Patty walks up to Jack in a bikini at the resort. She says she's going to get in the shower, and he says he'll join her in a moment. He then calls Ashley and asks her to call him back - he has more information. He heads into the bedroom and winds up in bed with his wife. He notes that he's seen sides to her in the past few days that he didn't know existed! He muses that he thinks he knows where this is coming from - it's about Patty. He talks about her suicide attempt, and Patty tries to change the subject. It doesn't work, so she admits that part of her feels she failed Patty.

At the Club, Kevin asks Jana if she's hungry yet. She remarks that if she knew he was taking her out she wouldn't have eaten with Ryder. Kevin tells her not to bring up anyone that could upset them tonight. They sit down and share a toast. Jana then asks Kevin what Tucker wanted when he called him aside earlier. Kevin tells her, and she says that he wants him to investigate the people he works with! Kevin wonders why it's an issue - she had no problem investigating Ryder! They both apologize. Kevin suggests they order caviar, but Jana can't be diverted from her concerns. Kevin says maybe his surprise will make her smile - he's booked them the honeymoon suite! Jana sighs, and says this just isn't them - maybe they should just call it quits. Kevin leaves the table to call the concierge - he tells him to get the candles and rose petals out of the suite! Jana goes to the ladies room and comes back to find a note on the table asking her to meet him at the movie theater. Kevin, however, has gone up to check on the suite and the elevator shuts down on him! The emergency phone won't work and the lights flicker - Kevin begins to get that trapped feeling! He gets out, but Jana isn't at the table. He calls the coffee house, but no one has seen her!

Daisy joins Ryder at the movie theater and tells him that people are going to find out what mama bear will do when backed into a corner.

Jana comes into the empty movie theater looking for Kevin. She grins, saying, "This is more like it, but where are you?" She finds a gift on a seat and opens it - it's an album. The cover reads, "Our Family." She opens it and begins to look at the photos. She says Daisy and Ryder's names as someone sneaks up on her. She turns another page and says, "Oh God no! It can't be!" Just then, she turns and sees the person who has come up behind her - she screams!

Victor shows up at the Ranch, where Ashley is thanking Neil for his support earlier. Victor says he's come to see Adam since it's the anniversary of Hope's death. Ashley tells him Adam moved out. Neil says he's heading out, and Victor questions Ashley about Adam moving. She gives him no reason. Abby comes in and says it's a relief Adam is gone - now it will just be them! Ashley sighs and tells her that they are moving off the Ranch as well. Abby isn't thrilled, and rants at her parents. Victor says she can stay there with him if she wants. Abby storms out, and Ashley and Victor have a tense exchange before he leaves. Ashley calls Jack back and asks why he's worrying about business on his honeymoon? She says they'll worry about the sale of Jabot when he gets back.

Still at the resort, Jack hangs up the phone from talking to Ashley, and he and Patty discuss the sale of Jabot. When Patty hears that Victor Newman bought the company out from under Jack, she insists that they go back to Genoa City - tonight! Jack is amazed at her interest in his business life all of the sudden. She says she will help him go after Victor in light of what he did to her! Jack asks what she means - she always seemed disappointed in him when he ragged on Victor! Patty tells him she's his wife now - and they'll bring Victor down together. Jack grins and says they're going home - to take his father's company back!

In a room at the Club Adam wants to discuss finding a home with Sharon, but she says she can't even think about that in light of what Phyllis and Ashley have said today. Adam provides an explanation for not knowing about Dr. Taylor's issues. Sharon muses that he seems to have an answer for everything! They talk about the fact that Taylor delivered Sharon's baby - she says he was nothing but professional. Sharon asks him what happened in that house last summer - did he drive Ashley to have a nervous breakdown? Adam denies it. She thanks him for telling the truth. He tells her it's the anniversary of his mother's death today. Sharon remarks that he doesn't talk about his past much. Adam tells her about the simple life on the farm.

Victor goes to Adam and Sharon's room. Sharon is stunned to see him at the door - he says he wants to see Adam. Sharon begins to lay into Victor about the way he's acted, but Adam asks her to let them speak alone. Sharon leaves, and Victor asks Adam about moving from the Ranch, saying that Ashley just said it was time. Adam says the lies he's having to tell his wife are eating him alive. Adam wonders what Hope would think of the two of them working together. Victor thinks she'd be proud of Adam, and reminds him of her legacy - to only see the good. He leaves and Adam nearly cries. He talks to his mom, saying he would take some things back if he could, but he can't, and now he's in love and he'll lose her if he tells her the truth - that Faith is hers. He frets about how to make things right. Sharon comes back and hugs him as he cries. She blames Victor, but Adam shakes his head and admits that they're not really on the outs - it was a ruse so he could become a mole in Tucker McCall's company. Sharon is understanding. Adam worries about losing her, but she reassures him again.

Neil runs into Abby at Crimson Lights. She tells him that Victor is taking back the Ranch, and she and her mother are moving again. Neil recounts how Lily once moved around a lot with Drucilla - she handled it by remembering that home isn't about the place you're in - it's about the people you're with.

Neil and Abby return to the Ranch and bring Ashley a treat. Abby also apologizes to Ashley, and then suggests that they move into Colleen's house when the construction is done - she still owns it after all! Ashley thinks it's a great idea. Abby thanks Neil and goes upstairs. Ashley asks Neil what he said - she hasn't been that nice in ages! Neil grins and they embrace.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren says to Kevin, "But Daisy's a good kid." He remarks that he thought the same thing about Ryder!

Victor wants Victoria to hold off on a decision, but she says she can't - this whole thing could just blow up in their faces!

Phyllis says to Ashley, "Adam knew that this man was evil." Ashley reacts by saying, "Oh my God!"

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