Ashley comes in to meet Jack at Jabot. He says Tucker asked to meet them there, and assures her that their bid was the highest. Tucker comes in and tells them there isn't any good news today - someone outbid them! Jack, stunned, asks, "Who?" When Tucker says it was Victor Newman, Jack and Ashley are both livid. Jack suggests that the bid may not have been done on the up-and-up. Tucker says it was fair and square and leaves.

Victor and Nick celebrate at Newman. Victor muses that he would give anything to see Jack's face when he finds out about Jabot. He tells Nick that his idea was a stroke of genius. Nick says he can empathize with Jack - he knows how he would feel if he lost his company. Victor says it's cold, hard business. Adam comes in and gloats about going undercover. Victor tells him the entire ruse was Nick's idea! Adam is put out, and Nick informs him that he loves the company as much as he does. Victor tells Adam to go back to Tucker and continue the ruse. After Adam leaves, Nick tells Victor he thinks it was a mistake to tell Adam it was his idea. Victor assures Nick he's in control of everything, including Adam!

Katherine and Neil are at the Club. Kay tells Neil she hasn't heard anything about Jabot yet. Jill comes over, and Neil tells her they're discussing business. Katherine adds that it's not her concern - she's fired! Jill reiterates that she didn't conspire with Tucker against her, and Neil points out that doesn't explain why she stayed with him. Jill pleads with Katherine not to do this. Kay says she'll always love her down deep, but she repeatedly stabs her in the back. As Neil takes a call about Jabot, Jill storms out saying Tucker appreciated her talents more than Katherine ever did!

Victor arrives at Jabot, where Ashley and Jack ask if he came to gloat. Victor says he came to deliver a message in person - they have one week to clear their things out of there! Jack tells him there is no way he could have known how much he was bidding for Jabot unless he had inside information. Victor remarks casually that he made sure he had the highest bid. Jack threatens to put him through the window, then leaves. Ashley says to Victor, "This isn't just about Jack, it's about me too, isn't it?" Victor insists it's nothing to do with her, she shouldn't take it personally. He reiterates that Jack needs to be out in a week, then leaves. Jack comes back in and tells Ashley that if Victor cheated, he's going to find out, and then nail him to the wall!

Nick is at the Ranch with Sharon and Noah, who is preparing to go to Paris. They give him advice and warnings, and tell him to also have a good time. Noah goes upstairs, and Nick asks where Adam is - too busy to say goodbye to Noah? They bicker about Adam. Noah comes back downstairs after telling Abby to call if she needs anything. He says goodbye to his parents, and they see him off at the door. Sharon tears up, and says she was thinking of Paris. They both think of their time there, and then Nick leaves. Nick looks in the window at her once outside.

Chance is on the phone at the Chancellor Estate, arguing about putting someone on the case of the break-in. He angrily hangs up. Chloe comes in and remarks on his mood, but he blows her off, saying he's got more calls to make. He leaves the room and the doorbell rings - it's Billy. Chloe invites him in, and he tells her he's going out of town to interview someone, and would like her to oversee things at the magazine while he's gone. As they play with Delia, Chloe muses that they're in a pretty good place as friends. She suggests that he might be ready for a new relationship in light of his positive changes. Billy says Delia is the only girl he needs!

Neil and Katherine arrive back at the Chancellor Estate where they discuss the ramifications of Tucker selling Jabot to Victor. Chloe comes into the room and tells them about Chance being upset. Neil learns of the break-in. Katherine walks into the living room where Chance is looking at photos of the room before and after the break-in - he's certain he's missing something. Kay muses that if he's being targeted he has to let the people who love him in! Chance discusses his mistrust of the people he works with, and she says he can't go through life as an army of one. Chloe passes by, as she is taking Delia for a walk. Chance stops her and apologizes for not opening up to her. He says he's going to ask for help from Sid Meeks, and then asks to go for a walk with Chloe and Delia. Neil comes into the room after they go, and tells Katherine that his P.I. found something odd in Tucker's past - he managed a rock band and parlayed their success into a record label - all the bands he then signed skyrocketed to success - how did he pull that off? Katherine looks intrigued.

Adam is sitting at the bar in the Club when Billy comes up and joins him. Billy needles Adam about the interview Victor gave him for Restless Style. Adam warns Billy to shut his big toothy mouth. They continue to trade barbs, and Adam says there's a lot he doesn't know. Billy warns that one day they'll expose the rest of Adam's secrets and he'll lose his job, Ashley's friendship, and that pretty little wife of his! Billy leaves, and Adam gets a call from an old Harvard buddy, telling him a hot chick with red hair was there asking questions about his relationship with Dr. Taylor. Adam hisses, "Phyllis!"

Jill catches up with Tucker at his office. She tells him that Katherine fired her, and is looking for a job. He informs her that Jabot has been sold to Victor Newman, and he is not interested in getting involved in the petty disputes between her and Katherine - she's out of luck! Jill is stunned. She tells him he promised her that they would take Jabot to new heights! Tucker muses that he said so many things it's hard to keep track. Jill gapes, asking, "Who are you?" He shows her the door, and once she's gone, returns to a young woman who is waiting in the bedroom!

Jill goes to the Club, where Billy finds her and asks if she's okay. She tells him the story of Tucker, who was apparently using her from the beginning. He tells her they'll have dinner as soon as he returns from New York. He kisses her and dashes off.

Adam comes home to the Ranch and tells Sharon to pack some things - they're going on their honeymoon! Sharon smiles and jokes that he's not getting her on a plane. He says their odds are pretty good. She wonders if they should be looking for a place to live, but he insists. Sharon agrees and they kiss.

Nick goes back to Newman, where he tells Victor that Noah has left. Victor remarks that he's sorry Noah saw the fight at the Club. Victor asks Nick to excuse him - he needs to make a phone call. Nick asks him again who is going to be the CEO of Jabot, but Victor won't say. Nick leaves, and Victor leaves someone a phone message, telling them to call him back - he's acquired a new company that they would be very interested in!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine tells Tucker she's never been defeated, nor will she ever be!

Billy runs into Victoria who says, "Hello, Fancy Pants!"

Jack asks Victor who will be the next CEO. Victor says, "Rest assured, it will be in very capable hands!"

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