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Deconstructing Y&R: Trust issues, a secret alliance, and a delicious little affair shocker

Restless Rant for November 16 - 20:

As with the past couple of weeks, “Y&R” continues to be a mix of exhausting plotty ridiculousness, nuggets of genuine character-driven emotion, the odd fun twist or shock, and unpopular stuff. Thoughts:

Stitch’s nightmare.
This Ashley/Ben/Abby triangle could very well become a nightmare for everyone if it drags on. Ashley went to Ben when she learned he was going to propose to Abby and called him out for having feelings for her, yet now that he has admitted it, she wants him to turn it off. I feel Ashley’s pain at loving the man that somehow ended up engaged to her daughter, and wish it wasn’t such an icky state-of-affairs. There’s no real sympathy for Abby, who jumped into bed with Summer’s husband and then Stitch, who had just split with Victoria and had already slept with her mother. I’ll say it again…Stitch was a viable leading man until they sacrificed his integrity for the sake of plot.

New alliance.
While it’s fab to have Phyllis scheming again; the Stepford wife routine with Jack is so not her, the idea of Billy being the mastermind trying to take Victor down is a bit of a stretch. No wonder everyone was onto him immediately. What I want to know is what Victor’s agenda is in accepting the offer of office space at Jabot.

The affair.
Nikki walked into Adam’s hospital room with that self-important air and announced that Elise had had an affair, and Elise, without missing a beat, let her know her affair was with Victor – absolutely loved that little shocker. Of course, the next question for many viewers was this:

Trust issues.
So the news came out that the bodies of Ian Ward and Patty Williams were not found in the burnt out Newman building. Paul finds it perfectly feasible that Patty, who was trapped under a vending machine with no pulse, got herself out, yet everyone thinks it’s impossible that Ian did the same. Um, what?

Can’t go home.
The Nick and Sage angst/relationship just keeps on falling flat for so many. Viewers didn’t form the necessary attachments to Sage, the pairing, or even Christian, to become emotionally invested, and so the scenes aren’t of much interest. Nick turning to someone else would be preferable at this point. As for Sage turning to Adam, there are some viewers that feel she has more chemistry with him than with Nick, but he’s so obsessed with his wife that it’s a non-starter.

When I remember love…
As noted in last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, Hilary’s story is a mess. The current premise, that Hilary has reverted to the five minutes in time when she utterly loved Neil and had no feelings for Devon, is ridiculous. Even when she went through with her vows to Neil she was torn because of her feelings for Devon. How convenient for the plot that her memory came back so selectively! Besides the premise being unbelievable, the story is just straight up unpopular. Few enjoyed Neil with Hilary to begin with, so revisiting that relationship is unappealing, Neil’s integrity was sacrificed for this plot, and further, no one has been able to figure out why Gwen even fell for Neil, let alone why she’s risked everything for him. Many were hoping that Gwen would snap and put an end to Neil’s endless deception and that appears to be exactly what happened on Friday’s episode. You go, Gwen.

There’s no baby!
This is a soap opera, and a sinister doctor out for revenge doing a baby swap isn’t a stretch. The rest of it is bunk though. The odds of this situation happening to Sharon or Dylan yet again, let alone both of them, are so high as to be preposterous. The idea that Anderson could give Sharon drugs that would conveniently create a hysterical pregnancy in her mind, keep all of her family members away, and slip a pregnancy pad in and out of her shirt undetected at exactly the right time to fool Dylan…craziness. Also, why does Sharon not want to see Faith? And how is it that Anderson expects to pass off Christian as Sharon’s when Nick and Sage spent hours looking at him in his incubator? Just too dumbed-down for many. Sharon had a moment of clarity and realized she had a flat tummy on Friday, but I’m sure Anderson will handle that with a handy-dandy injection. Gah.

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– Candace Young


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