Adam and Sharon are in bathing suits on vacation, happy to be away from the scrutiny at home. They retreat to their room to make love. Sharon and Adam cuddle and joke. They decide to go scuba diving. Sharon suggests they buy one of the bars on the beach. Adam wonders if she really wants to look into real estate. Sharon is thrilled - who says they have to stay in Genoa City?! As they talk seriously about it, Sharon balks, saying she can't really do it, and asking what he's so afraid of. He doesn't want to lose her. She tells him not to worry - he's not going to lose her.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Mac are sitting with Delia when Billy comes in. He asks why his two exes are having coffee together - should he be worried? Mac says 'no' and Chloe says 'yes'. Billy is about to give Delia her tiara, but realizes Vikki has it. Billy takes the baby, and Chloe remarks on the new, improved Billy. Mac brings up using the magazine for good. Chloe says the do-gooder issue was their worst yet. Mac gets up and Chloe tries to talk Billy into being Jack's best man again.

JT greets Victoria as she comes into the house. He tells her that Reed is already down for his nap. JT asks about the tiara she's holding - she says it belonged to another passenger. They make plans to reschedule their anniversary celebration - Vikki says she'll check with her office and let him know! JT wants to give her an anniversary gift - he wants to look forward. He gives her the necklace, and she gives him an extravagant watch, which he says Tucker will love. Victoria asks how he can work for that guy. They launch into a heated argument about their life when he worked at Newman. Soon, he brings up the fact that she cheated and things deteriorate. Victoria slams out the door. Reed comes down looking for her. JT sighs.

Mac arrives at JT's house - he called her to sit with Reed so he can go to a meeting. He tells her that Victoria came home, but the big reunion couldn't have gone worse. JT remarks that she even stormed out before she said hello to her son.

Victoria arrives at Crimson Lights, where Billy asks her about the tiara. She has it and returns it to him as Chloe looks on. Billy asks if she's been crying. Vikki deflects his concern. He asks if they can only be friends in New York.

Paul visits Patty, who is silent and won't respond. When he calls her Dr. Peterson, she snaps out of it and asks how she can help him.

Emily tells Jack, in the Club dining room, that she's all checked in. He jokes about having a run-through of their wedding night. Emily tells him she just wants everything to be perfect. Jack muses that soon she will be Mrs. Jack Abbott. Emily's phone rings - it's Paul. He tells her Patty has gotten worse and the doctor is out of town - she's completely delusional, and he thinks Emily may be the only person who can reach her. Emily reluctantly agrees to come.

Patty is sitting in her room playing with the Happily Ever After House when Emily arrives. She and Paul watch her through the window as he explains what has been happening. Emily wonders if she needs her meds adjusted. Patty talks to the newspaper photo of Jack, saying she needs him, but he lied to her over and over again. She puts the photo of Jack and Emily in the house and then destroys it! Emily tells Paul that Patty's obsession with her is as unhealthy as her obsession with Jack. She'll see her this one time though. Paul leaves, and Emily enters the room. Patty hides her things, and introduces herself as Dr. Emily Peterson. Emily asks why she's mimicking her. Patty says she admires her so much - that's why she can never leave her. Emily tells Patty it's her last visit. Patty asks if that's because she's marrying her husband, Jack! Patty becomes angry and confrontational with Emily - saying she wanted Jack for herself, that's why she had her locked up! Emily reminds her about Colleen Carlton, but Patty insists she used her to get to Jack. She lunges at Emily and knocks her out - she falls to the floor. When she comes to, Patty is dumping pills into a water bottle. She then offers some to Emily, who refuses it. Patty sits on her and says she's going to drink it! She plugs her nose and forces her to drink - saying she stole her life and she's taking it back!

Paul is at the Club. Heather joins him and asks what is wrong. Paul shakes his head, and tells her it's Patty. He muses that she was so sweet and innocent when she was younger, but Mary was too protective of her and she couldn't handle the real world. He fills Heather in on Patty impersonating Emily Peterson. Paul wishes he had tracked her down when she ran away - she's too delicate to be out on her own.

Billy and Chloe get to the Abbott house and she is bugging him about flirting with Victoria - he denies it. Jack comes into the room and he and Billy begin discussing Victor getting Jabot. Jack insists he must have had inside information. Billy tells Jack he could always get back into the magazine business - with him. Jack tells Billy he was right the other day - he did treat him like a kid and he's sorry. Chloe asks Billy if he's going to be the best man or not. Jack tells Billy he'd like that. Billy agrees, then jokes about the speech he'll make!

Victoria gets home and calls out for JT, saying they need to talk. Reed rushes to greet her, and Victoria spots Mac. She asks where her husband is, and Mac tells her JT had a meeting and asked her to watch Reed. Vikki asks how the pregnancy is going and they chat. Mac gets a pizza delivery, and says she'll just take it and go. JT comes in as she's leaving and says goodbye. Victoria tells JT that Reed is upstairs, and then says, "It's over, isn't it?" JT says he thinks it is.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Billy says to Victoria, "What news?" She replies, "I'm the new CEO of Jabot!"

Ashley tells Victor she's moving out of the Ranch. He asks her why - she fought long and hard for it!

Paul is in Patty's padded room, yelling frantically for help!

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