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Deconstructing Y&R: Raw emotion steals the show in Genoa City

Restless Rant for January 11 - 15:

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, it’s been amazing to have Jill and Traci back, and the exceptional acting was definitely worth raving about this week. Thoughts:

The faux affair.
The Nikki/Neil fake affair storyline doesn’t have anything particularly believable happening in it. First, Victor confronted Nikki loudly about renting a room with Neil in the middle of the Club where it could easily have become tabloid fodder, which he would never do. He then seemed to blow off the issue of the affair without even confronting Neil or issuing any threats – again, not at all like him. And let’s be honest, Neil would have to be dead stupid to keep messing with Victor this way after he’d confronted Nikki. In fact, it was kind of unbelievable that he would have proposed this fake affair business to Nikki in the first place, that she would have gone along with it, or that she would want to keep it up to make Victor jealous – viewers feel that makes her look silly.

I saw you.
Just when we didn’t think it was possible, the Hilary/Neil/Devon mess got even worse. The latest development in this ill-conceived plot saw ‘No Integrity Neil’ being seduced by ‘Suddenly Soulless Hilary’ in the middle of the Jabot lab. Devon, of course, witnessed this in what was probably supposed to be his karmic payback, but really, does anyone even care about that at this point? Devon confronted Neil and ‘disowned’ him, but continued to protect him from the authorities and didn’t even tell Lily that he was the one who held Hilary captive. Devon still referred to Hilary as his soulmate afterward, very admirable, but couldn’t he have at least questioned that for a short time under the circumstances? No one bought into the concept of Hilary going back to thinking she loves Neil since she woke up, and this plot has just continued to trash the characters and leave viewers with no one to root for. On a positive note, Lily had an entertaining go at Hilary after she found out she slept with Neil, and Hilary brought up Lily sleeping with Joe. Hehe, these two fighting is more fun than them being friends. Viewers commented on Twitter:

The deal.
Kevin’s big investment opportunity has made for some fun scenes – Jack and Victor sparring, Kevin standing up to Victor’s ‘death glare’, and Victor wining and dining Kevin while he daydreamed about being wealthy and having his portrait up on the wall in place of Victor’s, but it was definitely disappointing that Kevin panicked and chose to do a deal with Victor in the end. It would have been nice to see Victor lose out to Jack/Billy for once. On the other hand, now it’s Victor that has to deal with the wrath of Natalie’s ‘other investors’; probably the Santoris.

The Newman Enterprises gang.
Rather a glum bunch over at Newman these days as Noah slouches around with the weight of the world on his shoulders, Marisa watches him with concern, and Luca glowers in the background. I still don’t think Noah’s reasons for clamming up make sense, so that’s just sort of irritating. As for Adam, Victor sent him on assignment to Spain, but he never made it because he got captured in his own elevator. It seems he’s been taken by whoever is after Natalie, given the email Victor received, but what was interesting was the look on Adam’s face when he was approached at the elevator – it seemed like it was someone he knew maybe? Perhaps the Natalie bit is a red-herring and he’s actually been kidnapped by Ian, Chloe, presumed-dead Marco, or even Sage. You never know!

Saying goodbye to Billy.
From Jill lashing out at Dr. Neville, Ashley, and Jack, to the bedside farewells, the acting surrounding Billy ‘dying’ was top-notch and just so raw and emotional. It was so incredible, in fact, that I found myself choked up even though I knew perfectly well that Billy was going to be just fine. There was a lot of chatter on social media this week about the show’s choice to let the cat out of the bag ahead of time about the role of Billy being recast, since the intensity of the scenes could have been tenfold had viewers truly believed he might die. In the end, the amazing “Y&R” actors pulled it off anyway – made us feel it. Bravo!

Out-of-body Billy.
Billy spent a day watching how everyone in Genoa City was reacting to his imminent death, and trying unsuccessfully to chime in on their conversations. Although this type of soap device can seem cheesy, it was an interesting way to introduce NuBilly, and Jason Thompson rose to the occasion and made the role his inside the space of this one episode.

Paul gave Dylan a badge and fast-tracked him to Detective McAvoy. Huge surprise…not.

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– Candace Young


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