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Sean Smith/JPI
Friday, March 11th, 2016
Sean Smith/JPI

Last week we pondered if Natalie was Nick’s love child. This week more and more we wonder if Natalie is actually Victor and Judge Elise Moxley’s love child. They did have an affair. Natalie told Victor she grew up an orphan, and then told Summer her parents were wealthy and sent her to boarding school. Which is it? Why did she feel the need to lie to one of them? Could Victor and Elise have had a thing in Zurich, Switzerland, and Elise given Natalie up at that point? Maybe Elise didn’t want Natalie to be tainted by Victor’s villainous life! If this is the case, she’d have an insta-family with siblings and a step-mom and a father in Victor who would love a new protégé.


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