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Deconstructing Y&R: Newman and Abbott rivalry smolders after fire; set to reignite

Restless Rant for November 9 - 13:

At risk of being repetitive, the truly emotional character-driven moments are amazing, the acting is incredible as always, but “Y&R’s” tangled plot-heavy stories are exhausting. Thoughts:

We’re having a boy!
So Sharon learned the sex of her non-existent baby this week…eep. Most are predicting that a drugged-up Sharon will be given a not-so-deceased Baby Christian by Dr. Anderson, and told he is hers and Dylan’s son. As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, there’s some fairly unbelievable stuff going on. Sharon has been totally lucid when convenient, yet unable to look down and see she’s not pregnant. Dr. Anderson planted a pregnancy pad under Sharon’s shirt in time for Dylan’s visit, yet she didn’t know he would be coming. I’m hoping Patty will show up again soon.

Christian’s memorial.
The emotion at the memorial was very genuine. The drama that unfolded surrounding the late Christian was somewhat unexpected. Through Victor, we learned that Christian was Adam’s son, not Nick’s. The idea of yet another paternity test swap was slightly headache-inducing, but this story could go interesting places. It was telling that Adam was the one able to convince Sage to go to the memorial, and that it was Chelsea who comforted Nick when he finally melted down. This left some predicting a wife swap situation down the road if the truth comes out. However, if the prediction about Christian not being dead holds true, Sharon will end up with Adam’s baby. Oh, the possibilities…

I want you.
Stitch woke up in the hospital knowing exactly what he wanted – a life with Ashley. Why he couldn’t figure this out previously is a mystery, but I’m willing to accept that he had to look death in the face to realize it. This is one storyline that is providing some solid emotional tension, despite the fact that there is really no contest as to who he should be with – he and Abby were a forced mismatch from the beginning.

Loving the wrong person.
Wow. This storyline with Hilary/Devon/Neil/Gwen is a convoluted mess. It’s not very enjoyable to watch, aside from appreciation for the work the actors are doing, and the suggestion that it might lead to Gwen and Hilary fighting over Neil certainly doesn’t improve matters. Fingers and toes crossed that Gwen snaps and blurts out everything to everyone; it’s the only hope. Keep drinking Gwen! In related commentary – since when does a Chief of Police receive toxicology reports in a park? Ack!

The office.
The latest developments in the Abbott/Newman rivalry had Billy doing yet another unbelievable about-face and convincing Jack to offer Victor office space at Jabot while he rebuilds from the fire. Billy claimed he was doing it for Victoria, but no one was really buying that. In any case, with Phyllis’ reminder that he promised to get revenge on Victor for Marco ringing in his ear, Jack approached Victor with the offer of help, and it was met with appropriate skepticism. Meanwhile, multi-tasker extraordinaire Victor had manipulated to get Judge Elise Moxley put on Adam’s appeal, which left Adam indebted to him. Despite Jack’s warning, Adam struck a deal with Victor at week’s end. Is Adam truly hoping for a new, improved relationship with Victor, or is he actually plotting with Jack to stab Victor in the back at some point? Hmm. Also intriguing – just what does Victor have on Elise Moxley?

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– Candace Young


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