Cane and Lily come into the Club. He is teasing her about a surprise he has planned. Murphy and Katherine appear and greet them. They all sit down and Lily tells a story about Valentine's Day when she was young. Cane and Lily's table becomes available and they move. Murphy sighs to Kay about being young and in love. He gives her a gift - it's an MP3 player with all their favorite music on it. Katherine has a surprise for him too - she got them a room at the Club for the night! They decide to head upstairs and forgo the food!

Victoria comes into the Club where she runs into Billy. He goads her about Jabot, and then they discuss Valentine's Day and their kids. He realizes that she's there to meet with Jabot executives and warns that this isn't over - they'll fight like hell to get the company back. Vikki wishes him luck with that, and heads off.

Nick is at the tack house talking to Victoria on the phone - he reassures her she'll do very well at the helm of Jabot. Phyllis and Summer come in - they're back from Boston. Phyllis tells Nick that Summer's check up went well - the trip was very successful! Nick gives Summer a pink pig for Valentine's Day, and she takes it to her room. Phyllis gives Nick a card saying he can have anything he wants. He wants to collect now, but she says they have to go to Jack's wedding, plus, she wants to tell him everything that happened in Boston.

Victoria arrives at the tack house while Phyllis and Summer are upstairs getting ready for the wedding. Vikki tells Nick that she and JT are getting a divorce. They embrace, then discuss what it means to be married to a Newman. Phyllis comes down welcomes Victoria back.

Adam is in bed with Sharon on their honeymoon. He thinks back to the phone call warning him that Phyllis was checking up on him in Boston. He emails his buddy, asking him to find out who else she spoke to when she was there. Sharon wakes up and pulls him back to bed. They make love. After, they discuss Valentine's Day. They exchange heartfelt cards, and Adam gives her tickets to the theater - in New York. Sharon gives Adam a new wallet - with the emergency contact information filled out in her name. They kiss. When Sharon steps out, he calls his friend in Boston again. She catches him on the phone and he covers by saying he was setting up a spa treatment for her. When Sharon leaves again, Adam calls a contact at the Ranch to find out if Phyllis is back from Boston yet.

Jack welcomes Traci into the Abbott dining room, telling her she looks fantastic. She is pleased that he is so happy. They recall memories of Abbott breakfasts past. Jack tells John's photo that this time he's going to get it right! Ashley and Neil arrive and tease Jack. Billy arrives and greets everyone. He remarks that he ran into Victoria at the Club. Jack tells Neil that he's sure Victor cheated in the auction, but Ashley and Traci put an end to the shop talk. They continue joking until Jack says it's time to go to the church. Ashley makes a toast to Jack's happily ever after.

At the hospital, Father Todd joins his brother Paul as he sits next to Emily, who is in a coma. Paul fills Todd in on how Patty went off the deep end after finding out about Emily and Jack's wedding. Todd lets Paul know that he agreed to step in as the minister at the wedding, having no idea who the couple would be. Paul wants him to back out, but Todd says he wouldn't do that. Paul explains that their sister may not recover. Todd offers to relieve Paul for a bit. Paul hugs his brother, then goes.

In Emily's room at the Club, Patty practices saying her vows to Jack - she is nervous, and doesn't know how to do her hair. She kneels down and prays, asking God for help, and to give her a sign. As she continues getting ready, Chloe comes to the door. Patty calms herself, puzzled as to what Chloe is doing there, and lets her in. Chloe tells her that her hairstylist is running late, and Patty sighs with relief. Chloe says she'll make her tea. Cane and Lily come to the door and Patty has no idea who they are. Chloe looks around her shoulder and says their names. Lily wishes Patty the best and thanks her for the talk in the chapel the other day. After they leave, Chloe helps Patty get ready and they admire her in the mirror.

Cane takes Lily to another room at the Club - he has decorated it with a French theme - just like the first time they made love! He tells her they'll always have Paris, and they kiss passionately. Cane gives her a Valentine's Day gift - a necklace with two hearts - one for each of their twins. They lay down to make love - the bed is covered in rose petals.

Jack and the Abbotts are at the chapel when Paul comes in. He is outraged that Jack is going through with the wedding after Patty tried to kill herself! Jack says he didn't know - he spoke to Emily last night but she didn't mention it! Paul is disgusted - he tells Jack that their wedding is the reason Patty tried to commit suicide! As Jack tries to calm Paul, Patty and Chloe come in. Paul rages at Patty for not telling Jack about his sister! Paul leaves as the other guests come in - Nick, Phyllis, Summer, Kay, and Murphy. Neil asks Phyllis how her trip went - she says it was very productive. Chloe calls Ashley away, and Phyllis tells Neil that Dr. Taylor's reputation was more than tarnished!

Father Todd comes into the church and greets Billy and Jack, who says how sorry he is about Patty. Todd says her demons got the best of her. Patty steps into the church to begin walking up the aisle and is shocked to see Todd standing there!

Back at the hospital, Paul watches the monitor as Emily starts to go into distress. Paul frantically calls for a doctor!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

In her hospital bed, Emily realizes she's supposed to be at her wedding.

Chloe announces that she and Emily have been planning this surprise together for weeks! She turns to Patty, who says she and Jack are going to start a family together right away!

Nick finds a pass card indicating that Phyllis has been to Harvard!

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