Patty is standing in the Abbott living room perusing Emily's book when Jack wanders through while talking on the phone. Ashley comes to the door and says to Emily, "So, it's the big day - you must be so excited!" Having no idea what Ashley is talking about, Patty grins and goes along. Jack, now off the phone, tells Ashley that his wife now supports him taking Victor down. Ashley is taken aback. Jack leaves the room again and Ash whispers to Patty that regardless what happens with Jabot, Jack will love the surprise she has planned for him!

Chloe and Chance are at the Club. They talk about their relationship and Chloe lets him know how happy she is with him, and how she appreciates how good he is to Delia. They kiss.

At Restless Style, Billy, Jill, Lily, Malcolm, and Cane look at the photos of Lily for the magazine. Cane is really impressed and tells Malcolm so. Billy asks about the cancer story - Lily has reservations about discussing that in the magazine, noting she has a CAT scan scheduled for today to see if she's in remission. Billy takes Jill aside and tells her that this is great but it won't sell magazines. Jill says she doesn't have enough on Tucker to put him on the cover. They all discuss Delia's birthday party, and Billy invites them along.

Victor is at Tucker's office. Tucker tells Victor about his meeting with Katherine yesterday. Victor makes small talk, asking Tucker if he'll stay in town after selling off Chancellor's companies. Just then, Victor gets a call from Michael saying that Jack will be heard by a judge! Tucker gets a message as well. Victor is stunned, and vows the sale will go forward regardless. Tucker says he will be out of town - Adam will have to testify on his behalf. He muses that he will swear an affidavit saying the bids were locked up in the drawer. Victor says Jack will fail and the judge will be thrown off his bench. Tucker and Victor compare notes on being invincible, hurting family members, and facing their own mortality. They share a warm, bonding moment and a chuckle, agreeing that they like to win - no matter the cost.

At the Chancellor Estate, Neil comes in all set to celebrate Katherine bringing down Tucker, but she tells him she didn't go through with it! Neil notes he must have played the guilt card. Kay says no one was more surprised than Tucker that she backed off. Neil feels that she has to do this if there's any hope of saving her company!

Chloe and Chance get to the Chancellor Estate with Delia's birthday cake. Jack, Ashley, and Patty come in. Esther and Katherine greet them. Kay tells Ashley that Neil left - they had a difference of opinion. Patty corners Chloe and mentions the surprise for Jack. Chloe gushes, saying how generous it is of her - not every woman could do such a thing! Ashley and Jack discuss Jabot with Katherine. She seems to be thoughtful after Jack says he'd do anything to protect his family's legacy.

Billy and Jill come into the Chancellor Estate. Billy jokes with Patty. Cane, Lily, and Malcolm arrive. Chance offers Billy a drink, but he cordially declines. Cane whispers to Katherine about bringing Tucker down. She says she couldn't do it, and he wonders if she's thinking clearly about this! Everyone gathers around for the opening of little clothes and gifts. Chance gives Delia a rag doll and Billy mocks it a little. Just then Chance gets a call and says he has to go - it's work. Jill muses to Kay that she's not her usual crotchety self today, and wonders if it has something to do with Tucker. Cane tells her to back off, and Jill realizes Katherine's got something on Tucker. Cane sighs, and says she's decided not to use it against him. Jill pulls Katherine aside to question her about it - she warns if she doesn't stop him now, there won't be a Chancellor Industries! Kay notes that Jill just wants revenge because Tucker hurt her. Jill says he's hurt them both. Kay urges Jill to let it go! They go back to Delia, and Chloe says she's going to put the baby for a nap. Jack tells Billy and Ashley that a judge has agreed to hear him out on the Jabot deal. Cane, Lily, and Malcolm head out, with Lily asking Cane to run home and get her papers. Tucker calls Katherine and asks to see her.

Tucker arrives at the Chancellor Estate. Kay says she assumes he's there because he doesn't believe she'll keep quiet. He says it is hard to fathom, but she's not the woman he expected her to be. He notices the remnants of the birthday party and muses that his mother used to bake a pineapple upside-down cake on his birthdays. Kay shrugs - she never baked a cake. He notes that his mother never ran a multi-million dollar company. Tucker says he owes her for not turning him in - he's put a hold on selling off Chancellor's assets. Katherine gets very choked up and whispers, "Thank you."

At Restless Style, Billy listens as Jill tries to dig up dirt on Tucker over the phone - she's unsuccessful. Frustrated, Billy says Tucker doesn't have even an unpaid parking ticket. He asks Jill to call Cane and see if he knows more. Jill says he wouldn't tell her even if he did, besides, he's taking Lily to the hospital.

Back at the Abbott house, Jack is preparing to see the judge. Ashley and Patty are at the front door. Ashley excitedly says she can't wait to see the look on Jack's face when he sees his surprise! Patty looks stressed. They go inside, and Kyle, Jack's son runs into the house. Jack greets him enthusiastically, as does Ashley. Jack asks Ash if she set up this visit - she says his wife did! Patty smiles on cue. Ashley gets a call saying Faith's fever is up - she has to go.

Victor slips into Emily's hospital room and says, "Patty, it's me, Victor, the man you shot in the park that day instead of Jack. Do you believe in karma?" He notes he has few regrets, but he didn't realize she would harm his family. He acknowledges that Phyllis may be right - what happened to Summer is his fault - he brought her there because he wanted to hurt Jack. He mentions Colleen and says he wishes he had been able to see past his deep hatred for Jack Abbott. Victor tells her he's deeply sorry for what has happened to her. He vows to see to it that she has the best medical care, and tells her that Jack Abbott's not worth it, before leaving. As the door closes, Emily murmurs, "Jack."

Chloe catches up with Chance at Crimson Lights. He says the call was about Riggs, the guy who stabbed him - he's dead, they found his body in the river. He's certain the guy was trying to tell him something the night he called him. Chloe thinks it was just a set-up to plant the drugs, and that Chance will be safe now. Chance just wants to go home.

At the hospital, Lily worries to Malcolm about the status of the cancer. She wonders what is holding up Cane.

Cane stops at Crimson Lights to pick up a treat for Lily. The man from the previous day is there with another man. They call him Ethan Ashby and say he's in the country illegally! Cane pleads with them to let him go to the hospital, but they cuff him!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis and Nick find Skye's journal!

Cane tells Lily they want to deport him!

Patty leans over Emily telling her whatever she's mumbling had better be her prayers - because she's going to finish what she started! Just then, Emily's eyes pop open!

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