Jack questions Victor as to why he'd suggest he run for office. Victor says that Jack being in office would only add to the prestige of the Abbott name. Jack is a bit taken back by Victor's insistence that he take this route in his career.

At the club, Katherine confides in Nikki, tells her she's been having repeating nightmares. Nikki thinks that the guilt of Katherine's past is haunting her, issues involving Jill. She tells Katherine to call someone who can help her get to the bottom of her nightmares. Nikki has to leave for the office, and Katherine follows her out.

Katherine meets Paul at the coffeehouse, asks him to investigate her past. She goes on to explain her nightmares, a baby crying, waking up with an awful feeling looming over her, not sure if they're just nightmares or a repressed memory. Though Paul is busy with the Mesta case, he agrees to help Katherine. She tells him more, that the dreams are so clear, and Paul says he wants to examine her nightmares, to look for clues. Paul says she is to write down every detail of her dreams.

Nikki joins Victor and Jack to where Victor announces that Jack is going to run for public office. He throws John's name in the mix, says that Jack's father would be so proud of him. Nikki tells Victor that Jack isn't a candidate for public office. Victor and Nikki play a game in front of Jack, making it look as though Victor is defending him adamantly against his wife. Jack finally says that Victor is right, that maybe he will run for office. After Jack leaves, Victor and Nikki are pleased that they got Jack right where they want him!

At the hospital, the doctor explains to Devon about his surgery, about what to expect afterwards. Dru whispers to Neil, worried about the DA's claims against Devon. However, Neil says they need to focus on Devon, tells Dru that she needs to prepare herself in case the surgery doesn't work. Just as the doctor is ready to prepare Devon for surgery, the cops show up with a warrant for Devon's arrest! Dru flips out, Devon screams that he didn't do anything! The cops state that unless his surgery is life threatening, Devon needs to go with them. Neil tells Devon that he loves him, to not talk to anyone! Devon is handcuffed, read his rights and taken away

Gloria tells Jana that Will didn't show up for the meeting last night, that she really was looking forward to seeing his reaction to her new look. Jana assures Gloria that there will be plenty of other times, to be patient. Just then, Michael and Lauren show up at the coffeehouse surprised by Gloria's new look. Gloria gets a call from William, apologizing for missing the meeting. He asks her if she'll meet him for lunch at the club. Gloria agrees, says she's on her way. She waves goodbye to Michael, Lauren and Kevin as Jana walks her out. Gloria is filled with excitement as Jana wishes her luck! Michael gets a call from Neil saying that Devon has been arrested! Michael leaves for the courthouse

While at work, Jill thinks back on her night with William, sends a bottle of champagne to William, thanking him for a wonderful night!

Gloria struts in the club and gives William a big hug, telling him she was disappointed not to see him the night before. William seems withdrawn, and Gloria asks what's wrong. William admits that he's having conflicting emotions, that for the first time since his wife died he was intimate with another woman. Clearly hurt, Gloria hides her true feelings by trying to be the supporting 'friend.' Since William has been out of the dating loop for some time, he's not sure how to deal with the 'other' woman on the day after. Gloria cringes but suggests that he send her flowers.

At the office, Gloria and Kevin watch as a florist delivers flowers to Jill. Gloria overhears Jill call William, thanking him for the flowers, for the beautiful evening. Jill walks in the conference room, and Gloria pretends to be upset over a parking ticket. When Jill suggests they go to lunch, Gloria states that she's already eaten, that she had lunch with William Bardwell! Jill leaves the room, but returns just in time to see a florist delivering flowers to Gloria, leaving Jill wondering what the heck William is up to! Gloria smirks...

Michael pleads Devon's case for the judge to set bail, says that he needs his surgery today. Neil and Dru sit in the courtroom, too, as the judge agrees to let Devon go on a $100,000 bond. They post bail, then Dru goes to the DA, says her son is innocent! The DA leaves, and Neil tells Dru that they need to get Devon back to the hospital for surgery.

William goes to Michael, tells him that he wants to make a plea-bargain. The DA suggests that Devon plead guilty, insures Michael that he has evidence staking up against Devon.

At the coffeehouse, Lauren can't seem to get the baby to stop crying. Jana suggests she let her try to help. Jana takes the baby and he stops crying, leaving Lauren upset that she couldn't comfort Fenmore herself. With the baby asleep in Jana's arms, Lauren relaxes with a cup of tea. Lauren asks Jana if she'd be interested in helping her out with the baby on a part time basis.

Jana tells Kevin about Lauren's offer, and he thinks she should take it.

Lying in a hospital bed, Devon begs of Neil and Dru to believe him, says he didn't kill Carmen. Michael pulls the curtain back, tells Dru and Neil he needs to speak with them. Michael tells them that Carmen had Devon's DNA underneath her fingernails!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack and Phyllis continue to argue about NVP details, Neil and Dru wonder if it's possible that Devon killed Carmen, Lauren cannot get the baby to stop crying, Gloria worries about Thanksgiving and Mr. Kim tries to pull a fast one on Phyllis...