Lauren holds a sleeping baby in her arms as Michael walks through the door. He relieves Lauren, taking his son while deep in thought. Michael says that Devon was arrested for Carmen's murder, that he got bail and is now in surgery. Michael expresses wanting to come home to be with his family, to protect them from all the bad in the world.

At the hospital, Dru tries to figure out what's going to happen with Devon. She and Neil can't understand how his DNA got under Carmen's nails. While Neil says that Devon may have grabbed Carmen's arm in the elevator, he asks Dru if she really believes that. They go in to see Devon right before his surgery, telling him to be strong. Again Devon says, "I didn't do it." After he's in surgery, Dru plays the 'What If' game with Neil, going over different scenarios, wondering if it's possible that Devon did kill Carmen! Dru quickly feels terrible for having such thoughts. She tells Neil that the DA is framing them!

At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Gloria bring in turkeys that The House of Kim gave them for Thanksgiving, thanking them for all their hard work. Jana, Kevin and Gloria laugh at the sentiment. Gloria leaves

Jana offers to make Thanksgiving dinner for Kevin's family. Kevin's not sure how Gloria will feel about that and quickly changes the subject, saying that they get to move into their new apartment soon!

Gloria brings Michael and Lauren the turkey she received from Jabot, delivering the news that Ashley has been put in charge of her bracelet project. Lauren offers to put Gloria's bracelet in the boutique, but Gloria says it doesn't matter, that Ashley will get all the credit. Gloria gets down, thinking about moving out of Michael's place, of being alone, without John. Gloria says she'd feel better if she were in her own home. She goes on to call Jack the most selfish man on earth! Suddenly, Gloria thinks the Jabot turkey is sign from John, that it's meant for her to make a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for them all.

Michael joins Dru and Neil at the hospital where Dru tells Michael that they were set up! Together, they brainstorm about who could've set them up, who could've killed Carmen. Dru says, "What about Jack?"

Michael goes to the coffeehouse, tells Kevin his theory about Jack, about him being behind The House of Kim. Kevin and Michael plan to expose Jack!

Jana arrives at Lauren's, offering to cook them Thanksgiving dinner. However, Gloria says she has it all under control. When Jana questions her about preparations, Gloria realizes that she needs Jana's help after all. Jana asks if Gloria would like to help her decorate her and Kevin's new apartment, taking her mind off of Thanksgiving. When Jana and Lauren are alone, Jana tells Lauren that since she'll be moving into the building, she'd love to help Lauren out with the baby.

Jack finds Phyllis in pain in Victor's office, as she looks over the pictures of the photo shoot. While Jack is sympathetic, he flips when he sees that Phyllis went against his choice of pictures for Sharon's shoot. Jack storms out of the office.

He sees Sharon, tells her that he'll replace the trashy photos that Phyllis picked. Phyllis joins them in the break room, telling Jack that she did NOT change the pictures at Jack's request, that they're going into production as is. When Phyllis leaves, Jack tells Sharon to be patient, that soon Phyllis will be out having her baby.

Again, Jack sees Phyllis going through Braxton hicks. He tells her to go home, to relax, but Phyllis refuses, says that Jack isn't getting rid of her that soon! Jack puts a front on, says he's only thinking of her well-being, that he remembers how hard she tried to get pregnant before. He claims to want her to enjoy her pregnancy. Phyllis smiles, thanks him.

Later, Phyllis runs into Jack and Sharon, tells them that Devon has been arrested for Carmen's murder. Phyllis states they've made a huge mistake, that Dru is the one who killed Carmen. Phyllis and Sharon argue over Dru.

Jack goes to Mr. Kim, warning him that Devon has been arrested, that Michael is going to be digging into Carmen's past on a mission! Jack says it's imperative that they find a way to hide their partnership.

While Dru and Neil talk about making the holiday special for Devon, he's rolled into his room from surgery The doctor says the surgery went well as Devon starts to wake up

When a deliveryman shows up with an envelope for Ms. Newman, Phyllis signs for it. After opening the envelope, she realizes that it's the proofs Jack wanted for the shoot, that the envelope was meant for Sharon. She finds Jack, gives him a piece of her mind!

Jack fills Sharon in on his argument with Phyllis, that their scheme didn't work. Jack tells Sharon that it's not over yet He's the boss of NVP!

Mr. Kim plays a game with Phyllis, making her believe that he loves the pictures she chose. When Phyllis says she wishes Jack thought so, too, Mr. Kim states that he'll take care of Jack Abbott! He calls Jack in, tells him that they'll be using the pictures that Phyllis picked. Jack argues with Mr. Kim, plays along, as Mr. Kim tells Jack his decision is final! When Phyllis leaves, Jack says while their plan worked, they now need to take a drastic approach!

Phyllis warns Sharon that just because she's sleeping with Jack, she better not think she's going to get everything she wants. She informs Sharon that Mr. Kim overrode Jack's decision for the Asian market!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki have Thanksgiving dinner at the ranch, the Winters family gets through the holiday with a crises looming over them, Michael and Lauren comfort Gloria, Jack gets a visit from John's ghost and Kay and Jill make a mends...