Wednesday, June 6th, 2018
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A rumor is stirring that actress Mishael Morgan may be on her way out at The Young and the Restless as Hilary Curtis, a role she’s played since 2013. TV Source Magazine published a report speculating that Morgan had left the role, with sources pointing to contract negotiations as the reason behind the alleged exit.

While doesn’t have confirmation of Mishael Morgan leaving Y&R, the news would most certainly come as a disappointment to fans of Hilary and Devon, who have just moved back in together onscreen and seem on the verge of rekindling their chemistry-laden romance in light of her finally becoming pregnant with their first child. If the actress were to leave there could be any number of ways to write the character off considering the ongoing tension between Hilary and Devon’s family members, who are against the pair reconciling. There’s the question of her pregnancy as well, which would have to be resolved by either her losing the baby, leaving town with the baby, or given the high drama of soaps, perhaps Hilary meeting with tragedy while pregnant – in fact, the published report claims the show is looking at ending Hilary and Devon’s happiness by way of a car crash. This would be incredibly sad, but perhaps preferable to a recast as duplicating the chemistry between Mishael Morgan and Bryton James would be extremely difficult to do. hopes this particular rumor turns out to be false, and that Morgan remains on our screens as the complex Hilary for a long time to come.

Monday, March 6th, 2017
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Although it’s long been assumed that the father of Chloe’s daughter, Bella, is Kevin (despite a DNA test indicating otherwise) or Billy (who recently shared scenes with the girls), is hearing whispers that there may be another possible baby daddy. With Lauren’s son Scott (Daniel Hall) returning to Genoa City, speculation has cropped up among fans that the intrepid reporter may turn out to be the ‘one night stand’ Chloe has referred to more than once when grilled about Bella’s paternity. If so, Scott’s return could really make waves in Chloe’s currently comfy life!

Previously, in June 2016, learned that Y&R cast a two year-old girl named Bella, which sparked a lot of speculation as to who Bella was and who her parents are. Considering Elizabeth Hendrickson returned to Young and the Restless as Chloe we presumed she was coming back with Billy or Kevin’s baby.

Remember when Delia died and Connor received her corneas, Chloe kidnapped the boy and took him to Paris. Of course, Connor was rescued but this sparked something in her and Chloe started fantasizing about having another baby. Since a drunken Billy couldn’t perform when she tried to get him into bed, she stole some of his sperm (to inseminate herself with?) and had ‘goodbye sex’ with Kevin, ramping up her odds of having a child. But didn’t she also sleep with her therapist out in California? Either way, this child could be hers, unless this is Billy and Victoria’s Katie, which isn’t half as exciting. Besides, remember that time when Chloe called home to check on someone during her last visit to Genoa City?

Y&R October 14 recap: ‘Upstairs, Chloe is on the phone outside her suite. “Do you think you could just keep her for a few more days? Great.” Billy appears and asks, “Keep who?” Chloe tells him she was talking about her dog, Hazelnut.’

Interesting…Is Hazelnut really Bella?

– Christine Fix/Candace Young

Thursday, January 19th, 2017
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With Steve Burton leaving as Y&R’s Dylan, and no plans to recast the role having been announced as of yet, “The Young and the Restless” fans are wondering what the future will hold for Sharon. Viewers got a glimpse at one possibility when Sharon ran into Nick at Crimson Lights, and with a little nudge from their daughter Faith, relations between the exes began to thaw. We all know nothing happens without a reason on soaps, so when Nick later ended up holding Sharon in his arms and comforting her as she opened up about her fears regarding Dylan, it seemed the writing might just be on the wall for a reconciliation between the two down the road.

Nick and Sharon haven’t been together since he learned she had changed Summer’s paternity results back in 2013, called off their plans to remarry, and moved out. Having married the first time when they were young, the pair has shared a very long and tumultuous history. In 1998, Sharon overheard Nick confess to kissing her friend Grace which caused one of their many rifts. Later, after they lost Cassie and Nick turned to Phyllis, Nick caught Sharon kissing Brad on the heels of her discovery that Phyllis was pregnant with Nick’s child.

Currently, with Nick and Sharon already having two children together, and Sharon loving Christian, whom she raised as her own until the truth about his parentage was revealed, it could make for a pretty cozy scenario. Many viewers took the new closeness as foreshadowing of a ‘Shick’ reunion:

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016
Tristan Lake Leabu Instagram

Though Tristan Lake Leabu won the role of Reed Hellstrom, who has been SORAS’d, and was last played by Max Page from 2009 – 2015, actor Blaine Kern also tested for the coveted contract role. Below is a clip of his screentest, which could be a hint at Reed’s possible storyline. The character has been living in D.C. with his father J.T., and may show up at his mother Victoria’s place in Genoa City as a runaway looking to stay and bond with his young siblings and the Newman side of his family.

Blaine Kern – The Young and the Restless – Wes from Sharon Paz Assistant on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
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On the heels of the news of Steve Burton’s exit as Y&R’s Dylan, rumors began to circulate that Doug Davidson, who plays Burton’s onscreen father, Paul, would be leaving the show as well. Davidson took to Twitter to debunk the rumor immediately, and quelled fans’ concerns.

This may fall into the category of very wishful speculation, but there’s been whispers that Justin Hartley’s Adam may return for November sweeps, and that Victor will let him know that his son, Christian, is alive. In a recent interview, Justin Hartley commented on Adam’s death and the possibility of the character returning. Previously, there were rumors that Adam may have survived and could return as a recast.

With Kelly Frye being cast as Travis’ ex, Michelle on Y&R, chatter has picked up that more of Travis’ past will be exposed, and it will be worse than we thought.

Patty spilled the beans to Nick about Christian this week, and while Sharon has her hands full at the moment, rumors abound that she is headed for an explosive showdown with Patty, during which someone will end up in the hospital! Also related to the baby reveal, is growing speculation that Nick might forgive Sharon for hiding the truth from him, and that the fallout may not play out predictably.

As Jack continues to rely on his ex-wife at Jabot, chins are wagging that he and Phyllis may reconnect during their bid to take Victor down and it could lead to them getting back together. Remember, Phyllis’ BFF, Michael, said not to count her out when she set her mind on something!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

It appears death knocked on the safehouse door, literally, when an explosion rocked the cabin, leaving Adam Newman dead in its wake. Viewers know Chloe was there and shot Adam with a tranquilizer dart… However, was it simply to knock him out in order to keep him trapped inside the cabin while it burnt to the ground? Or does Chloe have a more sinister plan? Sure, Justin Hartley confirmed his Y&R exit in order to work on his primetime gig, not to mention it was reported that Adam’s DNA had been found inside the cabin… But, this is daytime, and Chloe could have very well drugged Adam, dragged him off and stashed him away, alive and well.

This wouldn’t be the first time Adam returned from the dead, having returned once before. And if this predictable storyline does pan out, would you like to see Justin Hartley back as Adam – or fan favorite Michael Muhney, who was fired from Y&R back in 2014?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
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Will it soon be lights out for one exec? Rumors have been circulating that there’s a major shake-up going on over at the CBS studios and behind-the-scenes at “Y&R,” namely involving one executive producer. Jill Farren Phelps currently holds that position, along with Chuck Pratt, and has ever since the 2012 firing of Maria Arena Bell. In fact, the rumor kicked into overdrive on social media last night – at one point it was reported that #JFPisFiredParty was tending. Update, more details circulating… J.S. has heard Chuck Pratt is on his way out the door as well as Jill Farren Phelps, with Mal Young stepping into Phelps’ role and a new head writer already hired to replace Pratt. Young is currently acting as a supervising producer.

Friday, May 13th, 2016
Howard Wise/JPI posted the rumor that Phyllis would cheat on Jack with Billy back in March. There’s speculation of course, now that the rumor has come to fruition, and Phyllis and Billy have had sex, that Phyllis is probably pregnant with her husband’s brother’s baby! Soaps are notorious for writing serial cheaters and ensure that not many in soaps’ fictional towns use protection. In this case, Phyllis and Billy had sex spur of the moment so it’s certainly plausible.

It’s been several years now since her first foray into Genoa City when she was one of Danny Romalotti’s biggest fans – a groupie, who became pregnant and tried pawning little Daniel off as the rock star’s. Of course it came out years later that Brian Hamilton is Daniel’s father. Years later, when Phyllis was married to Nick, she cheated on him with Jack. Speculation had it that Jack was the father of Summer but the results from that paternity test were proven conclusively that Nick’s the father. If history repeats itself, which it usually does in soaps, Phyllis could be staring at a pregnancy test wondering, “Who’s the daddy?” once again. The added shock value is it’d be between brothers!

If this happens, Phyllis has options on what she could do about the situation. What do you think she should do if she is with child?


Friday, April 22nd, 2016
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Rumor has it Sage (Kelly Sullivan) will be killed on “Young and the Restless,” leaving Sharon to raise her baby.

Thursday, March 31st, 2016
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There’s a rumor of a murder coming to Genoa City. Could it be Luca or Marisa?

Phyllis and Billy make love.

Relationship issues abound in Genoa City residents.



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