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Deconstructing Y&R: Newman Enterprises and Jabot change and look to rebuild

Restless Rant for December 14 - 18:

Even though there was plenty going on in Genoa City, none of the storylines seemed to be really revving up viewers this week. Thoughts:

You think there’s going to be a wedding after this?
Tearing Abby and Stitch apart was probably supposed to make us yearn for them to reunite, but the chemistry’s just not there, so instead there was a sense of relief when Abby called off the wedding and disappointment when she said it was back on. I would’ve liked to have seen a hint of similar emotions in Stitch, who was supposed to have discovered that what he truly wants is a life with Ashley. Now it’s like that never happened and he’s pleading for marriage to Abby. Meh. While it was fantastic to see John appear to Ashley in the park, unfortunately it appeared to herald the return of her brain tumor, which not only drove her to hand Jabot back to Jack, but could also derail the upcoming Stabby wedding. In related news, Ashley partnered up with Dr. Neville. Please don’t let that become a romantic thing…

So, big surprise, Jack didn’t go through with the press conference skewering of Victor. No, he looked over at Phyllis, misted up, and called it off. Jack’s loyalty to his father and Jabot should have been the one thing to come between him and Phyllis. And let’s face it, Phyllis, as we all know, would have dumped his ass before he ever got near the podium. They’re really working overtime trying to convince us that Jack and Phyllis are the love of a lifetime, so naturally Jack made another moony, heartfelt speech after screwing Jabot, and off they went to celebrate. Blah. Later, I felt a little kinder toward Jack, who lamented that he might not be able to save his company, which turned to irritation when Phyllis had to come along and state the obvious about how to handle it. Sigh.

Newman’s secret weapon?
Naturally, Noah was recruited to work at Newman with Luca and Marisa (whose street smarts are all the qualifications she needs). Cue the eye rolls. It was funny to watch Noah try to keep the smile pasted on his face, though, as he gave Luca and Marisa the tour. Especially when Luca told him, “You’re dismissed.” It remains to be seen if this battle shaping up between Victor and the Santori family will be entertaining, but right now it all seems like means of keep the Luca/Marisa/Noah triangle going. went to Twitter to find out if viewers felt invested in the triangle:

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Chelsea’s wariness about Sage is probably well-founded given Adam’s protectiveness over her when he learned Victor had tried to get her to leave town. There was a little more foreshadowing when Chelsea told Nick it was a bad idea for Sage to have moved in across the hall. The problem with this budding scenario is that no one is going to buy into Adam suddenly realizing he has feelings for Sage or anything like that, even if she did bear his child. Speaking of the child, both Nick and Sage found reasons to show up on Sharon’s doorstep and hold him. It made me wonder if they’ll have Adam and Sharon cross paths so he also gets to hold the son that will one day be revealed as his. Hmm.

Downward spiral.
Well, Billy has taken to sporting a black leather jacket, which clearly indicates he’s going to the dark side. He’s drinking, gambling, and being lectured on a regular basis. Victoria feels torn and wants to protect herself and the kids. Yawn. On the plus side, I enjoyed watching Kevin handle Billy’s blackmail attempt.

They’re back…
Supremely boring Kyle and sad sack Summer returned to celebrate her 21st birthday. Yep.

No choice.
This whole bit with Devon having to pay Neville to protect Neil is so unpalatable. Making matters worse, Hilary shoves her tongue down Neil’s throat at every opportunity and he can’t help but like it. If only Hilary was setting Neil up, or Gwen would find a way to give Neil what he deserves somehow… Lily and Cane were also on this week, and they agreed to make one more magical Christmas for the twins. That probably means they’ll get caught up in the magic and reconcile.

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– Candace Young


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