In the hallway, Sharon asks Jack if he made the right decision to end the NVP/Jabot tie-in. Jack reassures her that he did what was best. Victor stands back, listening, until Sharon leaves. Victor invites Jack into his office, tells him that he doesn't agree with Jack's choice to end the tie-in. Victor questions Jack as to why he would go to such lengths just because he claims to not like Mr. Kim. Victor reminds Jack that Jabot is no longer his, tells him to stop worrying about Mr. Kim and to do what's best for NVP. However, Jack says he's not willing to give Mr. Kim what he's asking for! Jack thanks Victor for his advice, then leaves

At Jabot, Ashley finds Mr. Kim in the conference room, questions him about the voided NVP-Jabot tie-in. Ashley demands to know what Jack's thinking, but Mr. Kim won't get into the specifics, tells Ashley to talk to Jack.

Jack gets a warning call from Mr. Kim about Ashley. Victor bursts into the conference room, tells Jack he has a gift for him. Jack wraps up the call and accepts the antique cufflinks that Victor gives to Jack, ones that John had given to Victor. After Victor leaves, Jack is filled with guilt.

Brad and Victoria talk about the evidence tape. While Brad thinks Paul will keep quiet about what he knows, Victoria thinks Paul may divulge the truth for Devon's sake. They both worry about the possibilities.

At the ranch, Phyllis arrives to hear Nikki complaining about Jack. Phyllis agrees with everything Nikki says, both fed up with Jack! Nikki tells Phyllis to remain calm for the baby's sake. The doorbell rings, and Sharon comes in looking for Noah's basketball. While Nikki goes to find it, Sharon and Phyllis share an awkward moment. Phyllis can't stop herself from voicing her opinion to Sharon, blaming Sharon for Jack pulling the plug just because she didn't like the photos! Sharon reminds Phyllis that Jack makes his own decisions, then goes on to defend Jack. When Phyllis suggests they look for a new spokes model, Sharon says it's not her decision. It's Jack's!

Victoria comes in, tells everyone about the videotape the police have showing Brad outside of Carmen's. Although Victoria succeeds in making Nikki and Phyllis believe that Brad was in the wrong place on the wrong day, Sharon's mental wheels are clearly turning. The three women throw around the idea that Dru killed Carmen, bringing Sharon out of her thoughts to come to Dru's defense. Sharon reminds each one of them that they, too, have had to face such hardships in the past and should sympathize with what Dru's going through! Sharon leaves

At the coffeehouse, Paul tells JT he regrets working for Neil, now stuck between saving Neil's son and jeopardizing those closest to him with what he knows. His phone rings and Michael leaves a message for Paul to call him regarding Brad's explanation for going to Carmen's on the night she was murdered. Paul ignores the call, tells JT he's torn with what to do.

Suddenly, Michael storms into the coffeehouse, telling Paul he's been trying to get a hold of him all day! Paul apologizes that his phone was off, and JT leaves the two alone. When asked about Brad, Paul directs Michael to the patio, tells him he can't talk to Brad because he's a Newman board member- a conflict of interest, seeing as Paul works for Newman, too. Michael leaves

Michael goes to Brad, asks him why he was at Carmen's the night she died. Brad makes up a story, saying it was about business, that he was delivering papers. Although Michael pokes holes in Brad's defense, Brad sticks to his story, saying he now wishes he would've waited until the next morning to talk to Carmen.

Ashley goes into Victor's office looking for Jack. Victor eagerly gets up, says he'll help her find Jack. Victor leads her into the conference room where she lays into Jack! Victor smiles, then leaves

Michael stops Victoria in the hallway, questioning her about Brad being at Carmen's. She, too, gives Michael the exact same story as Brad - word for word. Victoria leaves

Back at Jabot, Jack and Mr. Kim explain to Ashley that they had to end the tie-in, in light of the murder trial. However, Ashley worries about Jabot's loss in sales.

Sharon runs into Brad, says she's surprised he allowed himself to be caught on a surveillance tape at Carmen's. Brad remarks that he was at the wrong place on the wrong, day, reminding Sharon that Victoria voiced the same exact excuse! Victoria comes in, and Sharon leaves Victoria tells Brad that she talked to Michael, that it went well. Brad thinks they've covered their tracks where Michael is concerned.

When JT returns to the coffeehouse, Paul fills him on what he told Michael. JT brings up a disturbing thought, wondering if maybe Brad will use Paul's code of silence to commit another crime, if maybe Brad was the one who killed Carmen!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Amber Arrives in Genoa City just in time to save the day, Dru and Neil are nervous about the reopening of Indigo, Kay feels dizzy and Colleen surprises JT with a request...