Jack carries Patty over the threshold of the Abbott house as they arrive home. Patty goes on about how much she loves this house. Jack reveals a portrait of Emily he's had put on the wall. Patty becomes very agitated. As Jack goes on about how she's never looked more beautiful than in that photo, Patty tells him not to say that! Jack says, "Emily Peterson agreed to marry me. I love you more than I could ever love anyone else!" Patty nearly cries. He says he has to go see about business and leaves. Patty tells the portrait that Jack's taking back what's his - just like she did! Patty sits down and starts to write in a journal about being Mrs. Jack Abbott for real. She calls the hospital to ask about Patty William's condition. She then hangs up and laughs, saying to the portrait, "It looks like you're not going to make it!"

Victor and Tucker share a drink at Newman Enterprises. Victor makes a remark about Adam - saying his son has disappointed him before, and he'll do it again! Jack walks in, and Victor tells him it's a private meeting. Jack informs them that he knows how Victor beat his bid, and how he made a fool of Tucker in the process! Jack tells how he figured out that the fight with Adam was staged - and then suddenly Adam has access to Tucker's office, and they enter a last minute bid to beat his - Adam's a mole! Jack asks Tucker if he even considered collusion? Tucker says he must have been dazzled by all those dollar signs. Victor denies Jack's accusations, but Jack is certain it's true. Victor and Jack leer at one another as Tucker watches, amused. Jack muses that this will throw up some red flags and buy him some time. He leaves. Tucker tells Victor he doesn't know how Victor got the higher bid, and he doesn't care - but if Adam did this, Victor should be sure Adam won't sell him out!

At the Ranch, Ashley brandishes the piece of purple cloth in Adam's face and demands that he admit this is the bloody cloth he showed her last summer. Adam claims it never happened! Adam tells Sharon, Nick, and Phyllis that none of them were there last summer - they didn't see how Ashley was. Adam contends he's done nothing wrong - he helped Ashley, and he didn't know about Dr. Taylor's issues. Phyllis steps forward and says that she spoke to Janelle, who told her that she and Skye were molested - and there's no way he didn't know about that! Sharon turns to Adam and asks him if it's true - did he know what kind of man Dr. Taylor was?! Adam starts out denying it, but Phyllis says to spare them the bad act. Adam continues to insist that Skye never told him, but Ashley hollers that he knew - and he brought that man into her house near her daughter! Adam tells Sharon they need to go, but Nick says she shouldn't go anywhere with that punk! Adam says everyone thought Taylor was great and he was nothing but professional! Sharon says to Adam, "Let's get out of here!" After they leave, Nick says that a lot of what Adam says makes sense, and Sharon is going to stand by him until they come up with proof. Ashley will have the purple cloth tested for traces of blood! Nick and Phyllis leave, and Ashley sits down with Faith, telling the baby she doesn't know what she'd do without her!

Sharon and Adam go back to their room. She angrily tells him she needs to know the truth about everything or they're not going to make it. She won't walk away - she'll run! She shouts at him about Dr. Taylor - he was the only man to hold her baby girl! Adam says nothing they are accusing him of makes any sense - and Ashley was out of her mind last summer! He tells Sharon if she's going to let them make her think he's a monster, she should leave him now. Adam presses her to leave Genoa City again. Sharon asks if he wants to run away. He says they'll never survive there, and leaves the room. Sharon thinks of her good memories with Adam, and agonizes.

Jack finds Adam at the bar in the Club. He tells him he knows he is Victor's mole - and when he proves it, they'll both go down. Jack informs Adam this won't get him back in Victor's good graces - he should work with him to nail Victor. Jack points out that Victor didn't put Nick or Victoria in the line of fire - only him - he's been had. Adam counters that he went to jail the last time they worked together. Jack tells him they have a mutual concern in wanting to take Victor down - he needs to think about that.

Phyllis and Nick go to the patio of the coffee house, where Phyllis muses to Nick that Ashley and her daughters are fine, so why did Adam bring Dr. Taylor in - what was he after?

Daniel and Amber are at the coffee house with Kevin, they all brainstorm about how to find Jana. Kevin insists that regardless of what that waiter says, Jana did not take off on her own - someone took her. Chloe comes in, and Kevin asks her to get Chance to help him find Jana! Ryder comes in and Daniel shouts, "Look at the stones on this guy!" Ryder tells Kevin he really would like to help him look for Jana. He makes his case, saying Jana was good to him. Kevin accepts his offer, and he, Daniel, and Ryder head out. Amber suggests to Chloe that they try Jana's Ouija board. Chloe reluctantly participates - it spells out 'Mama'. Amber thinks it's picking up on her thoughts.

Jana wakes up on the ground behind the iron bars and looks around. She begins banging on the bars and screaming loudly for help!

Kevin, Daniel, and Ryder go to the movie theater. The usher admits he saw Jana there the night before, but tells Kevin maybe she left him because he's a tool. Ryder points out that this guy may not be trustworthy. Kevin wonders why Jana would have been at the theater. He and Daniel begin walking out, and Ryder stands there for a minute looking ill at ease.

Back at the coffee house, Kevin, Ryder, and Daniel tells Amber and Chloe that she was at the theater. They get Chance on the phone and fill him in on the latest. Kevin becomes really agitated - he's her husband, he's supposed to keep her safe! Amber jumps up and gives him a hug.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine tells Neil she is not going to rest until she finds the smoking gun!

A man comes up to Cane while he's out for dinner with Lily and Malcolm and claims to know him from the past. Cane tells him he's got the wrong guy!

Ashley, standing with Jack, tells Sharon she's really sorry to disappoint her, but there's been a change of plans!

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