In her room, Patty is adjusting the blond hair on an unconscious Emily. She smiles and completes the switch between them. Patty whispers that this is what Emily gets for trying to steal Jack from her. As she leaves, Patty runs into an orderly. She tells him that Patty is resting comfortably for tonight.

Paul is speaking to JT in the Club. He tells him that Patty doesn't even know who she is - she keeps insisting that she is Emily Peterson. JT muses that Victor never thought about collateral damage.

Victoria meets with Nikki and Victor at Jabot. She asks why they called her there. Victor tells Vikki that he intends to name her CEO! Victoria is thrilled - she would love to re-establish herself as a top executive. Victoria then breaks the news about her marriage ending. Nikki asks for details, but Victoria says she can't talk about it right now. Victor excuses himself to attend a meeting. He steps outside the door, calls JT, and says he wants to see him now. Victoria tells Nikki that she didn't miss JT while in Dubai - she was relieved to be away from the arguing. They discuss the issues she and JT have had. Vikki admits that she has to have control, which doesn't work in personal relationships.

Victor arrives at the Club bar to meet JT. He says he understands this is a difficult day for him. JT says Reed is his biggest concern. Victor advises against a long drawn out custody battle - it would be very hard on Reed. JT muses that he won't be taking orders from him regarding his son, who is not a commodity. Victor warns him that he will always look after his daughter and grandson, and if JT causes any kind of difficulties, he'll be playing with the big boys!

Billy and Ashley meet at Crimson Lights. They are excited about a surprise they have planned for Jack. Billy thinks that Jack needs a bachelor party too, but Ashley's not so keen. Victoria comes in, after Ashley leaves. Billy notes that they were discussing Jack's wedding - he hopes she isn't expecting an invitation! Victoria says not after they hear her news - she's the new CEO of Jabot!

Traci arrives at the Abbott Mansion and says she thought she would come early so they could all have dinner before he gets married. Jack is thrilled. Traci says some kind words about Jabot and Jack wonders how she keeps so positive after all that's happened to her. Ashley arrives and they all joke and share a toast. Jack gets a call that they have to switch ministers for their wedding. Ash says one thing going wrong at a wedding is good luck! Billy comes through the door and lets his siblings know about Victoria being made CEO of Jabot. Jack curses - he's got to prove that Victor had inside information. Traci becomes upset - they're all focusing on a vendetta that ultimately took her daughter's life! Ashley takes off, and Jack tells Traci and Billy that his wedding will be Victor-free.

Patty arrives at the coffee house and sits down on the patio to go through Emily's purse. She figures out that Emily is staying at the Club for the night.

Paul goes to the sanitarium to see his sister. He can't wake up Emily, who is still unconscious. He sees a note, and panics. He screams for help, saying she tried to kill herself!

Patty goes to Emily's room and prepares to dye her hair. There is a knock at the door and Patty receives the photo proofs. She looks them over, picks up the wedding dress, and comments that now she knows how she is doing her hair and makeup! Just then the phone rings - it's Paul, telling her to get over to the hospital right now - Patty's tried to harm herself!

Patty arrives at the hospital as Emily, and asks Paul what happened. He explains that she tried to kill herself - it looks like she's been stashing her meds. Paul notes that she was the last person to see her, and angrily offers up the suicide note, which explains that her doctor, who she trusted most in the world, betrayed her! Paul hollers that he found the engagement photo in the house Patty made! She says she hopes Patty comes out of this and her new doctor will be able to help her. Paul orders her out of there. She tells Paul that he should know that his sister loved him. Patty cries as she leaves the hospital. Paul asks the doctor if the hematoma on his sister's head could have caused the coma. The doctor says the coma is from the drugs, and even if she makes it, she may never be herself again.

Back at the room in the Club, Patty cries, saying to herself that she just doesn't like to see Pauly upset! There is a knock at the door - it's Ashley. Patty composes herself and lets her in. She has four gifts - something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. When Ashley leaves, the phone rings - it's Jack. She tells him that she knows she is the one woman who can make him happy.

JT and Victoria meet up at home. She apologizes for running out earlier, and tells him she's been made CEO of Jabot. JT says he met with Victor, who made clear his position on their marriage ending. Victoria muses that it doesn't seem that long ago she was in the hospital and he was right there beside her. She wonders if day-to-day living without a crisis made them realize how little they know about one another. They agree they have some good memories. She asks if they can end this as friends. JT agrees. They decide to keep living under the same roof for Reed's sake for now.

Victor and Nikki are cuddling in their room. He tells her he has to go workout. She kisses him goodbye. Victor walks out the door and runs into Ashley. She wants to talk about the Ranch. She says something Tracy said to her tonight made her decide to move out of the Ranch. He is stunned. She tells him he can have his Ranch - she doesn't want any part of it.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Billy tells Victoria that they'll fight like hell to get Jabot back. She wishes him good luck with that!

Patty prays for a sign.

Paul's brother, Father Todd, comes to see 'Patty' in the hospital.

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