At home, JT informs Victoria that Reed has a new favorite food - bacon. They get into it over her putting her work before family. She confronts him about trying to get back at her family, namely Victor, by working for Tucker! JT notes that he means Reed when he says 'family' - not Victor. The conversation deteriorates until Nikki comes to the door. JT leaves abruptly. Nikki asks Victoria to move into the main house with them - clearly this isn't working. Victoria sighs, and says she isn't too pleased with Victor right now either!

Adam and Sharon are in their room - she's packing. She happily tells him that the house is finished - they can move back in! There's a knock at the door - it's Jack with the keys. Sharon thanks him for bringing them, then excuses herself. Adam wonders if Jack is being polite because of his offer. Jack says Victor will drive Adam to it anyway!

At the Ranch, Ashley calls Jack about the house. Victor show up and asks Ashley to fill him in on what she thinks Adam did to her last summer. She tells him it's not his fight, but Victor notes she was his wife, and his son gaslighted her! Ashley says Adam made him and Olivia believe she was insane, and made her think he was the only one she could turn to - the trouble is she can't prove it. Ashley heads out, and Victoria and Nikki come in. Vikki and Victor argue about Adam. Victor admits he wants to keep Adam at arm's length - at a distance from his family. Talk turns to Victoria's marriage - she admits that JT thinks she has neglected Reed. Nikki advises Victoria to protect Reed from the hostility. Victoria tells Victor she doesn't know how to protect Reed, and she doesn't have an answer for him about Jabot right now.

Ashley arrives at Colleen's house, where Jack meets her. He tells her that he just told Sharon and Adam they could move back in there. Just then, Sharon and Adam come in. Ashley informs her she's really sorry to disappoint her, but there's been a change of plans! Sharon sighs and says Ashley is obviously not through punishing Adam. Jack asks, "Punishing Adam for what?" Ashley says she made the decision for Abby's sake, but agrees that she's not comfortable having Adam on her family's property. Adam tells Ashley that the way she is treating Sharon is inexcusable - he tells Jack to forget the partnership too! They leave and Ash asks Jack, "What partnership?" Jack questions her change of heart about Adam, and Ashley notes that she should have listened when Jack warned her about him - she knows he's responsible for the things that happened to her!

Cane arrives at the Club, where Malcolm and Devon are already waiting. He tells them that he had a last minute call from Tucker and can't stay. Lily and Mac arrive, and Malcolm tells them that Neil has a business meeting as well. The foursome sits down. Cane walks over to meet Tucker, who informs him that he intends to sell off all the components of Chancellor at once. Cane tries to talk him out of it, but Tucker says it's all going - and advises him to tell Katherine what a bundle of money she stands to make - he's sure she's expecting him!

Neil is with Katherine at her place - she has loads of information on Tucker. Neil is amazed! She tells him she won't rest until she finds the smoking gun! Cane comes in - he has a box that came from the business library. Kay says she'll go through that next. Cane announces Tucker intends to sell off the rest of Chancellor right away! They start going through papers intently - they discuss Tucker taking musical acts to the top of the charts - it seems suspicious. When Neil holds up a news article about Tucker helming a film festival, Katherine chuckles and says they've finally got him where they want him! She digs frantically for a magazine and shows them a painting that is in both photos - he bribed the man in the photo with a painting worth tens of millions of dollars!

JT and Tucker are holding a business meeting in a room at the Club. JT speaks then introduces Tucker, who touts the benefits of buying one of the Chancellor companies to those gathered at the table. He says he will take bids for the next 55 minutes - after that it's too late.

Still at the Club, Lily teases Malcolm about having children, saying she could have some little half-brothers or sisters! Malcolm sobers the conversation when he says he hopes he would be a better father than he has been the first time around. They discuss Neil, and Lily assures Malcolm that Neil isn't staying away because of him - this fight for Chancellor is a big deal. Malcolm asks Devon about his real father - he admits that he's not sure what to do about him. Malcolm asks Mac how she feels about the babies. She admits she feels protective, and worries about them. Mac excuses herself when she spots JT. She asks him how he's doing. He says horrible, but Reed is the bright spot. Cane comes in, and he and Mac join Lily, Malcolm, and Devon at the table. A stranger comes up and greets Cane, who doesn't seem to know him. The man says, "It's me, Alfred. It hasn't been that long." Cane tells him he has the wrong guy. After he leaves, Lily says to Cane, "Who did he think you were?" Cane shrugs, and attention turns to Mac who has just felt the babies kick for the first time. Across the room, the strange man is on the phone saying it's him - it's Cane Ashby - they've got to move on him!

Katherine comes to the Club and interrupts Tucker's auction - she tells the assembled people that the meeting is adjourned. Tucker asks what she thinks she's doing. JT tells those assembled to give him their bids on their way out. Tucker is very unhappy. Katherine grins and wonders how a young upstart like him ever got all those musical acts to number one! Katherine lets him know that she believes he bribed someone to play that music - it's enough to have the authorities look into every deal he's ever made - and to shut him down!

Sharon and Adam return to their room. He says this is only going to get worse as Ashley shares her paranoid theories with Jack, and eventually Victor! He pushes again to leave town - they could go to Paris and be near Noah. They go to bed together, where Sharon decides there is no reason left to stay in Genoa City - they should leave!

JT comes home and apologizes to Victoria if he was rude to her mother earlier. Vikki tells him this isn't working - he should find another place to live. JT says he's not leaving his son. Victoria say neither of them want to leave him, but JT points out that she had no trouble leaving him to go to Dubai!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine makes an unexpected move!

Victor decides to remind Adam who is in control!

Daisy torments Jana!

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