Patty comes up the aisle at the church and takes Jack's arm. Father Todd begins the ceremony. Patty is shaking, and Todd asks if she's okay, before continuing, and prompting them to say their vows to each other. Jack says heartfelt words about how she continually amazes him, and he loves her more than he's ever loved anyone. Patty takes her turn, saying how she's been alone for so long, and hoping that he would come into her life - marrying him is like a second chance! Father Todd finishes the ceremony, they exchange rings, and are pronounced husband and wife!

At the hospital, Paul stands back as the doctors rush in to work on Emily, who is coding! They stabilize her, but Paul is told to prepare for the worst.

Victor and Nikki canoodle in their room at the Club. She regrets she's been too busy to buy a Valentine's gift, but Victor says he has one for both of them - it's the key to the Ranch! He explains to Nikki that Traci encouraged Ashley to give it up and move on. Suddenly he notices the news about Patty on his laptop. Nikki is concerned about Paul, and heads out. Victor remarks that there is something he has to do.

Nikki arrives at the hospital and hugs Paul. He fills her in on the situation, and says Jack and Emily's marriage was the catalyst. In the bed, Emily hears Paul and realizes that she's supposed to be at her wedding! As Paul tells Nikki that he should have taken her someplace safe, Emily listens and wonders what is going on - she realizes that they think she's Patty! She remembers what happened at the sanitarium, and figures out that Patty must be impersonating her. Father Todd comes in, and she hears Paul tell him that their sister may not make it through the night! Todd says it's in God's hands now. Paul calls her Patty, and Emily wishes for him to see that she's not his sister - she's Emily! Emily listens as Father Todd gives her her last rites.

Back at the Abbott Mansion, the wedding party enjoys a reception. Phyllis and Nick congratulate Emily and Jack and excuse themselves. Katherine and Murphy talk with the couple next, but Emily says she needs to go get some water. Billy tells Chloe she 'gives good wedding'. When Chloe says it's the perfect day, he worries that she's jinxed it! Emily thanks Father Todd for performing the ceremony, saying she can't imagine anyone else doing it - he's slightly puzzled since they've never met before. Jack appears, and Todd wishes them both well before leaving. Patty cries and Jack asks if she's alright - she says she misses her family. Chloe makes an announcement - it's time for Emily to give Jack the big surprise she's been planning for weeks! Patty is on the spot, and blurts that she and Jack will start a family right away. Jack says that's not much of a surprise, and Chloe asks Emily is she's saving the real surprise for later. Patty nods. Billy steps forward and gives a speech about Jack's family loyalty, which causes Jack to tear up. Ashley welcomes Emily to the family.

The front door at the Abbott Mansion bangs open as they are all sharing a toast - Victor walks into the room! Jack asks what he's doing there. Victor says he has a gift for him. Neil reiterates that it's a private party. Victor asks if he's talking for Jack now. Victor tells Jack that he hopes this marriage will bring them both everything they deserve! Traci takes Victor into the other room - she wants to speak to him before he leaves. Traci tells Victor that she not only gave him Colleen's heart, but a part of hers, and he's wasting it! Victor tells her she's a beautiful person, then leaves with Katherine and Murphy. Jack feeds Patty cake as everyone applauds. Jack steps out to say goodbye to Traci, who is the last to leave. He comes back into the room and asks his wife if she wants to rest - they have an early flight out in the morning. Patty says she doesn't want to wait. They kiss, and he carries her upstairs, where they make love!

Nick and Phyllis are back at the tack house. Nick notes that it's strange to see Jack and Emily so happy when his sister's marriage is ending. They discuss it, and Nick points out that you can't take anything for granted. Phyllis agrees. Nick says it's important to keep the promises they've made to each other. They toast to each other, and to never taking what they have for granted. He says they haven't exchanged gifts yet, and Phyllis coos that she'll be wearing what she got him when he comes upstairs. Nick stays behind to get out a hidden gift, and takes a phone call on Phyllis's cell phone from the babysitter. When he goes to put the phone back, he finds an I.D. card with Phyllis's name on it - from Harvard!

Lauren and Michael are enjoying a romantic meal at home. Lauren puzzles over who helped him cook it - he won't confess. They get up to dance, and Lauren whispers that she's sorry she has been difficult lately. He muses that it's already forgotten. When Michael goes to the kitchen to get the next course, he returns to find Lauren in hot black lingerie! Making love ensues, which causes the rest of dinner to be ruined. They order pizza!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley, standing with Neil, asks Phyllis, "Why would Adam want to bring someone like that into my home - into my daughter's home?!" Phyllis replies, "It makes you wonder what else he's trying to do to you. I understand."

Jack and Patty wind up at the same tropical resort as Adam and Sharon!

Victor asks Neil and Ashley what is going on between them!

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