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Deconstructing Y&R: New Year’s wasn’t a happy one for everyone in Genoa City

Restless Rant for December 28 - 31:

There was an interesting twist with Adam striking a deal behind Victor’s back, a couple sweet moments between Kevin and Mariah, and a lot of waiting for the ‘wedding shocker’. Thoughts:

Reality check.
Is anyone buying Adam’s sudden reluctance to jump in and have another baby with Chelsea or his interest in Sage, regardless of Christian having been his? Early in the week Adam, as well as Dr. Anderson, seemed to have issues with Sage and Nick being happy and moving forward. Speaking of Dr. Anderson, it was great to see Mariah try to give Sharon a reality check about her ‘cuckoo’ doctor, but annoying how Sharon blissfully shrugged off her concerns. Here’s hoping Mariah has Kevin do a little digging into Anderson’s past – sooner rather than later.

Last minute details.
So, Abby picked out her wedding dress about a day before the wedding and Chelsea just whipped it up? It was also a day before the nuptials when Stitch tried to convince Jenna to let Max attend, which seemed like kind of short notice. Oy. Stitch complained to Dylan about the situation with Jenna and things got all foreshadow-y with Dylan saying if anything ever happened, he wouldn’t let anyone keep his son from him. Well, we will see about that I suppose.

Losing bet.
Kevin’s Swiss Miss was back online this week and Billy made another attempt to get in on the action again. Mariah convinced Kevin to let him invest, and Billy completed his recent downward spiral by trying to acquire the necessary funds through a long-shot bet, which only earned him more disrespect from Jack and an ugly confrontation with a thug bookie in the underground parking garage. In hacker venture related news; the moment when Mariah told Kevin she’d rather have love than money, and Kevin held her gaze as he told her she already had that was gushy goodness. Sigh…

Divided loyalties.
While I was intrigued by Adam striking a deal with Luca behind Victor’s back, the Noah/Marisa stuff at Newman was just ‘meh’ as I don’t like her as much since she got sucked back in by her ex. Meanwhile, Noah pledged his loyalty to Victor and the Newman family (which we all know would be out the window for Marisa in a heartbeat), but how funny was it that he up and quit running The Underground while Nick was out of town and didn’t even bother to tell him? Marisa also quit the bar, so I guess Mariah is the only one working there…except we only saw her at the police station, Crimson Lights, and the Top of the Tower. Hmm.

Pre-wedding jitters.
The day that the wedding began had a few notable moments, such as Ashley giving Abby John’s handkerchief, but honestly it was essentially an entire episode spent filling in time waiting to find out what shocking occurrence would interrupt the wedding. The gathering prior to the ceremony featured a few distractions such as Michael and Lauren in ‘get a room’ mode, Devon gazing at Hilary, who showed up with Neil, and Luca and Marisa as wedding crashers courtesy of Adam. Then it was time for the ‘wedding shocker’…Ashley collapsed. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, the Neville story is a dud (particularly an Ashley/Neville pairing, which is so not a fit), but he was there as Ashley’s guest presumably so he could witness the incident and realize she was ill…all the better to get on with saving her life.

Happy New Year?
After Ashley’s collapse, Abby and Ben’s wedding continued. For some it was sweet, but many, seeing no chemistry between the two, were left unmoved by the vows and speeches. New Year’s celebrations then ensued and ranged from the amazing (Mariah and Kevin’s ‘what the hell’ liplock) to the downright bizarre (Neil kissing Nikki full on the mouth). Just when you thought the Neil/Hilary debacle of a storyline couldn’t get anymore convoluted or ridiculous! Across town, Ashley trashed the lab before agreeing to a secret alliance with Neville, and in yet another eye-opening turn of events, Noah got in his car in the parking garage and unknowingly backed over Billy, who had already been worked over by his bookie’s goon. Eep! “Y&R” viewers predicted trouble ahead for Billy on Twitter:

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– Candace Young


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