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Deconstructing Y&R: Agendas and alliances create drama in Genoa City

Restless Rant for January 18 - 22:

There was a lot happening on “Y&R,” some of it compelling and entertaining, but largely plot-driven, which meant less to feel emotionally invested in. Thoughts:

With or without you.
Kevin’s Swiss cyber genius Natalie has so far proved to be way more trouble than she’s worth, as she turned herself in to Victor, while leading Kevin to believe that Victor had taken her. She also let Victor know that Kevin had doubled the asking price to get in on the deal. All of this led to Kevin confronting Victor and being kicked to the curb – and out of his own deal – with a stern warning never to ever try conning Victor again. Yike. Meanwhile, Victor (gasp!) made a mistake by taking Marisa instead and had to tell his man to let her go. But not before Chelsea filed a missing persons report and got Paul involved in Adam’s disappearance. That led to Detective Dylan taking over, and a plan was hatched involving a tenuous agreement between Victor and the police to work together. We all know how that will go! I just shook my head at Chelsea deciding to throw a fashion show so as to have a place to trade Natalie for Adam, and Dylan going along with it. What?! So stupid… Anyway, storyline highlights included Mariah’s snappy cynicism (as always), the Kevin/Victor scenes, which are hugely entertaining, and of course Adam sweaty and tied up wasn’t bad either. Hehe. Big question to end the week – who is the ‘ma’am’ behind Adam’s kidnapping?

Anderson’s agenda.
Things ramped up with the Dr. Anderson storyline this week as Nick learned Anderson had changed Sharon’s meds, that Anderson was telling Sharon one thing and him something else, and with both Mariah and Sage believing she is overly involved and not to be trusted…well, Nick finally bought a clue. Here’s hoping it comes to a head soon, and not just for the baby’s sake. It’s feeling a bit tiresome given that we don’t really even know Anderson’s true motivation for going to such extremes. Does she want Nick, or does she want revenge on Nick? The offshoot story here was Sharon’s emotional instability returning as a result of her dialed-down meds. It didn’t take long before she had gone off on both Dylan and Chelsea. Again, why would it suit Anderson to have Sharon losing it? Could Anderson’s agenda be to get both Sharon and Sage out of the picture so she can raise the baby with Nick? Certainly Anderson thinks she would get rid of Dylan with a DNA test showing the baby is Nick’s…except unbeknownst to her, he’s Adam’s child. Hmm. One thing’s for sure, when the truth about the baby finally comes out this is going to be explosive…did you see Sage with Sully/Christian? Egad. Fans on Twitter were getting antsy about this storyline too:

Second chance.
Billy woke up, let Jack off the hook, reconciled with Victoria, and started to remember what happened the night he was beaten and run over. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, NuBilly transitioned into the role seamlessly, but once again, the likes of Jill and Traci were missing in action at a crucial time. Why haven’t we seen them since he woke up and started talking? Oh but Phyllis was there, cryptically referring to renewing their vendetta against Victor. At least if she’s conspiring with Billy she’s doing something more interesting than being Jack’s moony Stepford wife. I’m all for it, especially since NuBilly has chemistry with both Victoria and Phyllis.

Everything’s changed.
Stitch as an earnest man trying to be a good dad is fine, but for those not into him and Abby as a couple, watching her struggle with the Max situation isn’t compelling…at all. Abby wound up in a scene with Devon, which, given their established friendship, viewers seemed to connect with more than the rest of it.

Where are the Winters?
While we got a glimpse of Devon around the Club this week, there was no continuation of the storyline involving Hilary and Neil, which should be a huge deal right now. And why don’t more people know about it? It’s like the story is isolated, along with the characters who work on Neville’s project. Doesn’t Ashley care that Billy’s awake? Wouldn’t Neville be interested in that too?

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– Candace Young


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