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Deconstructing Y&R: Classic soap disaster, hospital drama, and the redemption of Adam Newman

Restless Rant for November 2 - 6:

As stated in last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, the drama on the show has been entertaining if you can suspend disbelief. The fire disaster had plenty of soapy goodness. There are a few storylines, however, that have too many unbelievable elements, especially for those who prefer their soaps firmly rooted in reality. Thoughts:

The towering inferno.
The fiery disaster in Newman Towers made for fairly riveting viewing. The action jumped between characters and crises at a good pace, all the classic soap devices were used, such as people being left behind, the catfight, and the ‘we’re going to die’ confession and kiss. There was even some comic relief – I laughed out loud when Jack realized the rescuer who came to free him and Phyllis was none other than Patty Williams! It was also hilarious when Patty casually phoned up Dylan to tell him she was out for the night and could he meet up? She’s a gem! That said, they milked the fire story a bit too long, the ‘humble hero’ stuff with Dylan and Adam got a tad cheesy, and it was ridiculous how some people were coughing and choking while the main players were able to carry on full normal conversations while ensconced in smoke and flames. The reveal that Ian Ward was behind the fire felt predictable – a twist would have been nice – and he got too ‘cartoon villain’ standing in the flames with his arms outstretched reveling in his creation. Some fans found it offensive:

I’ll get you out.
The little mini soap opera playing out with Noah/Marisa/Luca at the gala was uncomfortable to watch. Luca came off as arrogant and creepy, Marisa behaved like a damsel in distress being led by one or the other of the men, and Noah just stood there and did nothing when Luca kissed her. Unappealing.

I love you.
So Stitch needed Ashley to know that he loved her when he thought they were going to die, but Ashley later lied to Abby about it; telling her that Stitch talked about his love for her. It might have been more interesting if Abby had seen them confess their feelings and kiss, but pretended she didn’t. Who do you think Stitch will ask for when he starts to wake up?

Chelsea versus Christine.
It’s always fun to see someone have a go at self-righteous Christine, but in this case the delight in the scene was diminished by the overkill on redeeming Adam. The message was loud and clear – everyone is supposed to love Adam now; he’s a good man, he made mistakes, he loves his father and his father loves him, and all the horrible crap he did in the past is to be forgotten. You got that?! Many didn’t want to see Adam be hated for killing Delia, but this is too much the other way. The allure of Adam’s character is the whole ‘misunderstood dark side’ thing he had going on. It would be a shame to take that away and make him into a vanilla leading man type. With that said – who loved seeing Adam dressed as a dirty fireman? Show of hands!

He didn’t make it.
The storyline with Sage and Nick wasn’t popular to begin with, but now it’s just silly. Nick and Sage leave the baby in the NICU to go to a gala, don’t answer calls or check for missed calls, and then decide they don’t want to see him or hold him after they’re told he died? How convenient since he was probably stolen. If so, what if they’d decided they wanted to see him? Yeeps. On the whole, many viewers found they were strangely unmoved by this ‘death’ of a Newman heir. Did you ‘feel’ it? Let know in the comments.

Fairview fury.
Paul showed up at Fairview believing Patty had died, and tore a strip off Dr. Anderson – great scenes! Meanwhile, Dr. Anderson had just been dealing with some resistance and questions from Sharon, who seemed to have suddenly realized that things weren’t quite right. Here’s hoping Sharon only pretended to take those pills and will turn the tables on her sinister doll-faced doctor. Oh, and Dr. Anderson told the obviously not pregnant Sharon that her beautiful baby would be arriving soon. No doubt that will be Christian. Sigh…

Come home.
So Cane wouldn’t go home with Lily due to ongoing trust issues, and left Joe to help her ‘get the kids home’. Confusing, since the reason Cane was so hot to get over to the gala was because he knew Joe was there with Lily. So he went through a near-death experience for what exactly?

Hollering Hilary.
Many don’t ‘get’ this amnesia bit with Hilary at all. If there had been a time when she loved Neil and hated Devon, and her mind had reverted to that time, it might make sense. However, such a time never existed. She had feelings for Devon when she married Neil. If we are to believe that the treatment she received reversed their roles in her mind, well, it’s just too dumb. She isn’t confused about anyone else…just those two. Bleh.

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– Candace Young


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