Katherine arrives at Tucker's office and they discuss Jabot going to Victor. Tucker remarks that it went to the highest bidder - he didn't care who it was. Kay notes that it's probably not as satisfying as he'd hoped. She informs him that the fact is she gave him away as a baby - and nothing either one of them can do can change that! Katherine says this takeover is about their history. He retorts that they don't have one! Katherine says he doesn't know much about her, but he should know that she's never been defeated, nor will she ever be! She challenges him to do his worst - and enjoy it while it lasts - because while he's been chopping away, there's one finger he hasn't chopped off yet! As she leaves, Tucker bursts into amused laughter, but later he seems thoughtful and unsettled.

Jack is on the phone at Jabot telling someone to find out how much Victor's bid was. Victor walks in and asks if he's having a bad day. He tells Jack he's accompanied by Jabot's new ambassadress. To Jack's surprise, Gloria Bardwell walks in triumphantly! Jack points out that her public image is one of lawsuits and scandal! Gloria feels the public will see her as a survivor. Jack angrily warns that he'll have her wages garnished to pay off what he owes her. Glo says she's agreed to work for next to nothing out of love for Jabot. When she leaves to pick out an office, Jack asks Victor if he is so angry at him that he would purposely ruin his own investment. Victor reminds him that he promised to make his life a living hell - and this is just the beginning! Jack tells him Gloria is more like a spitball than a thunderbolt from the sky! Jack says this is his own fault - he convinced his sister to let him go on living! Victor notes that unlike Jack, he will make sure the company goes back to Katherine eventually. He tells Jack the company will be in good hands before leaving. Jack glares.

Katherine meets up with Victor at Jabot. She says she's glad that the company is in good hands. He tells her it will be safe until he can return it to her. She tells him about her visit with Tucker - saying he doesn't care about her at all! Kay leaves and Gloria comes in. Victor isn't interested in hearing her ideas - she asks if he ever will be!

Victor arrives at Tucker's office. They discuss the deal, and Tucker remarks that Victor must be in a hurry to return Jabot to his good friend, Katherine. Victor plays it close to the vest regarding his plans. Tucker admits that Kay is tougher than he gave her credit for. Victor says he'll find out just how tough she is in time! They engage in business talk about what a good investment Jabot is, and Victor thanks him before leaving. Outside the door, Victor looks smug.

In the bookstore, Amber tells Daniel she tracked her mother down and was able to speak to Little D! She says he's fine, and remarks that Deacon gave Tawny plenty of money to take care of him. Daniel is relieved - they're not ready to have a kid to take care of! Amber corrects him, saying, "You're not." She says she loves being a mom - and he'll be a great dad. She admits that she's had trouble with pregnancies in the past - if they don't start trying they might run out of time. Daniel reasserts that he is just not ready! Daisy appears, and Amber storms off. Daniel looks at Daisy's photos of the full moon, and tells her he has time to give her some tips. She beams as they sit down and she gets close to him. Daniel soon says he should get going - Amber was ticked off, but making up is part of the fun. Daisy tells him she's never had a boyfriend because high school boys don't do it for her - she'd rather have an older guy. Daniel laughs and tells her there is no rush.

Amber meets with Katherine in Crimson Lights. She tells her that she's worried that she and Daniel aren't going to make it! They discuss Amber wanting children, and Katherine assures her that they have plenty of time - he may feel differently in a year or two. Amber sighs.

Daniel finds Amber at the coffee house and tells her he doesn't want to disappoint her, but he can't imagine taking on the responsibility of a child when he doesn't know what he's even doing with himself! Amber says she understands, and Daniel embraces her, saying they'll be just fine.

Jack is at the coffee house when he gets a call from someone who tells him what Victor's very high offer was for Jabot. Jack says to himself, "It doesn't make sense. Why would he do that?" He sits down with Katherine on the patio. She muses that he must be disappointed. Jack warns her that she shouldn't hold her breath waiting for Victor to return Jabot to her - he may not mean to sting her, but he will - it's his nature.

In New York, Victoria is in a bar trying to make arrangements for another flight as hers is delayed. She orders a beer, and Billy walks in, talking on the phone to Chloe about his flight being delayed - he has a huge stuffed dog for Delia with him! Victoria turns to look at Billy and says, "Hello, Fancy Pants!" Billy laughs. They compare the gifts they're bringing back. Victoria admits that not all of hers are for Reed - it's her anniversary today. She wonders if he'll write it up - 'Newman Heiress Spends Anniversary Alone in Bar'. Billy smirks that she's got the knack - he then pulls out the latest issue of Restless Style. She sees Victor on the cover and goes off. Billy stuns her by explaining that it was all Victor's idea! Victoria takes the magazine and peruses the article about Adam. Billy notes her eyes say she loves it! They move to a table and bicker about who is wearing green. Victoria laughs at Billy's antics. When she makes fun of what he's eating, he pulls a tiara out of his bag and puts it on her head, calling her 'princess'. She eventually falls asleep, and he adjusts the tiara.

Mac and JT are together at his place. He tells her that he's waiting for Victoria to get home, but her flight is delayed. Mac chomps on pizza and asks if JT got his wife something special or their anniversary. He says he'll show her - it's jewelry. Mac assures him that she'll love it. Mac tells him that even if it feels like Reed is the only thing holding them together - that might just be enough. JT says it's what he needed to hear. He asks Mac about her - is she dating? She laughs - she's carrying twins! Mac admits she is still getting over Billy. They play a board game, and JT decides to eat - he can't wait for Victoria any longer. They head out to the kitchen to make food. JT says goodbye to Mac as she heads home.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Emily tells Jack she just wants everything to be perfect. He says that tomorrow she will be Mrs. Jack Abbott!

Paul is on the phone saying that Patty is completely delusional - he can't reach her! Patty emerges with a towel on her head!

Emily tells Patty, "It's time." Patty says, "Or is it because you're marrying my husband?"

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