At Michael's office, the DA hands over all the evidence he collected on Devon. William gives Michael and Paul his theory on Devon's involvement in Carmen's murder, saying that he deliberately dumped her body behind Neil's club.

After Will leaves, Michael and Paul go over all the evidence found, the fibers, the hairs, the garbage bags, the same ones taken from Devon's house, ones used at Indigo. Paul questions whether Michael knows that Devon's DNA was found under Carmen's nails, and Michael relays that that alone is what the DA believes will win him the case. Michael looks over Paul's shoulder as they watch the security tape from Carmen's apartment. After a little maneuvering, they see Brad in the film, hiding in the background!

Michael calls the DA, asks about Brad's presence in the video. The DA assures Michael that Brad has been investigated, that Michael need not concern himself with it. Michael demands that William send over everything he has on Brad Carlton! After hanging up, Michael tells Paul to find out what Brad is hiding.

At the coffeehouse, Adrian runs into Rebecca, tells her of a famous artist who will be coming to town to speak, invites her to go check it out. Rebecca responds politely that she may, then leaves. Adrian goes to Colleen, expressing what a fascinating woman Rebecca is.

He even goes as far to say that Rebecca would make for a great research paper subject. When Adrian says he's thinking of calling her, Colleen pleads for him not to, says Rebecca is a private, shy person. Adrian doesn't agree, says Rebecca's story needs to be told, that he'll get Rebecca to tell him everything.

Over coffee, at the ranch, Nikki and Victor wonder if Jack and Mr. Kim were 'acting out' their fight over Sharon's photos for the campaign.

Jack calls Mr. Kim, saying that they need to continue to acts as though they are enemies. Jack informs him that he's sent over a new campaign plan involving Sharon, one that he's going to appear to hate!

After walking the grounds, Sharon joins Jack in the Abbott living room. Jack asks if she's talked to Dru, and Sharon says that the Winters are having a tough time since Devon's arrest.

At Newman, Jack and Sharon find Brad and Devon in the break room. Sharon asks Devon how he's feeling after surgery, and Devon has accepted that it'll take time. He gives everyone their mail, then leaves. Sharon leaves, too. A co-worker asks if Jack's seen the sexy pictures of Sharon that Mr. Kim is going to use at Jabot, the ones Jack turned down. Jack acts furious, says that he and Mr. Kim had an agreement, that those pictures were not to be used!

Jack goes to Jabot and lays into Mr. Kim, threatening to take him to court if he uses the sexy pictures of Sharon. In front of Jill, Mr. Kim informs Jack that he doesn't care what he thinks, that he'll do as he pleases with Jabot business!

Sharon goes to meet with Jill, where she tells Sharon that Mr. Kim has decided to use her for a Jabot campaign. Sharon is excited until Jill shows her the pictures that Mr. Kim intends to use!

Colleen goes to Brad, tells him about Adrian's interest in Rebecca. When Colleen says that she told Adrian that he couldn't interview Rebecca, Brad wonders if that's the route to go with Adrian.

Brad finds Victoria, tells her about Adrian wanting to interview Rebecca. Brad suggests that Adrian could very well be one of the men looking for him and his mother!

In Victor's office, Jack tells him of the argument with Mr. Kim. Victor suggests that Jack try to focus on NVP instead of Jabot. However, Jack says he won't stand by and let a stranger ruin his family's lifework! Jack storms off.

Nikki shows Victor the pictures that Jack wants to use for NVP, says that Jack needs to back off and worry about NVP instead of Sharon. Victor gives Nikki his thoughts, saying that Jack and Mr. Kim could be doing this all as an act!

Jack calls Mr. Kim. Just when Jack is ready to fill him in on the next step of their plan, Nikki bursts in his office, saying that she wants to know what Jack is up to! She tells him that Phyllis's campaign is young, sexy, something that NVP needs! Jack says he'll be damned if Mr. Kim is going to bring down NVP! Victor peers through the window witnessing Jack's act.

At Michael's request, Devon goes to Michael's office to discuss his case. Devon says he did not kill Carmen, that he has to believe him! Michael tells Devon that it doesn't matter if he believes him or not, that he needs to prove it! When Michael asks how Devon's DNA landed under Carmen's nails, Devon says that she accidentally scratched him when they both reached for the fallen letters in the elevator. As for the trash bags, Devon says he took them from Neil's club when he was moving in with Lily and Daniel. Michael continues to go over everything that the DA has against Devon. When Devon begins to yell, saying he hated what Carmen was doing to his family, Michael tells him to NEVER show such an outburst again! Devon asks if Michael thinks he'll be convicted, but Michael tries to remain optimistic for Devon's sake.

Paul questions Brad at Newman, asks why he was outside Carmen's apartment. Brad says it was work related, but Paul doesn't buy it, asks why he really went to see Carmen? Brad admits that he thinks that Carmen overheard details about his past, but says he didn't kill Carmen! When Brad asks Paul to keep quiet because a lot of lives are at stake, Paul says he can't, that it would hurt Devon's case. Paul is torn

Back in the Jabot conference room, Jack and Jill meet with Mr. Kim. When Mr. Kim refuses to listen to Jack regarding Sharon's photos, Jack states that from that moment on there will be no Jabot - NVP tie in! Jack leaves

In Victor's office, Jack comes just as Victor gets off the phone with Jill. Victor gives Jack advice, says that Mr. Kim knows what he's doing. However, Jack says he can not work for or with Mr. Kim!

At the coffeehouse, Adrian gets a call from Rebecca, agreeing to let him interview her! Adrian is thrilled, tells Rebecca he'll call her soon. Rebecca hangs up, and Brad, Victoria and Colleen come up with a plan to trick Adrian!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor gives Jack a gift , Nikki, Phyllis and Sharon have different opinions about Jack's decision, Paul is torn with details of Devon's case, Ashley confronts Jack and Michael questions Brad...