grieving the same way? Anyway, as predicted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Sage has become fixated on Sharon’s baby, not knowing he’s actually her son, and both Sharon and Nick were a looking a little disturbed/concerned. Oh, and Adam got in a little time with his son too, when he stopped in at Crimson Lights for that very honest talk with Dylan about protecting Victor. Ack.

Life inside.
At the state pen, Ian paid Victor a visit because he was concerned about his vitality. Made me giggle! Anyway, Victor used him to try and glean information on the trustworthiness of the warden, and they briefly discussed escape plans before Victor’s stitches re-opened and he found himself in the prison infirmary receiving sage life advice from Dr. Meredith Gates, who had seen many men like him. Of course, Victor proved she had never actually met a man like him by seeing right through her façade and shrewdly asking what she was running from, hehe. Viewers immediately began speculating on whether The Mustache and the younger doctor were destined for romance. It’s not that appealing a prospect, but is certainly a possibility, especially since he refused to see Nikki on their anniversary, which will no doubt send her into a worse downward spiral. Yikes.

Jack attack.
Jack was a busy boy this week! He chastised Michael for working with Victoria, demanded that Nick and Victoria reconsider his deal, argued with Drunk Nikki about lying about her accident and visiting Victor, fought with Billy about ethics, was duped by Hilary into giving her a board seat, learned Ashley kept a fatal illness from him, lied on his deposition to protect Summer (aka, sold his soul to the devil), and then lit into Phyllis about selling her daughter’s soul. While I enjoy seeing Jack back in Nikki’s orbit, hearing him push compromise and peace with Newman is kind of another ‘end of an era’ thing for me. It’s like he’s being relegated to ‘the voice of reason’ while the edgier Billy takes his former place in the rivalry.

Vote! Tenth annual Sudzies!

The whole truth.
Everyone involved with the Passkey lawsuit was pretty high-strung emotionally this week, and it made for several entertaining clashes and interactions before and after the depositions. Unfortunately, much of the focus was on Summer, whose sulky disposition was stormier than usual, and whether she would lie under oath for Phyllis’ sake. Curiously, Victoria was allowed to sit in on the depositions and intimidate people, but nonetheless, Summer (among others) did lie, and the fallout included Jack being disgusted with Phyllis, and Phyllis feeling tortured and turning to Billy. Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie were thrilled, and began mentally spending their Passkey profits. Natalie took it one step further and went out and bought herself a little black dress and possibly a makeover, which she showed off just in time to interrupt a close moment between Mariah and Kevin. I felt bad for Mariah! Summer, meanwhile, felt guilty about selling out half her family and went back to Newman to purge her feelings. Victoria used the information she got from Summer to coerce Jack into accepting a deal that would see Billy fired…because it would save their relationship. What?! It feels like they’re trying to show she’s thinking like Victor…or maybe Nikki and Devon, who want to ‘save their spouses from themselves’, which seems to be the theme of the month on “Y&R.” In any case, Billy, oblivious to the debate surrounding him, was helping Phyllis quiet the noise in her head. He felt the answer was to take her for a ride…on a motorcycle. By the time Jack arrived to presumably fire Billy, the exhilarated, mud-spattered duo were ‘cleaning up’, and it looked like he’d caught them in a compromising position. Hehe, soapy fun. As for the overwrought Summer, she took to a suite with Luca, where they drew some sketches (huh?) before sharing a chaste kiss goodbye at the door. Yeah, most viewers would rather see him give Victoria a go, or even Mariah:

Mix up at the lab.
While it was nice that Devon reinstated Ashley and has worked so lovingly to try and get Hil to focus on what they have together, even as she continued manipulating, it’s been weeks and I still just don’t ‘get’ this storyline with Hilary. Frankly, it hasn’t made sense since she woke up and announced she loved Neil, who she is now threatening to put behind bars because she wants to keep a board seat. Sigh. In other lab news, Ashley and Neville are clearly being pushed toward a doomed relationship. She still has feelings for Stitch, and he for her, despite being married to her daughter. It all has to come to a head some time. Meanwhile, Abby’s troubles with Max continued as he coaxed Charlie into pulling the fire alarm while self-absorbed Abby whined at Lily about her life. While I actually found myself rooting for Max after that, it now appears that the ‘big surprise’ he has in mind for his step-monster at her baby shower is that trip down the staircase he’s always dreamed of for her. Yipe!

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– Candace Young


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