At the coffeehouse, Jill joins William at his table. Just as they begin to exchange pleasantries, Gloria approaches, and William comments on how lovely she looks. William leaves the women alone to take care of some business

Jill questions Gloria about her new look, about the flowers that were delivered to her at Jabot. Gloria claims that it was Kevin who sent them.

Professor Korbel irritates Colleen when he asks her to stay late for research. As Colleen is sent to deliver a paper, Amber walks in looking for Professor Korbel. Colleen overhears him commenting that Amber made quit the disappearing act the night before.

Amber tells Adrian that she applied for a job on campus. Colleen returns, and Adrian introduces her to his new friend. When Amber asks if she can sit in on one of his classes, Colleen speaks for Adrian, says that she and the professor are very busy, that they need to get back to work. However, Adrian excuses Colleen, says he needs to take a break.

JT makes a call about Adrian, saying that he's looking to grant the professor his tenure and needs all the info he can find on Adrian's credentials. JT gets a fax about a paper Adrian wrote about his family.

Devon sees a few of his fellow students talking to the DA at the coffeehouse. Daniel moves in closer to listen in as the DA questions the students about Devon. Daniel delivers the news to Devon, causing all the stress surrounding Carmen's murder to engulf him. After the interview, Devon's peers stare and laugh at him, making Devon feel that maybe going back to school wasn't such a good idea.

At Newman, Phyllis expresses to Nick that she's in pain, that she needs to do something to induce her pregnancy. She hands him a list of ingredients for a home remedy and sends Nick off to the store.

Jack comes in to find Phyllis an emotional mess. When he hands her an assignment, she refuses to do it. Victor peeks in the room, tells Jack that the senator has arrived. Jack leaves

Nick returns with pineapple and hot sauce. Phyllis prepares the mixture, takes a bite and Nick is left running to grab her some water!

In Victor's office, he questions the senator whether or not he had fixed the zoning problem. The senator says there was nothing he could do. Jack divulges that he found out the zoning change had been muscled through by someone who didn't want to see NVP develop the land. He also states that the same person just wrote a large check to the senator's campaign. When the senator won't budge, Victor asks Jack to leave

Victor looks into the senator's eyes and demands that he fix this problem. Victor says if he doesn't get results he will take the senator out of office single-handedly!

At Michael's apartment, Michael stares over Kevin's shoulder looking into Jack's bank records. They find that one of Jack's accounts had been frozen after the Jabot change over. When Michael assumes that the money went to the House of Kim, Kevin, says, "No, it went to Carmen Mesta!" He realizes that the transfer took place on the same day that Carmen was murdered!

Michael calls Victor, tells him that he found out some very interesting information on Jack. Michael heads over to Newman

Colleen shows up at the coffeehouse, tells Lily about her meeting with Adrian and Amber. JT calls, and Colleen tells him to meet her at school for lunch. Just then, Adrian and Amber come in, and Colleen can't seem to hide her jealousy as she expresses her irritancy to Lily. Daniel and Devon comment the Amber is pretty, further irritating Colleen.

Amber gets a call from the college, saying that she didn't get the job. Adrian comments that he'll keep his ear open for her. Kevin overhears, asks Amber if she'd like to work at the coffeehouse. However, Amber says she's not sure how long she'll be staying in Genoa City.

Jill goes to Kevin, questions him about the flowers that Gloria received at work. With a little help from Gloria, Kevin covers her tracks However, Jill knows better!

Katherine shows Esther a sketch that she drew of a ring, asks her if she's ever seen it before. Kay goes on the say that she had been wearing it her dream while listening to the eerie sound of a baby crying. When Esther reads a few passages from a dream book to Katherine, Kay says that she's almost sure that her nightmares stem from her guilt about Jill and that she knows she's seen the ring before

When Jill arrives home, she finds Katherine and Esther going through Kay's jewelry. Katherine hands Jill the sketch, asks her if she's seen the ring. Jill doesn't recognize the ring, tells Katherine that she needs to let this guilt go.

The DA shows up at Newman, questions Phyllis about Devon and Daniel's newfound friendship Next, he calls Jack in for a little '20 questions'

Michael delivers the news about Jack's financial dealings concerning Carmen's death. Victor asks if Michael thinks that Jack had something to do with Carmen's death. However, Michael says he needs to focus on finding out why Jack would wire such a large amount of money to Carmen on the same day she was murdered.

At the college, a student makes an outburst, calls Devon a killer, picks on him about being deaf! When he doesn't shut up, Daniel punches him in the mouth!

Jack joins Victor in his office, commenting that he saw Michael leaving. Victor detours the subject and states that he trusts Jack profusely. Victor suggests to Jack that if the senator has been unethical, that the citizens of Genoa City should know about it. He tells Jack it's time they follow the money trail!

Michael questions the DA as to why he wasn't notified about the money exchange from Jack to Carmen, demands for William to fax him the papers! In the Newman elevator, the DA says that as far as he's concerned, Carmen's killer has already been arrested and charged!

Phyllis has a change of heart Clearly feeling better, she locks the door and ravishes Nick in her office! The office phone rings, and Nick hands it to Phyllis, saying it's the campus police!

Phyllis goes to the college, and Daniel, Devon and Lily tell her what happened. The campus police say that the other student is not pressing charges, and they release Daniel

JT meets up with Colleen, tells him that he found out Professor Korbel's family fled to South America, that there's definitely more to his past than they know.

When Jill leaves Katherine alone in the living room, Katherine gets a thought She pulls out a picture of her and Phillip and sees the ring! The same one from her dreams

Next on The Young and the Restless: Dru has a breakthrough during therapy, the DA shocks Neil and Dru with a request, Nikki blames Sharon for the destruction of her marriage and Neil feels his guilt come full circle...