Nick stands in the tack house holding the Harvard ID card with Phyllis's name on it. She comes downstairs, and he remarks that Victoria and JT probably could have avoided divorce if they hadn't kept things from each other. Phyllis wonders if he thinks she's hiding something from him. He holds up the card. Phyllis said she figured it wouldn't hurt to ask some questions while she was in Boston. Nick takes the view that it's not their business. Phyllis is puzzled at Nick's abrupt change of heart where Adam is concerned - she asks Nick what he's holding back. Nick tells her the truth about their ruse. Phyllis is impressed that Nick thought it up, but she's put out that he didn't confide in her. Nick asks if she understands why he needs her to back off. Phyllis nods, but then says she can't - she saw a man die and knows Adam had something to do with it! Nick nods.

Ashley and Neil are discussing their plans at the Ranch when Victor walks in, saying he didn't expect to see Neil there. Ashley takes Victor to task for barging in unannounced. Victor asks what's going on between the two of them. Neil tells Victor they are friends. Victor asserts that Ashley is the mother of his children - who she spends time with is very much his business! When Victor leaves to take a call, Neil tells Ashley they need to establish what is going on between them. Ashley kisses him, and they agree they have feelings for each other. As talk turns to Adam, Phyllis appears. She tells them what she found out about Dr. Taylor - he couldn't keep his hands off his female students! Ashley flips - how could Adam bring someone like that into her home - into her daughter's home? She leaves the room, saying she just needs a moment.

Victor is at the tack house, where Nick fills his father in on the latest with Phyllis. Victor says it's important that she keeps quiet about their ruse, so Adam can stay with Tucker. They discuss Adam's current loyalty, and muse that he needs to keep this up a while longer. Nick notes that Adam is in this for himself. Victor says if they continue to dangle acceptance, who knows what might happen.

Ashley goes down to the shed where she stands in front of the statue of Sabrina and her baby. She whispers that she thought it was Estella and Patty who were doing things to her. She realizes that Adam had access to all of it - how could she not have seen that?! Neil finds her there and comforts her as she cries, wondering why Adam would want to hurt her.

Father Todd arrives back at the hospital and encourages Paul to take a break from their sister's bedside. Paul doesn't want to, but Todd warns him he's brought in the big guns. Nina appears in the doorway! Paul and Nina embrace. She tells him he needs to get out of there for a few hours. Todd insists he won't leave the hospital room.

Nina and Paul are at the movie theater. She is mixing chocolate covered raisins and popcorn, much to Paul's amazement. They share a laugh. When Paul checks his phone, Nina takes it away. As they watch the old Clark Gable film, Nina reaches over and takes Paul's hand. Paul tells Nina he needed this. She says she wanted to see to it that he got what he needed. He thanks her.

Paul and Nina return to the hospital, where Father Todd tells them it looks like Patty is going to be okay - she's been removed from the critical list.

Lauren and Michael are at home. Lauren seems to be out of sorts again. Daisy comes into the room and begins offering all sorts of help. When she leaves, an irritable Lauren tells Michael she is going to call the dorms and have the Dean beef up security - she doesn't want Daisy getting any more attached to them than she already is!

At Crimson Lights, Jana irks Kevin by saying she was right all along - Daisy and Ryder have known each other for a very long time. Kevin asks what difference it makes and tells her to just let it go! Daisy comes in and Jana listens in as she asks Kevin about meeting Ryder. Kevin says it was a mistake to accept him blindly. He asks Daisy about her siblings - she says she doesn't play well with them!

Lauren and Michael come into the coffee house. Jana manages to get Lauren on her own and tells her that she's discovered that Ryder and Daisy have history - her gut says it's not good! Jana wonders if she could ask Michael to help with legal searches. Lauren shakes her head - they're trying to de-stress their lives. She leaves the table, and Jana does an internet search - she finds a summer camp roster. Lauren joins Michael at his table, where the Dean meets with them. They tell him they want Daisy to move back in. He leaves and Michael says getting Daisy back in wasn't hard at all! Daisy listens and frets. As Kevin quizzes Lauren and Michael about their new hard line where Daisy is concerned, she formulates a plan. She pretends to clumsily spill coffee all over herself and falls to the ground. Lauren barks, "Why are you so clumsy?" Michael tells Lauren it wouldn't be right to take her to the dorm now. Lauren says this whole thing is stressing her out, but they leave to take Daisy to the doctor. Jana returns to her laptop and finds out that the child in the photo with Daisy and Ryder went missing.

Jack and his bride arrive at their honeymoon destination - only to find Adam and Sharon in residence! It comes to light that Jack and Sharon had been there before. Jack insists it wasn't a very happy time. Sharon's eyebrows go up! When Patty and Adam wind up alone for a moment, she tells him her patient, Patty Williams, spoke of him. He denies crossing paths with Patty at the Ranch, but she says, "You're not a good man." She then walks away. Adam calls out to Sharon that it's time to leave!

At the airport, Sharon talks to Adam about being on that island with Jack. She says her marriage to Jack was one lie after another - she claims she learned a valuable lesson from it - no matter how bad it is, she'd rather know the truth!

Back at the resort, Patty slips up by saying she always liked that way Mrs. Jack Abbott sounded! She covers by saying she practiced it in her head before the wedding, and then changing the subject to Sharon. Jack insists his time there with Sharon was not happy. Patty almost slips up again when Jack mentions 'hoops', and she doesn't realize right away that he means basketball. Jack brings up the subject of Patty, asking her why she didn't tell him about her suicide attempt. She replies that she didn't think it was the right time before their wedding - she's sorry. Jack reminds her she can tell him anything.

Adam and Sharon arrive at home and he immediately wants to book plane tickets to go somewhere else. Phyllis is sitting there, and says, "Hello honeymooners!" She tells them that Ashley had to step out - she was upset at what she had to tell her. She muses that Sharon might be upset by it as well, and encourages Adam to tell his wife what he and Dr. Taylor were really up to!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jana tells Kevin, "I really think you should hear it." Kevin sighs - she thinks there is some past between Ryder and Daisy. Jana tells him it's more than that!

Jill says to Billy at Restless Style, "Hire me!"

Ashley confronts Adam about wanting to hurt her. He says they've all made up their minds that he's guilty.

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