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Thursday, January 19th, 2017
Howard Wise/JPI

With Steve Burton leaving as Y&R’s Dylan, and no plans to recast the role having been announced as of yet, “The Young and the Restless” fans are wondering what the future will hold for Sharon. Viewers got a glimpse at one possibility when Sharon ran into Nick at Crimson Lights, and with a little nudge from their daughter Faith, relations between the exes began to thaw. We all know nothing happens without a reason on soaps, so when Nick later ended up holding Sharon in his arms and comforting her as she opened up about her fears regarding Dylan, it seemed the writing might just be on the wall for a reconciliation between the two down the road.

Nick and Sharon haven’t been together since he learned she had changed Summer’s paternity results back in 2013, called off their plans to remarry, and moved out. Having married the first time when they were young, the pair has shared a very long and tumultuous history. In 1998, Sharon overheard Nick confess to kissing her friend Grace which caused one of their many rifts. Later, after they lost Cassie and Nick turned to Phyllis, Nick caught Sharon kissing Brad on the heels of her discovery that Phyllis was pregnant with Nick’s child.

Currently, with Nick and Sharon already having two children together, and Sharon loving Christian, whom she raised as her own until the truth about his parentage was revealed, it could make for a pretty cozy scenario. Many viewers took the new closeness as foreshadowing of a ‘Shick’ reunion:


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