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Deconstructing Y&R: Newman family drama trumps the far-out storytelling

Restless Rant for November 23 - 25:

Things continued to move forward at a good pace this week, but the level of ridiculousness hit new heights in at least one storyline. Thoughts:

I know what really happened.
There was definitely satisfaction in seeing Neil confess to Devon, and watching Devon react. Finally, the truth was out in the open. The good feeling lasted until Hilary followed Devon into the elevator and offered herself up to him in exchange for Devon not turning Neil into the police. Ugh, the writing for female characters sometimes… Devon, naturally, declined her offer and then found himself heading off to the police station with ‘Saint Neil’, who after all he went through to look after his own interests, suddenly decided to turn himself into the authorities. Of course, this led to Devon doing a complete turnaround and talking Neil out of it. Cue the eye rolls. Hilary, meanwhile, was crying over Neil and defending his actions to reporters. As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, it’s such a crock that she has mentally ‘reverted’ to the five minutes where she loved Neil and had no feelings for Devon yet. Some were hoping this was a ruse for Hilary to strike back at Neil, but with her crying in her suite alone over him, it’s unlikely.

Apparently Lily doesn’t have any instincts to tell when someone might be ‘playing’ her, and so she once again fell into bed with Joe, while Cane and Colin cooked up a scheme to get evidence against Joe and shame her in the process. Once again, the writing for a female character is a little insulting. While it’s believable that Lily could still be attracted to Joe, this story has felt ‘off’ since Lily didn’t give her husband the benefit of the doubt when Devon’s money turned up in their closet.

We have a son.
In the most ridiculous storyline in recent memory, Sharon woke up from a sedated sleep and was presented with a full-term baby, and actually was convinced she’d given birth to him. Considering Sharon has given birth more than once before, it’s 150% unbelievable that she wouldn’t question the total lack of evidence of having delivered a baby. We won’t get into the gory details here, but it’s safe to say she would definitely know in numerous physical ways that she hadn’t given birth to that child. Additionally, Mariah simply bought Dr. Anderson’s off-the-cuff explanation that whoever had told Sharon she’d miscarried initially had made a mistake, and trotted off to meet her new baby brother. Later, Dylan, still woozy from his run-in with Dr. Neville’s syringe, once again named a baby boy that will be revealed at some point not to be his, just as with Connor. Bleh. Here’s what one reader thinks could be coming next:

Pushed out of the family business.
Nick pouted about Victor pushing him out of the family business in favor of Adam, despite the fact that he never was all that gung-ho about being involved with it in the first place. After all the talk Victor does about having all his children working with him, it was odd that it had to be one or the other. In any case, Victor next paid Adam a visit and lectured him about how lucky he was that his wife had saved his butt by convincing him to buy his story about Ian. I’m looking forward to Victor and Adam, however reluctantly, working as a team. That said, the idea that Victor sees going up against Billy Boy Abbott and Phyllis as a huge challenge is a bit odd.

Happy Thanksgiving to’s U.S. readers!

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– Candace Young


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