Jack and Emily are in the Club. They check out their wedding announcement in the paper. Paul comes over to their table and asks if they think it was wise to put it in the paper. Emily doesn't think there is any chance for Patty to get a newspaper. Paul leaves, and Jack presents Emily with a teeny bikini for their honeymoon - he wants to show her off! Emily tells him she'll be booking a room at the Club the night before the wedding - it will make it more special.

In the facility, Patty asks an orderly for more newspaper to finish her paper mache house - she sees Jack and Emily's wedding announcement, and is stunned that it will be at the same church that she and Jack got married. She flips out, yelling, "You can't have him!" She bangs on the walls and door! The orderly notices and phones Paul. He tells him Patty is completely freaking out and will have to be put in a straightjacket!

Billy and Chloe are in Crimson Lights discussing Delia, and her upcoming birthday. Chloe tells him that someone broke into the Chancellor Estate last night - she's glad Delia was with him!

At the Club, Chloe and Billy arrive, and Chloe sits down with Emily and Jack. She asks Jack if he's chosen a best man yet. Jack sighs and says he only has one brother. He calls Billy over and asks him if he will be his best man at the wedding! Billy agrees, and Jack thanks him. Chloe and Emily take off to do more wedding things, and Jack and Billy toast to new beginnings.

Paul arrives at Patty's room, where she falls into his arms and says she can't spend another day in the hospital - she doesn't like her life anymore! Paul tries to soothe her. Paul goes out to speak to the orderly, telling him that Patty seems to be calm now. When he goes back into the room, Patty says, "It's nice to see you again, Paul. I'm Dr. Emily Peterson."

Chloe and Emily go back to the Abbott house. They are discussing how great it is that Billy will be the best man. They talk about Emily's surprise for Jack - she says only Chloe and Ashley know about it, and now that Billy and Jack have made up the day will be perfect. They laugh as Emily muses that she can't believe she's getting married! Just then, Emily gets a phone call.

At the Chancellor Estate, Katherine is filling Cane in on the details of the break-in. Talk turns to Tucker, and Cane reassures her that they will find a way to get the man. Kay says she doesn't have the heart to go into the office.

Jill arrives at Tucker's office. He tells her it's not a great time. Jill tells him about the prowler at her house, noting that she hasn't slept and is upset - she needed to see a friendly face. Tucker coolly says he's glad she's alright. Jill is taken aback by his lack of concern. He says that this isn't working out between them - it's probably best they go their separate ways! Jill asks if he's dumping her. He remarks that he doesn't like drama. She points out that he is the cause of all her recent drama! He thinks it's best that they keep things strictly professional.

Jill gets back to the Chancellor Estate, and tells Katherine that she should have run when she first found out what Tucker was all about. Katherine realizes that Jill was dumped - she snickers. Jill asks, "Can't you see I'm in pain?" Katherine replies, "No one deserves it more!"

Adam is in the bookstore and is talking to Victor on the phone. Victor says he got keys made from the imprints Adam took from Tucker. Adam says the tricky part will be getting him out of the office long enough. Adam takes an envelope Victor left in the bookshelf. Nick and Victor are in another part of the bookstore. Nick asks Victor if he thinks Adam can pull it off. Victor says he wants to impress his father!

Adam and Cane are with Tucker in his office. He gets a call from the mayor, asking him to meet him at the Club. Tucker gives Adam and Cane each an envelope with the prospectus of the Chancellor holdings. He tells them to let him know which companies they think should be sold off. Cane muses that there may not be any. Tucker's not impressed, and tells him so.

Cane goes to see Katherine at home. He tells her that he has news, and it's not good. Cane says that Tucker is moving fast to pick out which companies to sell off next. He notes that he almost got himself fired for trying to talk him out of it. Jill listens from the other room as Cane tells Kay that Tucker won't be happy until Chancellor is a pile of ashes! Cane and Katherine go over the list of companies, and Cane frets about what to do. Jill steps in and says she can help - if they'll let her. Jill says she was wrong to stay involved with Tucker, she asks Katherine to get past her bitterness and help her save what is left of the company. Cane tells Jill they need to do this without her. Kay agrees.

Victor calls Adam and gives him the all clear once he knows Tucker is at the Club. Adam uses the key to go into Tucker's office. He lets himself into a locked drawer and starts opening the bids in envelopes inside. He uses a camera to take photos of the bids once opened, and forwards them to Victor's computer. Jack's is the biggest by far. Victor is pleased.

Tucker stops by Billy and Jack's table at the Club, saying he's just had his photo taken with the mayor. He tells them he would like to see Jabot back in Abbott hands, but can't make any promises. He notes that there have been a few bids, but none from Newman, surprisingly. Nick is at the bar, and let's Victor know that Tucker has left the Club, so he can tell Adam. Billy takes Jack to task for not telling him about Jabot being on the block or including him in the deal - he hollers that John was his father too! Jack tries to placate him - he says it would have been irresponsible of him to ask Billy to take on more debt. Jack reminds Billy that he is the one who walked away from Jabot. Billy still thinks he should have been told - he treated him like a little kid! He tells him he will no longer be his best man, then leaves.

Nick is back at Newman, where he and Victor discuss the bids, and decide how much to offer for Jabot. Victor gives Nick their bid and tells him to get it sent over to Tucker McCall's office quickly!

Tucker is back in his office, when Adam comes in. Tucker says it's time to open up the bids and see what they think. The phone rings - it's Victor, telling Tucker that an offer will arrive momentarily. Adam answers a knock at the door and takes the Newman bid. Tucker tells Victor that he knew he wouldn't pass up the chance to throw his hat in!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Tucker that he promised they were going to take Jabot to new heights! He says, "I've said so many things it's hard to keep track."

Sharon says to Nick, "I was thinking of Paris."

Adam tells Sharon to pack a bag - they're going on their honeymoon! Smiling, she asks, "What? Now?"

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