Lily arrives to see Cane where he's being detained by immigration. He tells her they want to deport him. He explains that the issue is that he came into the country under false pretenses and masqueraded as a US citizen. He's not sure how they know all this, but he's truly sorry it happened on the day of her test. Lily is riled up - he's a man with a sick wife and twins on the way - why would they want to go after him. He urges her to go for her test without him, but she doesn't want to. He apologizes for putting her through so much due to his mistakes. She recalls New Year's Eve, and how he saved her that night. She says they are only going to look forward. She tells him they'll beat this, and she'll see him first thing in the morning, then leaves.

Victor comes to Sharon and Adam's room. She says Adam isn't there, and notes how confusing it is that he's working for Tucker, but actually working for Victor and Nick. Victor asks her to tell Adam the hearing is at two o'clock - he needs to be there.

Sitting at a table in the Club, Nick listens as Phyllis hunts for information over the phone pretending to be a doctor with a southern accent. Nick loves the accent, but is skeptical that she'll get a look at Dr. Taylor's files. Victor comes up to the table to get Nick for court. They leave, and Phyllis calls Sharon to ask if she can see her. Sharon declines, and Phyllis says she'll just go ahead with what she's planning then, without cluing her in. Sharon comes down from her room and tells Phyllis she needs a job or a hobby. She says she's happy with Adam. Phyllis thinks she may not feel the same way when her phone rings - she has a solid lead which should prove that Adam and Dr. Taylor had a very twisted relationship. Phyllis tells Sharon that she cares about the fact that Adam is a freak who gets off on hurting people - she wonders if Sharon understands that the longer she stays with him, the worse it's going to be? Phyllis suggests they look into this together, and if she's wrong, she'll drop it. Phyllis notes if she's right - Sharon really needs to get away from him, or she'll wind up back at Fairview. Sharon smirks. Phyllis gets her call - she can come and pick up a key! Sharon wants no part of it, and says she's going upstairs to wait for her husband. Phyllis tells her she gave her a chance, and for what happens next, she's sorry.

Diane comes into the Abbott living room shortly after Kyle greets Jack. She and Jack say hello, and she turns her attention to Patty, saying she must be Emily - she feels like she already knows her! Jack asks if they can stay while he goes to court. Diane says they can. When Patty goes to pour them drinks, Diane whispers to Jack that Emily is much better than that red-headed witch, Phyllis! Diane finds Patty and starts talking to her about being the doctor who treated that crazy Patty. Patty reacts and Diane muses that she meant no disrespect. Patty tells Diane that Patty's issues were caused by another woman. Diane says all of that was years ago. Diane leaves the room and Patty hisses at the portrait that this is all her fault!

Paul is with Emily in the hospital. He is chatting away to her about skating and holds her hand - she squeezes his hand. Paul calls for a doctor - she's responding! The doctor comes in and says she may be improving, and probably responded to the sound of his voice. Paul calls the Abbott house to say that there has been a change with his sister - Emily should get there right away. Patty soon arrives and Paul tells her he was wrong to blame her before for the suicide attempt. He explains that his sister squeezed his hand and seemed to be trying to say, "Emily." Patty promises to take good care of her. They go to the bedside, where Paul tells his sister that Dr. P is there. Patty tells Paul he should probably not be there, but he says the neurologist told him the opposite! When Paul leaves them alone, Patty goes ballistic, hissing at Emily that she's ruining everything! She rants about Diane and Kyle being in her home! Emily tries to mumble - Patty says she'd better be saying her prayers, because she's going to finish what she started! Suddenly, Emily's eyes fly open, causing Patty to jump back! Patty recovers and grabs a pillow. She says that one of them has to go - and it's her. She lowers the pillow over Emily's face!

Billy and Victoria run into each other at the courthouse. They try to one up each other with how bad their work and personal lives are. In the middle of a sentence, Billy grabs Victoria's face and kisses her! Victoria is shocked - and slaps him! Victor and Nick arrive, and Victor takes Victoria aside, telling her he can't stand Billy, and if he's giving her a problem, he'll deal with it. Victoria tells him it's fine, Billy's just being immature. Michael and Jack both arrive and court is called into session. Victor wonders where Adam is. The judge gets the story from Jack, and Michael offers up a sworn affidavit from Tucker saying the bids were sealed. Jack counters that Adam, Victor's son, had access to them. The judge orders Adam be brought in to testify, but he's not there - no one's seen him!

Outside the courtroom, Michael tells Victor he needs to go - there's a lead on Jana. Victoria complains about Adam, and Victor tells her he'll find out what happened to him. Jack boasts that he won a thirty day extension - plenty of time to prove his allegations. Nick gets a call from Phyllis telling him to meet her at a storage place - she thinks they're going to find what they need to bring Adam down.

Sharon is at home leaving messages for Adam - she hasn't heard from him all day! Victor comes to the door and asks her where the heck her husband is! Sharon says all his things are there - he hasn't skipped town. Victor says she'd better pray she's right.

At the storage place, Phyllis and Nick chat about the court case. Suddenly, Phyllis finds something - it's Skye Lockhart's journal! They learn that Adam knew the whole time that Dr. Taylor molested Skye. They marvel that he still brought this guy to town. Nick is worried about telling Ashley.

Victoria goes back to the courtroom for her glasses. She stands in there thinking about Billy kissing her. He comes in - he left his scarf. Billy asks if she wants to talk about what happened. She replies that nothing happened. He says, "Whatever." Victoria walks out, but pauses to look back at him at the door.

Michael and Victor meet at the bar in the Club. Victor understands that Michael had to put family first. Michael, in turn, asks Victor just why he's so anxious to find Adam!

Phyllis arrives at Jack's door, presumably to tell him about Adam. Diane answers the door!

Nick goes to Sharon's room, where she is still leaving Adam phone messages, saying she needs to know that he's alright. Nick comes in and tells her there is something she doesn't know about Adam - something terrible!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin gets a call from a person he thinks is Jana telling him to stop looking for her!

Phyllis wonders if Diane's little father/son visit with Kyle is really so she can torpedo Jack's new marriage.

A distraught Patty tells the portrait of Emily, "You all want Jack, but you can't have him - he's mine!"

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