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Deconstructing Y&R: Jill and Sage speak their minds

Restless Rant for January 4 - 8:

In a week that was boring in spots despite a lot going on, the most compelling scenes came courtesy of Jill and – surprise! – Sage. Thoughts:

You have to fight.
It was amazing to have Jill back and reading everyone the riot act at the hospital even though it didn’t exactly make sense for her to be scolding everyone else when we haven’t seen her interact with Billy or his children in what feels like forever. It might have been more realistic for her to be kicking herself for having been too busy to have seen what was going on with him. After all that venting, she wasn’t even there when he went into surgery because she ‘went home to rest’ – there really needs to be consistency for this to work (i.e. where did Traci disappear to?). Jill also should have been included in the investment opportunity part of the storyline – why would Billy only ask his brother Jack for the money and not his mother, who is the head of Chancellor Enterprises? During Jill’s outburst, Phyllis stepped up to grab her face and tearfully reassure her that they all loved Billy. Talk about a Twilight Zone moment… Anyway, while the emotional scenes were very well-acted (Jill and Victoria both had me choked up), overall it was difficult to feed into the tension because we already know the character isn’t being killed off. Considering Dr. Neville was brought into the storyline, it’s a safe bet he will perform some sort of miracle with his experimental protocol and save the day…you know, like an older, quirkier version of Super Dylan.

Playing with fire.
Not only did Marisa’s reasoning for Noah covering up his role in what happened to Billy not make sense, but the notion that she secretly disposed of his tires and got him new ones without anyone knowing was fairly ridiculous. Noah going along with it was out-of-character and only served to have the pair share a secret so as to cause conflict with Luca. As for Marisa advising Luca not to trust Adam, she was definitely onto something. I had the sense that Adam was trying to dupe Luca into turning the Santoris in to the FBI by making him believe that he would do the same to Victor, but didn’t think he’d follow through. It turned out Victor is in on it. No real surprise. Oh, and how funny was it when Victor referred to Luca as ‘that peacock’?

Strike while the iron’s hot.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Adam’s been trying to distract Chelsea from the idea of making another baby, and this time he offered to back her new bridal collection. This led to Chelsea storming Victor’s office and engaging in a confrontation that made her come off looking like she knew nothing about business. Sigh. After, she hired Marisa to work with her, but Adam told her no. Viewers on Twitter were wishing Adam would just be honest with her about everything:

No more toying with us.
Kevin flirting with Mariah has been cute, as was the birthday gift he gave her, but many are anxious for them to get going with a romantic relationship or move on. Viewers have also been wondering about Kevin’s rather ambiguous role at the police station, since he is sometimes able to sit in on interrogations and is privy to all sorts of classified information, yet other times is relegated to having to sneak and listen at the door. That said, Kevin’s interaction with Jack and Victor this week were among the most entertaining scenes.

Stay the hell out of it!
Sage finally got interesting this week when she clashed with Dr. Anderson. How satisfying that someone finally told that nosy calculating witch to mind her own business! Of course, Anderson struck back by running straight to Nick and manipulating the situation. Ugh. If Sage can expose Anderson, she will win major brownie points. In related news, Anderson is going to alter Sharon’s meds so there will no longer be a filter for what she really feels about things. Hmm, seems like foreshadowing that there will be something for Sharon to get upset about it.

You killed my mother.
So, Jenna died, Max went into the care of social services and was flown from Australia to Genoa City, all without Stitch being notified. Really?! Max immediately accused Abby of killing his mother. Hehe. Few would be up for months of Abby doing battle with an 8 year-old, in fact her whining about failing as a stepmother was already on the last nerve of many by week’s end, so here’s hoping she throws in the towel fairly quickly and that’s finally the end of this forced relationship.

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– Candace Young


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