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Deconstructing Y&R: A break-up, an arrest, a wedding, and Santa Claus

Restless Rant for December 7 - 11:

There was a lot going on in Genoa City this week, but the holiday cheer definitely came from Paul dressing up as Santa Claus to marry Dylan and Sharon as Faith, Nick, Noah, Mariah, and creepy Dr. Anderson looked on. Thoughts:

Penthouse pals.
Chelsea went from worrying about Adam being indebted to Victor, to worrying about Sage and Adam’s relationship. She is probably wise to keep a wary eye on Sage, especially now that Adam moved her in across the hall. Sage has a touch more chemistry with Adam than she had with Nick, however, she’s still a dud character, and therefore, viewers aren’t exactly bursting with anticipation about this storyline development. Historically, Sharon’s been the only real competitor for Adam’s love…and she has his presumed-dead son. Now that’s interesting.

Santa baby.
How sweet was Dylan’s Christmas surprise wedding and Paul as the Santa Claus who married them? Feelgood scenes!

Call me Sandy.
So ultra-creepy Dr. Anderson, is in fact, Sandy, the girl from Nick’s past that broke her neck in the pool and then was forgotten after Victor paid to make the incident go away. I’d like to feel bad for her, but she is just so warped! Aside from the whole baby-stealing plot, which we have to presume just fell into her lap when Nick’s ex, Sharon, conveniently checked into Fairview, she shows up everywhere and trains those hypnotic eyes on people as she interrogates them about their feelings and manipulates them into taking her ‘advice’. Scary! Did you see how she just walked right into Sharon’s house, as they were about to start the wedding? And how she flirted with Nick in the park after she followed him when he left Sharon’s place? Ack! Twisted! Luckily, Mariah is onto her, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time before she has Kevin run a background check.

Hacker attack.
Despite their ‘bad sex’ and decision to just be friends, Mariah seemed mighty jealous of the attention Kevin’s been paying to his Swiss Miss female hacker. One couldn’t help but notice how his eyes lit right up while he was on the phone with her – perhaps when Natalie comes to Genoa City, Kevin will find her stimulating on a number of levels. If so, Mariah’s reaction is bound to be pretty entertaining. Ha!

Spain drain.
So Luca let Marisa believe her child was living in horrid conditions when he knew all along she wasn’t, so he could manipulate her. After putting her through that, when she finally saw her daughter in Spain (aka Chancellor Park with a fountain), and later decided to leave her with the woman who was raising her, he deigned to tell Marisa he was proud of her. What a guy. Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Noah took matters into his own hands by calling the Feds after he read online that the Santoris are into arms dealing. Oy.

Frame game.
So, Cane and Lily staged a huge argument that even managed to fool Devon (hehe), and Joe followed Lily when she stormed away. She took him for a car ride to try and get him to admit he’d framed Cane, but things went awry when she wound up trapped with him in the Abbott cabin, and he figured out he was being set up since she refused his advances. Cue another round of Joe hollering and roughing up a woman, and the woman being rescued by her man. Not surprisingly, Paul burst through the door just in time to hear Joe confess to framing Cane and carted him off to jail. As with Avery and Dylan before them, it was not a fairytale ending ‘post-Joe’, as Cane was still unable to forgive Lily. Interestingly, he forgave Devon pretty quickly for doubting him, but then again, Devon didn’t sleep with Joe. Oh Joe…as mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, it was such a waste of potential to make him abusive to women. Boo. How do you think things will play out with Lily and Cane?

Victor has left the building.
Victor yanked his offices out of Jabot, and it turned out Newman Towers, which was previously completely unstable and on the verge of collapse, was now good to go. Hmm. Victoria surprised Victor by reassembling his office, complete with the infamous portrait, and Victor immediately set to planning the demise of the Abbotts in retaliation for Billy unleashing the Paragon virus again. Adam spearheaded the idea of a legal attack on Jabot, which he later explained gave Jack and company an ‘out’…all Jack would have to do is cut Billy loose. Interesting, except Ashley is now the CEO of Jabot, so wouldn’t that be her call not Jack’s? Anyway, this all led to Jack taking a rather intense meeting with Victor, which resulted in a declaration of war. But is anyone really intimidated by Jack anymore? Even his own brother and wife called him a coward because he failed to make Victor pay for the Marco debacle. We took to Twitter to find out if viewers agreed with Phyllis and Billy:

Happy anniversary Michael and Lauren!
It was Michael and Lauren’s 10th wedding anniversary on December 9, and ‘Likey’ fans took to Twitter to celebrate and to point out that the duo was missed on screen. The actors got involved too:

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– Candace Young


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