Malcolm is at Restless Style with Billy to sign his contract. Lily comes in to meet Malcolm for lunch. Billy reminds him to think about his feature - he wants him to start off with a bang. Malcolm says he knows just what he wants to do, and asks Lily to get takeout and go back to her place - he has something to discuss with her.

At the Club, Jill and Cane are discussing Tucker when the man himself appears! He asks Jill if she has any idea who is poking around in his past. She doesn't, and Cane asks Tucker if he would like him to try and find out. Tucker passes, saying he's more curious than concerned.

Lily and Malcolm are back at her house, where he tells her that his idea for a feature in Restless Style is to tell her story. Lily doesn't want to be the poster child for cancer, but Malcolm says he would never portray her that way, and explains that when he looks at her he doesn't see weakness, but strength. He asks to do some test shots. Lily emerges wearing a wig, and explains to Malcolm that it's the first time she's worn it - it seemed like it would be surrender. Malcolm talks about how he turned down an assignment in one of Drucilla's favorite places last year, and Lily asks if that's why he stayed away from Genoa City so long as well.

Cane comes home and finds Lily and Malcolm doing the test shoot. He accuses Malcolm of using Lily to further his career, but Lily tells him it's not like that at all! Malcolm leaves to let them talk. Lily turns on Cane, saying he could have waited for an explanation before jumping down Malcolm's throat! Cane just doesn't trust him. They discuss it, and Cane asks if she's ready to share her experience with strangers. Lily says it's just test shots, and besides, it might help someone going through the same thing. Lily muses that her children might see the pictures and see a strong woman. She sees her mother in herself, and thinks they're the most beautiful pictures due to that! Cane admires Lily, saying she blows him away.

Jill comes into Restless Style as Billy is ranting about needing elves to do his work. Beaming, Jill says she has a better idea - hire her! Billy grins nervously. When he realizes that Jill is offering to do a little spying for him, Billy hires her on the spot! Right away, Jill has an idea for the next issue - Tucker! Billy isn't so sure about it, but Jill reminds him what she's like when she's highly motivated. Billy murmurs that he almost feels sorry for Tucker!

Jana is at the Club on the phone with Noah regarding Daisy and Ryder, and the boy, Max, in the photo. Ryder appears and tells Jana that the people at the boarding house said she wanted to meet with him. Jana tells him she wants to start over fresh. Ryder agrees.

Daisy comes into the coffee house where Kevin tells her that he is giving himself the night off to take his wife to dinner! Jana comes in and Kevin tells her he is taking her out to eat, but she says she already ate - with Ryder! Tucker McCall comes in and asks Kevin to do a search of the computer server to see who is digging in his past. Jana speaks to Noah on the phone to check in about Ryder. Jana hangs up and tells Kevin there is something he needs to hear, but he doesn't want to discuss Ryder and Daisy! Jana insists that they need to find out the truth, but Kevin pleads with her to just let this be a nice night for them - he promises to make it worth her while.

Daisy meets with Ryder in a movie theater. She tells him her half of the photo is gone. Ryder says Jana was asking him about that again. Daisy says she thinks Jana took it!

In the potting shed, Neil holds Ashley while she cries. She explains that she is just so upset that Adam would bring a man like Dr. Taylor into her home around her young daughter. She tells Neil about some of the things that happened which she thought were done by Estella - but what if it was Adam?! Neil thinks it's very possible. Ashley says he'll be home today - she'll confront him. Neil wonders if that's a good idea, but Ashley says she can handle it - she just doesn't understand what reason Adam could have had to want to hurt her. Neil says some people don't need a reason.

Up at the Ranch, Sharon and Adam are dealing with Phyllis, who informs them that it's true - dead men do tell tales. Sharon hollers at Phyllis to just let it go - Adam did Ashley a favor by recommending a highly regarded doctor! Phyllis wonders if Ashley still feels that way after learning that the highly regarded doctor was sexually harassing his patients! Sharon is shocked that she would say something so nasty, but Phyllis confirms it to be true, and says everyone knew it. Adam denies having any knowledge of it. Sharon yells at Phyllis that the only thing she has proved is how vindictive she is! Phyllis warns that she will be talking to one of Dr. Taylor's former patients. Adam says he has nothing to hide.

Ashley and Neil come into the Ranch where Adam, Sharon, and Phyllis are bickering. Sharon tells Ashley not to let Phyllis poison her against Adam. Phyllis smirks. Ashley steps up to Adam and asks him to give her the truth - was he the one who was trying to drive her insane? Adam gets defensive, and Neil warns him not to get in Ashley's face. Sharon defends Adam, saying he is nearly blind and wasn't allowed to leave the house - he couldn't have done the things she's accusing him of! Ashley says she was a faithful friend to him, but right now he has the same look on his face as he did when he told her things that she knows were not true - like showing her a bloody purple cloth and telling her she hit Sabrina! With shaking voice, Ashley says she wants him out of her house! Ashley and Neil leave the room. Phyllis tells Sharon that Ashley must be just one more person who is out to get her husband - can they all be wrong? She leaves, and Sharon goes to start packing. Adam stands by himself digesting what just happened. He heads upstairs and asks Sharon if anything she heard today changed how she feels about him. She assures him that she believes in him. They embrace, but Sharon looks very concerned over his shoulder.

Malcolm and Phyllis meet up at the Club bar. They watch Neil and Ashley with Faith nearby, and Phyllis mentions the situation with Adam. Malcolm laughs, warning her not to get involved or she'll wind up in a hot mess! Phyllis says Adam is a user and he's going to take the fall. Tucker comes in and asks Neil about the person who is snooping in his past. Neil tells him he has nothing for him. Neil sits back down with Ashley and Phyllis and Malcolm have joined them. Ashley tells Phyllis she's just glad nothing happened to her daughters because of Adam and Dr. Taylor.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Victor goes to see Adam.

Jana takes Kevin to task for agreeing to investigate the people he works with. He counters that she has no problem investigating Ryder!

Jack says to Patty, "I think I know where this is coming from - this is about Patty isn't it?"

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