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Deconstructing Y&R: Plotting within plots in Genoa City

Restless Rant for January 25 - 29:

The new material for Phyllis, and the build in the Dr. Anderson storyline kept things interesting this week. Thoughts:

Evil, twisted bitch!
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, it’s been a little tough to get into the Dr. Anderson storyline without actually knowing what her agenda is, however, the stakes are definitely going up since Nick and Sage have enacted a seemingly risky plan that involved committing Sage in a bid to gain intel on the meddling psychiatrist. They also have had to convince everyone else, including Sharon, who is more unstable than she was, thanks to Anderson lowering the dosage on her meds. My sense is that it will still be a while before Anderson’s real identity, agenda, and the baby debacle is exposed, but she showed signs of cracking when Nick suggested she didn’t understand how Sage’s loss felt. Maybe she’ll end up exposing herself! Bonus for the Sage character – viewers enjoyed Adam going to bat for her, and pitting her against Sandy is increasing her appeal:

This is going to be spectacular.
Phyllis was revealed as Adam’s kidnapper, Natalie’s ‘other’ investor, and it was one of my favorite developments in a while. For those who have been longing to see shades of the true Phyllis, it’s a step in the right direction, and how intriguing that she has chemistry with her partner, Billy, who just happens to be her brother-in-law. Of course, Billy is reconciling with Victoria, which is par for the course, and though they too have chemistry, it’s a sticking point for some that ‘NuBilly’ looks more like a Newman than an Abbott. Also their break-up/make-up pattern is getting a tad tired.

Risky business.
Natalie cut a deal with Phyllis and they are set to double-cross Victor. While it will be entertaining to see them try to pull it off, Victor always wins so…yeah. Anyway, Victoria will be babysitting Natalie while Victor is away, so that is an added complication for Phyllis and Billy, who has not been forthcoming about his plotting with Red. Incidentally, Victoria’s hostility toward Natalie seems over-the-top…don’t really get it. In other business news, Jack is circling the wagons to rebuild over at Jabot, and invited Billy, Abby, and Ashley to come back… I didn’t find it believable that Abby was so eager to walk away from her COO position at Newman, especially to take a lesser position in Neville’s project…felt contrived.

Lab rat.
Despite Ashley kissing Simon (ack), the little devil on my shoulder wondered if she saw an opportunity when Abby told her that she was worried about her marriage to Stitch due to her troubles with Max. Yep, Max, who just happened to love hanging out in the lab… Hmm. Notably, Ashley kissed Simon because he delivered the (expected) good news about her treatment working. So, yay…but let’s leave it at that.

Lies and conspiracies.
Adam and Chelsea shared some hot ‘reunion’ scenes in bed, but soon the repetitive ‘we’ll be together forever; it’s always been you’ stuff reverted to the repetitive ‘you lied to me’ harping from Chelsea. They need to come up with something new for these two. As for the ins and outs of Adam pretending to team with Luca but actually conspiring with Victor, Marisa spilling Luca and Adam’s alliance to Chelsea and Noah, and Noah wanting ‘in’ on the plot to bring down Victor…take an aspirin and check back in next week.

Hostile Hilary.
The Devon/Hilary/Neil storyline has gotten so bad that even Hil’s clash with Nikki wasn’t all that fun. Devon produced divorce papers this week and (cue eye roll) had Neil deliver them to Hilary. Of course that was the catalyst for Neil suddenly and magically making Hilary realize that it wasn’t going to happen for them, so she went directly to inform Devon she couldn’t sign the papers. Unfortunately, the story has been so plot-driven, unrealistic and dragged out that it’s now extremely difficult to relate to any of the characters involved…that means feeling what they’re feeling or rooting for them, or even understanding where they’re coming from, so this didn’t evoke much more than a sigh.

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– Candace Young


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