At Indigo, Dru and Neil get ready for the reopening of the club. When they are hesitate about what the outcome of the reopening will bring, Vincent informs them that there's a crowd lined up outside around the block! With their spirits lifted, Dru and Neil open the doors for business.

Amber Moore is new in town. While at the coffeehouse, Amber waits for her order. Just as a coffee is placed in front of her, Adrian comes along, snatches the coffee and walks away. The waitress brings her another one, and Amber asks about Indigo. Despite hearing that a woman was murdered there, Amber heads over to the club, orders a Martini and asks Vincent to point out the managers. Never wanting to miss an opportunity, Amber goes to Dru and Neil, asks if she can audition for a gig. Unfortunately, the Winters tell Amber they are already booked for entertainment.

Adrian thanks Colleen for putting in a good word for him with Rebecca, grateful for the upcoming interview. While Adrian leaves the table, Colleen calls JT, letting him know she'll be late getting home. Professor Korbel comes back, and Colleen requests that when he talks to her grandmother he be sensitive. Adrian assures Colleen that he admires Rebecca and will treat her with all the respect she deserves. While going over some research, Colleen tries to pry into Adrian's background. In his normal hostile way, Adrian blows Colleen off, packs up and says he has plans.

Jill calls William and asks if he'll meet up with her. Although William says he's busy, Jill convinces him to meet her at the coffeehouse. Just as Jill hangs up, Katherine stumbles into the room. Jill runs to her side, insisting that she take Katherine to the hospital. Katherine tells Jill she's fine, says that she insists she go meet William. With a bit of persuasion, Jill agrees and heads out for the night.

At the coffeehouse, Jill asks William out on another date. However, he seems distance, and Jill calls him on it, saying she's seen a difference in him since spending the night together. William says that although he enjoyed their night together, it stirred up a lot of buried feelings about his wife. Jill suggests that maybe they should go back to being friends, but William asks her to please bear with him. Jill smiles and takes his hand, saying she'd like nothing better.

Jill calls to check up and Katherine, and Esther hands Kay the phone. When asked if she's having anymore dizzy spells, Katherine says no and hangs up! Esther tries to give Katherine some advice on how to deal with her dreams, saying that maybe she should read into them to learn something new about herself. However, that's exactly what Katherine's afraid of.

Jill expresses to William that she's not ready to lose Katherine, that she's going to make everyday count. Jill and William head off to club Indigo.

With Fen asleep, Gloria suggests that Michael and Lauren go out for the grand opening of Indigo. When the couple expresses that they'd rather not, Gloria persists. Lauren stands up, yells at Gloria, saying, "I will not leave my son to go to some stupid grand opening!" Lauren stomps off When she returns, Lauren apologizes for snapping at Gloria, blaming it on stress. Michael tells Lauren that they really should get out, finally persuading her to go to Indigo. Gloria promises to take good care of Fen.

At the club, Michael and Lauren are greeted by Dru and Neil, thanking them for coming. Suddenly, Lauren notices Amber at the bar. She goes to her, and the two old friends catch up.

Michael asks Dru and Neil about Brad's relationship with Carmen, tells them about Brad being on the surveillance tape! When Neil and Dru can't shed any light on the 'Brad angle,' Michael assures them that he will get to the bottom of it.

Amber sees Adrian at the bar and excuses herself. She walks over, takes his drink and says, "Thanks," before walking away. Adrian gets another drink and goes to sit with Amber. After a bit of analyzing on Amber's part, she slaps the seduction on thick!

Lauren is a mess, as she thinks of the baby. Michael hands her the cell phone to check in. Gloria tells Lauren that the baby is fine. Lauren says they won't be late, then hangs up. Michael tells Lauren that Fen's in good hands, that she needs to relax.

Neil goes to Dru, tells her that the band canceled due to the reputation of Indigo - Carmen's murder. Overhearing Neil's predicament, Amber steps up, tells Neil she'll be glad to fill-in.

Amber takes the stage and sings a beautiful song "It only takes seven minutes to die" And the crowd loves her!

Just as Adrian and Amber start to get better acquainted, Amber does a disappearing act the second Adrian turns his back to order her a drink.

Abruptly, Lauren calls Gloria again, giving her feeding instructions, wanting to know what they're doing. Gloria tells her that she and the baby are fine, and they hang up. Lauren says she can't stay away from Fen any longer, and she and Michael leave the club.

When Lauren and Michael arrive home, Gloria states that Fen was a perfect angel. However, when Lauren takes the baby, he begins to cry Lauren tells him she will never leave him again.

William and Jill show up at Indigo, irritating Dru. Despite Neil's warnings, Dru heads over to William. Michael tries to sidetrack Dru, but she assures Michael she's fine. Neil joins them, and Dru orders Jill and William a bottle of champagne.

When Colleen arrives home, she fills JT in on how mysterious Adrian got when asked about his past. Colleen surprises JT, asks him to dig deeper into Professor Korbel's past. JT asks Colleen why she's had a change of heart, reminding her that she flipped after finding out JT was investigating Adrian in the first place. Colleen says she doesn't trust him, says she wants to know everything about Adrian Korbel

At Indigo, Adrian questions Vincent about Carmen's death. When Vincent says he doesn't have any info about the case, the DA comes up behind Adrian, asking what he's doing there. Adrian claims he's there for the music!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Daniel comes to Devon's defense, Kay continues to be troubled by her nightmares, Amber takes to Adrian, Jack and Victor meet with the senator and Kevin gives Michael some news about Jack...