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Deconstructing Y&R: A dead dirty cop and emotional dilemmas in Genoa City

Restless Rant for August 24 – 28:

While the shoot-out and Devon and Sharon’s predicaments lent some drama to “Y&R” this week, there is just nothing truly epic or riveting happening on this soap opera – heck even Phyllis and Adam have been dull. The last shocking twist involved Neil suddenly behaving like himself – how odd is that? Thoughts:

Harding’s dead.
Rest in peace Detective Harding…you had so much potential. It was back-pats all around for Paul and Dylan, and a big stink made over Dylan joining the police force – even Christine cracked a smile and got into the spirit – only for Dylan to decide later that he didn’t want to upset his fragile partner, Sharon. Meanwhile, Kevin was still gung-ho to connect Harding and Marco, but by week’s end he seemed to have dropped it.

Straight to hell.
So, the softies in Genoa City sent Marco back to the Peruvian prison with his ear lopped off as insurance that he couldn’t return and fool them again – right – and promptly returned to bickering over their companies. After all that…sigh.

Devon’s dilemma.
As mentioned in previous Deconstructing Y&R blogs, I can’t stand Neil’s character assassination to serve this plot. That said, he is certainly getting his revenge as he upset Hilary, and who knows what happened to her afterward, and Devon is now up on murder charges. There are several theories floating around about what might have happened to her. A hotel employee canceled the tour – did the employee have something to do with her disappearance? Some even think Hil may have set this up herself. It will be interesting to see what goes down with Nikki and Neil if Victor discovers he never went to Canada.

Bad dream.
How funny was Dylan telling half the people in Genoa City that Sharon had a bad dream? Hehe. Seriously though, Sharon losing the baby is sad, and the thought of Dylan losing yet another chance at being a father is too. It’s human drama, but peeps are dreading the possibility of a Soap Opera 101 baby swap being in the works, with Sharon stealing Sage’s baby and passing it off as her own. Is Mariah pissed enough at being left out of Nick and Sage’s wedding to help her pull it off? Maybe that won’t even happen, after all, Sage’s suddenly huge belly indicates that she’s further along than Sharon. However, Sharon’s plan to quickly conceive again is also wonky – wouldn’t Dylan question her delivering a baby a month or two past her due date? Eek. I think Sharon should just surprise us all and tell Dylan the truth – then he could go a little crazy instead of her melting down again.

So now Stitch’s story is that he wasn’t opening up to Abby because he was afraid of scaring her off, not because she’s an immature airhead who can’t relate? And now he’s getting in Ashley’s face in Abby’s defense after she stomps away from her mother in a tantrum? Argh!

Newmans versus Abbotts.
So the big Friday shocker was Victor announcing he owns Chelsea Lawson. How ridiculous that these two big companies were battling over Chelsea’s clothing line! No one would even care if not for the real reason for this plot point, which is that it pits Adam squarely against Victor for control of Adam’s family. This is actually the best development of the week, because when Victor and Adam clash it’s always worth watching, and Adam has desperately needed something to do besides beg Chelsea for another chance.

Let’s get married.
The baby shower is over, now let’s get hitched! After Nick tied the knot yet again, some viewers were seen speculating that the Nick and Sage nuptials might have been the most boring soap wedding of all time. Despite how dull this pair can be, and the eye-rolling development of Kyle being ordained and performing the ceremony, I thought it was kind of cute, and appreciably quick.

Just like Dad.
So now Jack will make Ashley co-CEO so he has even more time in his schedule for making drippy heartfelt speeches to Phyllis. Please no. Free Phyllis! Here’s hoping Ash at least questions Jack’s change of heart since she still doesn’t know she was dealing with a Peruvian drug lord previously. Gah.

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– Candace Young


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