At the ranch, Victor and Nikki prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, allowing Miguel to spend time with his family. Nick and Phyllis arrive, and they all talk about the baby's arrival. Noah comes in, tells everyone that he helped with the turkey, comments that Phyllis made his mom's favorite salad.

Sharon and Jack share a cup of coffee at Jack's after spending the night together. Jack expresses that he misses John, and Sharon can relate after losing Cassie. Jack tells Sharon he's happy to be spending their first Thanksgiving together.

Many join in to help Kevin serve meals for the needy at the coffeehouse.

While Victoria, Colleen and Rebecca are distracted, Brad and JT go outside to talk. Professor Korbel shows up, starts to talk art with the ladies. Suddenly, he asks Rebecca about her art connections. Colleen makes an excuse for Victoria and Rebecca to leave her and the professor alone. Colleen tells Adrian NOT to bring up her grandmother's past, says it'll ruin her holidays.

JT tells Brad about Jana's background check, saying that the only thing to turn up is the fact that Jana's had numerous jobs. Brad wants JT to continue his investigation. When Brad and JT come back inside, they stop to say hello to the professor, then they leave with Victoria, Colleen and Rebecca.

Brad, Victoria, Colleen, JT and Rebecca arrive at the Newman ranch to spend Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Suddenly, everyone's eyes fall on Zapato, eating the Thanksgiving turkey, which he's pulled on the floor! Nick and Brad go out and get chicken! And upon their return, everyone expresses their thanks for friends and family. Gathered around the table, Victor says grace as everyone joins hands

Kevin and Jana wonder how Gloria is handling her first holiday without John.

When Lauren and Michael enter the apartment, they find Gloria frantic, the smoke detector going off, and Lauren's pie burning in the oven! Lauren is clearly upset, as she made the pie special for Michael. However, they both feel sorry for Gloria. Michael calls William, tells him that Gloria is having a very hard time being without John for the holidays. Michael asks William to stop by to see her! Kevin and Jana show up with dessert, putting a smile on Lauren's face. When the doorbell rings, Gloria is happily surprised to see William at the door. Gloria invites him in, and William joins the family for dinner. Over the meal, they talk about Michael losing his grandmother, leading Jana to take interest in Michael's family tree.

At the club, Jill and Katherine get ready to share a meal, both apologizing for the awful words they had exchanged. Katherine tells Jill that she's still having the same nightmare. When Jill asks if she's figured out what they're about, Katherine says, "You." Katherine explains that the nightmares have to do with Katherine giving Jill up, a sort of lingering guilt. Jill informs Katherine that she also invited William to dinner.

Lily and Daniel talk about Devon as they prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Neil, Dru and Devon come home, bringing the whole family together. As Dru oversees the kids in the kitchen, Neil looks at the newspaper, seeing the article about Devon's arrest.

Sharon and Jack make a stop at Dru's to share in their holiday celebration. Dru fills them in on Devon's surgery but says it'll be a while before they know if it was successful. When Dru and Sharon get a moment alone, Sharon confesses to Dru that being away from Nick and Noah this year is a little hard on her. Jack and Sharon leave shortly after

Daniel asks Devon how he's doing and Devon is clearly stressed. He tells Daniel that he didn't kill Carmen, that he's scared that he'll be convicted. Everyone surrounds Devon as he shows them his new hearing device. Dru and Neil prepare Devon by saying it'll take time to tell if the surgery worked. During dinner, Dru gets frustrated that Carmen's murder is looming over her family They take the kids to the coffeehouse to help the needy.

Jack and Sharon go to the club, and Katherine and Jill invite them to sit. They start to talk about Devon being arrested, and Jack gives his opinion on what really happened "I think Dru killed Carmen and her kid is covering for her." Sharon doesn't take Jack's comment well and gives him a piece of her mind. She stands up, says she's lost her appetite and leaves. Jack follows.

Esther arrives, and tells Jill that she saw William at the coffeehouse. When Ester goes to order dinner, Jill says they need to wait a bit longer for William. Jill looks to the door with disappointment, but is comforted by a touch of Katherine's hand on hers.

Back at the house, Jack is halted by the appearance of John's ghost, expressing that he feels sorry for Jack that he's all alone for the holidays. Jack tells him how much he misses him. John reminds Jack of the importance of family and friends

At the coffeehouse, Sharon looks sadly at Cassie's picture. Professor Korbel joins her, and they share small talk, both commenting that being alone on Thanksgiving is depressing.

Jack calls Sharon, and is surprised to find that she's at his door. They apologize for their argument and spend the rest of the holiday together. Jack takes Sharon in a kiss.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Adrian vows to make Rebecca divulge all that she knows, Nikki confronts Jack and Devon asks Michael if he'll be convicted

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