As JT and Colleen continue to 'make up,' Brad knocks at the door. They quickly get dressed, then let Brad in. Brad asks Colleen why she told Adrian Korbel about her grandmother. She explains that they had been talking about art when Colleen told Adrian about Rebecca. She goes on to say that Professor Korbel met Rebecca at the coffeehouse. Brad demands for Colleen to tell him everything that she told Adrian, and she does. Although JT tries to make excuses for Colleen, Brad reminds her that she needs to stay silent, that their lives depend on it, saying he could never go through the tragedy of losing his family again.

Adrian joins Colleen at the coffeehouse, showing her a front page article about an art collector. Adrian asks if Colleen's grandmother ever handled a certain piece of art. Colleen gets nervous, says she doesn't know. Colleen tries to cover-up some of the things she told Adrian about her grandmother, saying that she's really not that big of an art expert.

At the office, JT tells Brad that he's worried about Colleen, about how she reacted to him investigating Korbel, that she's really attached to the professor. JT says he has a feeling that there's more to Korbel than they're finding. Brad agrees, thinks he's working for the people who are after him. Brad tells JT to do whatever he has to to find out!

The DA hands the cops arrest warrants for Neil and Dru before heading to pick them up.

Neil and Dru are at Newman, making contacts about Devon's surgery. Dru rambles to Neil, nervous about Devon. Just when Dru sends Devon a message, saying they'll pick him up in ten minutes, William Bardwell walks in, places them both under arrest!

At the station, Will questions Neil about his whereabouts at the time of the murder, about why he lied. Neil demands to talk to his attorney!

Jack gets a call saying that a NVP property has been denied zoning permits. He calls Phyllis, leaves a message for her to call him. Jack goes to see Victor, tells him about the zoning problem, says they could lose millions because of this. Victor offers to help by talking to the senator. Victor acts as though he's returning a favor for all the help Jack has given him.

Nick and Phyllis arrive at the hospital to where Phyllis continues to have contractions. The doctor comes in, tells Nick and Phyllis that she's having false labor, that she can go home.

Back at the office, Nick tells Phyllis that she should be home resting, but she refuses. Nick makes her promise to take it easy, and they go their separate ways.

Jack tells Phyllis that he's been looking for her, that they have a problem on their hands. During a disagreement, Jack screams at Phyllis, saying that he owns NVP and he makes the decisions! Jack leaves with a slam of the door!

Nick comes to Phyllis's office where he reminds her that the baby is due in a week.

At the club, Victor and the senator share lunch over talk of business. Victor asks for his help on the zoning issue, but the senator is concerned about hurting his re-election chance. Victor says there must be a way for him to help, if not, he should consider stepping down from office. Victor leaves the club and the senator with something to think about

Victor tells Jack that he met with the senator and has a feeling that Jack's zoning issue may not be a problem anymore. Victor comments on the power of public officials, goes on to say that Jack has a gift, that he should run for public office!

At the coffeehouse, Daniel asks Michael if Dru is going to get blamed for Carmen's murder. Before Michael can answer, his phone rings. It's Neil, saying that he and Dru were arrested. Michael leaves for the courthouse.

Michael arrives at the courthouse, furious with Bardwell for harassing his clients. The DA doesn't see it Michael's way. Michael tells Neil to stay quiet, says he'll go check on Dru. After Michael leaves, the DA taunts Neil, implying that Dru was jealous of Carmen, that, basically, she had all the motive in the world to kill Carmen. The DA states that Neil lied about his alibi for Dru because he knows she killed Carmen!

Michael tells Dru that she and Neil will be going before a judge to set bail, that they should be out of there fast. When the DA walks in, Dru flips out on him for making Devon miss his surgery. Dru says that William is out to get her, but the DA says that Dru isn't the only suspect, that Neil is, too! He also says they have a tape of Devon pounding on Carmen's door before the murder! When the DA says the judge is ready, Michael tells Dru to keep her mouth shut in the courtroom! William Bardwell tells Dru, Neil and Michael of the evidence he has on Devon, that they found fibers.

Devon and Daniel show up. The DA tells Neil and Dru they are free to go, and Michael reminds them that the DA is going to pursue the charges. However, his prime suspect in the murder case is Devon!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Will admits to Gloria that he was intimate with another woman, Kay asks for Paul's help and Neil and Dru worry about Devon