JT and Victoria bicker at home about her time in Dubai. She says she didn't intend to be gone that long, but JT points out that she didn't have to go at all! He says he would give up his job in a heartbeat for Reed - can she say the same about Newman? He informs her that he intends to be in his son's life full-time, and there's nothing that she, or a judge, or Victor Newman can do about it! JT takes a call and says he'll be right there. Victoria mocks him, assuming it was Tucker. JT snidely tells her it was Kevin, asking for his help because Jana is missing! He leaves.

Gloria is with Kevin at Crimson Lights. She asks if there have been any leads, but Kevin says there hasn't been. Daisy sits in a booth nearby, listening. Michael comes in and tells Kevin that Jana has been officially been put on the police's missing list. He notes that they couldn't trace her cell phone, and Kevin remarks that Jana never shuts off her phone! Daisy comes over and expresses concern. They treat her with disdain, but Michael points out that Daisy and Ryder have solid alibis. Kevin tells them that JT is coming, and Gloria asks about Jana's brain tumor. Kevin assures them that her last CT scan was clear. Michael learns that Jana didn't turn up in any hospitals or morgues. Kevin mutters that she could be in a ditch somewhere! Gloria and Michael try to reassure him, but he's very distraught and feels he's missing something! JT comes in and asks Kevin how he can help. Michael's phone rings - it's Victoria about her divorce. He says he'll be right over. JT reassures Kevin, and then phones about getting a lawyer for his divorce. Gloria comforts Kevin.

Nick and Phyllis tell Victor, at the Ranch, that it's nice to have him back on the property. He says he's increasingly concerned about what may have gone on there in his absence. They discuss Ashley's allegations against Adam. Victor says she could have false memories. He calls Adam and demands that he come to the Ranch - now.

Adam goes into the bookstore and buys some travel books from Ryder, who asks if he's going somewhere. Adam notes that he's starting fresh, and asks Ryder if he ever thought about it. Adam's phone rings - it's Victor summoning him to the Ranch.

Daisy meets Ryder at the bookstore and tells him that Kevin has to be stopped - he has posters all over town! Ryder hisses that he loves his wife - he's worried about her. Daisy scoffs that she'll have to go to Plan B - that way Kevin will never have to wonder what happened to Jana again! She leaves and Ryder seems upset.

Jana screams for help inside what looks like an old zoo cage. She looks at her wedding ring and tells herself to save her strength. Ryder shows up and gives Jana some personal supplies. She laughs, and mocks him - he can't even look at her because she knows the truth - he and Daisy are twins! Jana says she also knows about their mother. Ryder asks if she's scared - she should be. Jana notes that he's trying to act tough, but she knows he really doesn't want to be doing this - he cares about Kevin, and Kevin still cares about him! She pleads with him to help her get out of there. Ryder tells her to just stop, saying she knows who his mother is - does she honestly think she's ever going to get out of there?!

Ryder meets with Daisy near where they are keeping Jana. He tells her that he thinks Jana might be sick. Daisy scoffs that maybe her brain tumor grew back! Ryder wants her to see a doctor, but Daisy says no way. Daisy tells Ryder she's going to make Jana disappear! Daisy dresses up as Jana, wig and all, and makes a phone call reservation in Jana's voice. Daisy grins at Ryder, telling him it's time Kevin faced the truth - his wife left because she wanted to!

Still in the Club, Katherine and Tucker discuss the painting that he gave to the official. He claims he only loaned it to him, but Katherine lets him know that she has researched thoroughly and that's not the case. She reiterates that it was a bribe. Tucker sighs and says that's the way business was done back then - he's no criminal! Kay notes the authorities may beg to differ, and his investors may run for the hills! Tucker assumes she wants to go to war, but she says a war is only possible if both sides are looking to fight. She stuns him by offering to keep this conversation between the two of them. As she leaves, Tucker looks genuinely confused and emotional.

Adam comes into the Ranch and asks Victor what the big emergency is - they shouldn't be meeting there in case Tucker finds out! Victor says he doesn't give a damn about Tucker - he wants to know what happened in this house last summer! Victor brings up the diary, but tells Adam he meant it when he said he was proud of him. Victor says he wants some honest answers - there's always room for forgiveness. Adam tells Victor he doesn't know anything about a piece of purple cloth, or Dr. Taylor's disgusting past, but he does know how Victor beat Jack's bid for Jabot - and if he doesn't stop making accusations, he'll reveal the truth! Victor narrows his eyes and informs Adam that if he exposes their ruse, he'll go down with it, but if he's lying about Ashley, the Jabot deal will seem like nothing compared to what he'll put him through!

Phyllis and Nick go for dinner at the Club. They continue to discuss Adam and Ashley. Nick is frustrated because so much of it doesn't add up. Phyllis says if Victor finds out Adam tortured Ashley - he won't live long! They talk about how they're enjoying each other's company. They take a room upstairs and make love.

Adam comes into the Club and spots Tucker at the bar. He volunteers himself for the position of Vice President of European Sales, saying he can leave immediately! Tucker nixes the idea, telling him he has plans for him there - starting with putting a hold on all sales of Chancellor Industries companies!

Katherine goes to the Ranch and tells Victor she has dirt on Tucker. Victor asks her to tell him - he'll take him down. Kay shakes her head. She says she had the sword right over his head but couldn't do it! Victor discusses the situation with her. Katherine says she couldn't crush her son, and compares Tucker to Adam, saying things might be better if they'd been around when they were younger. It made Tucker who he is, and that's something she'll have to live with.

Michael goes to Victoria's place and tells her she has no legal grounds to evict JT from the house. He warns that if she makes an issue of it, it may weaken her position in court.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley tells Emily (Patty) that everything is on schedule - her package has arrived! Patty stammers, "Do you really think he'll like it?"

Jack tells Ashley and Billy that a judge has agreed to hear his concerns about the sale of Jabot.

Cane is taken into custody by immigration authorities!

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