Howard Wise/JPI
Wednesday, June 6th, 2018
Howard Wise/JPI

A rumor is stirring that actress Mishael Morgan may be on her way out at The Young and the Restless as Hilary Curtis, a role she’s played since 2013. TV Source Magazine published a report speculating that Morgan had left the role, with sources pointing to contract negotiations as the reason behind the alleged exit.

While doesn’t have confirmation of Mishael Morgan leaving Y&R, the news would most certainly come as a disappointment to fans of Hilary and Devon, who have just moved back in together onscreen and seem on the verge of rekindling their chemistry-laden romance in light of her finally becoming pregnant with their first child. If the actress were to leave there could be any number of ways to write the character off considering the ongoing tension between Hilary and Devon’s family members, who are against the pair reconciling. There’s the question of her pregnancy as well, which would have to be resolved by either her losing the baby, leaving town with the baby, or given the high drama of soaps, perhaps Hilary meeting with tragedy while pregnant – in fact, the published report claims the show is looking at ending Hilary and Devon’s happiness by way of a car crash. This would be incredibly sad, but perhaps preferable to a recast as duplicating the chemistry between Mishael Morgan and Bryton James would be extremely difficult to do. hopes this particular rumor turns out to be false, and that Morgan remains on our screens as the complex Hilary for a long time to come.


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