At Crimson Lights, Kevin, Lauren, and Michael meet to discuss Jana who has been missing since last night! Kevin mentions that she was still obsessing over Daisy and Ryder. Michael wonders if they're involved in her disappearance. Lauren thinks Daisy is a good kid, but Kevin warns that's what he thought about Ryder! Michael asks Lauren where Daisy is - he didn't hear her come in last night.

Kevin and Michael are at the Club, where Michael tells him someone overheard Jana telling Kevin that their marriage wasn't salvageable. Kevin sighs and says she was talking about their night! He then wonders if someone detained him in the elevator on purpose - maybe they should be talking to Daisy and Ryder!

Kevin turns up where Ryder is working and asks him for an alibi. He checks his time card from the night before. Ryder says he wouldn't hurt Jana - he likes her. He offers to help find her, but Kevin storms out.

Billy visits with Ashley at the Ranch. She tells him she and Abby will move into Colleen's house. Billy is glad she's moving from the 'mausoleum'. He asks what she's heard about Tucker McCall. Ashley realizes he's planning another expose. She asks if he's spoken to everyone possible.

In his office, Phyllis catches up with Nick and tells him she wants to discuss Adam, who she feels is a lot more dangerous than Nick ever thought! She fills her husband in on Dr. Taylor being a sexual predator, and Ashley's suspicions that Adam was the one who was driving her crazy. Nick sighs, and says this can't be ignored, and his Dad should know too.

Victoria is with Victor in his room at the Club. She tells him she's thrilled that he exposed Adam in the magazine article, but she wonders why he chose to go through Billy Abbott. Victor says he had his reasons. Victoria's phone rings - it's Billy asking her to join him at the bar in the Club. She blows him off, and turns back to Victor, who admits that the Adam expose was a ruse. Victoria is very upset - she's under SEC scrutiny and Adam's a loose cannon! Nick walks in and brings them up to speed on Dr. Taylor and Adam being the one who tortured Ashley. Victoria worries he may be out to get the entire family! Victor muses that Ashley asked him to move off the Ranch. Victoria fumes that Adam is a psychopath - and they've made a deal with him! She informs Victor she's resigning from Jabot, and leaves. Victor tells Nick that once the contracts are signed, Adam won't know what hit him.

Sharon and Adam are in their room. She tells him she's very anxious about him being involved in this ruse with Victor - he could make him a scapegoat. Adam is cheered that she is worried about him. They hug.

Adam comes into Victor's room, where Victor and Nick are still discussing him, and says they need to talk. Nick and Victor reiterate that they need Adam to keep playing his part. Adam warns Victor that if he crosses him - he won't go quietly. Victor asks if he's threatening him. Adam tells him he wants to be shown respect. Victor assures him he'll get everything he deserves.

Sharon goes to the Ranch to confront Ashley. She reiterates that Adam was losing his vision and under house arrest last summer - he couldn't have done the things she accused him of. Ash says he did them. She points out that Sharon must be having doubts herself - she warns her to be on guard. They make nice, and Sharon says she'll miss Faith. Ashley says she's welcome to come visit Faith - without Adam. The phone rings - Abby has a crisis at school. Ashley asks Sharon to sit with Faith - she agrees.

Phyllis comes into Crimson Lights and Lauren tells her that Jana is missing. Phyllis remarks that Amber and Daniel are coming back to town today - they may know something. Phyllis gets a call from a female from Harvard and learns something stunning about Adam! Daisy comes in and sits down with Lauren, who tells her that they believe she may have something to do with Jana going missing. Daisy pleads innocent. Ashley shows up at the coffee house where Phyllis breaks the news that the woman she spoke to was best friends with Adam's old girlfriend, Skye, and she assured her that Adam knew about Dr. Taylor sexually assaulting both of them! Ashley is aghast!

Victoria shows up at the Club bar, where she snaps at Billy that she wants to be alone. Billy chats away about Delia, life, Jabot, and Tucker McCall. Victoria informs him that even if she knew something about Tucker, she wouldn't tell him! Billy asks where JT is at. Victoria says she wouldn't know - they're divorcing. She adds that if she reads that online she'll take his head off! Billy thinks JT's an idiot, and pays her some compliments. Vikki asks what his angle is. He assures her they're still sworn enemies - but he knows divorce sucks! Billy gets her laughing and she punches him in the arm. As they joke, Victor comes in and watches, grim faced. Victoria walks over to him - he asks if she told Billy she is resigning. She says no. He asks her to reconsider, but she refuses and leaves. Victor walks over to Billy who quips, "How many Newmans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None - they get someone else to do their dirty work for them!" Victor tells Billy he'll be watching him.

Nick comes to the Ranch looking for Ashley and finds Sharon there with Faith. They note it would have been their anniversary, and Nick brings up the concerns about Adam - he's worried about her safety. Sharon argues Adam's case. She says the day Dr. Taylor died, Adam had just met his friend for a drink - what's the big deal? Nick says Adam told Phyllis they just ran into each other. Nick claims that everything Adam says is a lie - why can't she see that?! Adam comes in looking for Sharon. He is quickly followed by Ashley and Phyllis. Ashley tells Adam he's not supposed to be there! Adam says he's getting the last of their things. Ashley notices a doll and asks where it came from. Phyllis says it's Summer's doll. There is a piece of purple material in her hair - Phyllis says Summer found it at the Ranch a while ago. Ashley says it's the cloth Adam showed her last summer!

Kevin comes back to Crimson Lights and compares notes with Michael and Lauren. Michael gets a call from the police - they spoke to a waiter who says Jana left on her own. Kevin is frustrated that there are no leads - he wonders where Jana could be.

Jana lays unconscious on the ground behind an iron fence. Two people approach and stand looking in at her - Daisy and Ryder!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ryder comes to Crimson Lights and asks Kevin to let him help look for Jana.

Phyllis says to Nick, "Ashley's fine, and the baby's fine - so what was he after?"

Jack offers Adam a job, saying that at least with him, what you see is what you get!

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