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Deconstructing Y&R: Newman and Abbott plotting takes center stage

Restless Rant for November 30 – December 4:

The Newman/Abbott business and personal stories continued to intersect in a compelling way, but there’s not a lot of anticipation for other storylines currently, especially those making viewers squirm, but not in a good way. Thoughts:

Paragon plan.
It’s been amazing to see Phyllis flirting and scheming again; it truly underlined how desperately this character needs to be freed from Jack so she can come into her own again. That said, Phyllis and Billy’s plan to get revenge on Victor failed spectacularly, as she wound up in a predicament in which she was forced to help Victor bring down Ian and stop the Paragon virus (which she and Billy had resurrected), and later had an epic clash with Ashley. Billy, meanwhile, was unable to hide his agenda after Victor successfully manipulated Abby and got Adam out of his prison sentence, and wound up dumped and in handcuffs. While the scenes with Victor kicking the crap out of computer that housed the Paragon virus were silly, the storyline continued to be interesting with the twist of Ashley propositioning Adam. Given their history it’s a big stretch, but it’s intriguing to see Adam battle within himself as to whether or not to trust his father or double-cross him.

Uh, Victor Newman gave away half of the company – that he built with his own hands from the ground up – to the Santori family? How hard are they trying to push this Luca character? Victor would never do such a thing. Anyway, Luca resurfaced and told Marisa her time was up and he was leaving, which had the desired result and he left town with her. Noah talked to her like she was a tramp, and many were left feeling ‘meh’ about the whole shebang. Be sure to share your thoughts on this below.

Playing games.
So, Lily’s going to team with Cane to bring down Joe, which will likely bring them back together. The story has felt fairly predictable given that they really can’t go anywhere with Joe’s character because they made him an abusive cad. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, it was difficult to buy Lily so quickly doubting her husband in the first place.

Abby put business ahead of meeting with the wedding planner, Stitch has issues with starting a family with Abby, and he and Ashley had more passion arguing than he and Abby have ever shared. The writing is on the wall.

Parental problem.
‘Sully’s’ christening was uncomfortable more than anything else; watching Sharon and Dylan being set-up for their umpteenth baby mix-up crisis is a downer. Also, seeing Sharon act all syrupy with Nikki felt off given the animosity between them, and it was a letdown when Sage held her baby and not only did she not seem to recognize him, but the situation didn’t evoke the heightened emotion it should have.

Sage’s grief caused her to snap on Faith, Mariah, and Nick. She unknowingly held the son she believes to be dead, and later poured her heart out to Adam as Chelsea looked on with growing concern. It should have been heart-wrenching, but many just haven’t connected with the character. took to Twitter to find out if “Y&R” viewers were feeling for Sage this week:

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– Candace Young


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