Jack arrives home and greets Emily. He is excited to see Malcolm is there, with Chloe, to take their announcement photo. Emily and Jack pose happily! After the photo, everyone compliments Malcolm. Chloe says that Billy has Delia tonight, and Emily asks if she's going out with Chance. Chloe smiles - she is! Malcolm sits down to eat with Emily and Jack.

Patty is alone in her room, she murmurs to herself angrily that Emily got her doped up and locked up so she could seduce Jack and marry him! Paul comes in, and Patty lets on that she's fine. Paul urges her to give her new doctor a chance. In Patty's head, she tells herself to smile - if she can pull this act off with Paul, she can fool anyone! She loses her temper over a paper house (the 'Happily Ever After House') she has been working on, though, which concerns Paul. He talks her down by recalling good times at the beach, and tells her to remember those days when she feels upset. After he leaves, she murmurs, "You've ruined everything, Emily. I hate you!"

At the Ranch, Ashley tells Neil that she is overwhelmed trying to figure out why Adam did what he did to her. She remarks that Abby offered to baby-sit, so they decide to head out for dinner. Ash speaks briefly to Tracy on the phone about the Jabot deal. Neil looks dejected, and Ashley urges him not to feel guilty. They discuss Tucker - Neil says he really relished what he did to Katherine.

Jeff arrives at Crimson Lights to meet Gloria, who fills him in on the potential partnership with Jack to purchase Jabot. Jeff muses that she can't do this deal without him - he's tired of her taking him for granted! He notes that if he wants to go in on this, he doesn't need her, does he? He laughs at the look she gets on her face - he was teasing her. Gloria sighs, and tells him that Jack will agree to anything - he's desperate!

Jeff and Gloria arrive at the Abbott house and ring the doorbell. Emily asks Jack who's at the door - he says, "Boris and Natasha." Jack lets them in, and muses that they must be there because they want in on the Jabot deal. Jeff says not unless he tells them what they want to hear! They want Jack to guarantee them positions they'll have at Jabot. Jack can only offer them his word. Jeff doesn't like that - it's too loosey-goosey. They leave, saying they'll get back to him. Emily asks Jack if he's sure he wants to work with them. Jack doesn't, but he says he needs to have the biggest bid. Emily warns him that Ashley won't like it. Emily is about to do a test run with her dress, and Malcolm notes that Jack should go. Emily smiles and says they're not superstitious.

Back at the coffee house, Jeff and Gloria discuss whether or not to go in with Jack. Jeff notes that it's not really up to her. She says he knows how much it means to her - so what's he going to do? Jeff calls Jack and says he's wiring the money into his account.

At the Abbott house, Malcolm takes photos of Emily as she comes down the stairs in her wedding dress. Jack, who has just called Tucker with a heads-up about his bid, beams as he watches her.

Jill is at the Chancellor Estate talking to Tucker on the phone. He wants to go out for dinner. As Katherine walks into the room, Jill agrees to meet him and hangs up. Kay and Jill start trading barbs, and Jill wonders if she ever considered that she might be trying to use her influence with Tucker to save Jabot! Katherine insists that he's just using her. Jill is exasperated and walks out. Chance comes into the room and discusses the situation with Katherine. He feels McCall can't be trusted and that Jill will regret her choices. Kay remarks that she is the one who will have to live with the consequences.

At the Club, Tucker and Jill settle in, and Jill brings up Jabot - why is he selling it if he believes she can make a success of it? He tells her he wants to make a quick buck, and that shoptalk isn't why he called her there tonight. Tucker notes that he enjoys her company when she's not trying to leverage their personal relationship for gain!

Chance and Chloe come into the Club, and Chance spots Jill and Tucker. He makes a beeline to their table and warns Jill about what she is doing. Tucker invites them to sit down, but Chance says anyone who could treat Katherine that way isn't someone they want to get to know! Chloe and Chance sit down, and he remains distracted. Chloe just wants to go home. They leave the Club, and once outside, there is a loud noise. Chance pushes Chloe to the ground and pulls out his gun! They go back into the Club, where he admits he got a call on his cell phone the other day saying he's in danger. He doesn't know who to trust.

Tucker remarks to Jill, at their table, that Chance is an impressive kid. They agree it's great that he speaks his mind. Jill decides to head home. They share a kiss and remark on how interesting tomorrow will be when the bids come in. She passes Neil and Ashley on her way out. Ashley wonders what her rush is - then she sees Tucker, and says she thinks she knows! They walk over, and Neil introduces Ashley to Tucker. Ashley confronts Tucker about what he did to Kay, and about selling Jabot. Tucker tells her a secret - he's rooting for her family tomorrow. Ashley tells him she hopes the next time she sees him will be the last! She and Neil sit down, and Ashley expresses her concerns about Jabot to Neil. She's excited that the company will be back with just the family members.

Back at the Chancellor Estate, Jill wakes up Katherine - she heard someone downstairs. They venture out to investigate, but retreat when they hear another noise. Jill phones for help. In the ensuing moments, Jill accidentally calls Katherine 'mother'. They embrace and Jill tells her she's so, so sorry. Kay tells her they'll get out of this, just as someone tries to open the door! Police sirens are heard, and the person runs away!

Chance and Chloe arrive at home as Katherine and Jill emerge from the bedroom and come downstairs. The police officer says nothing much seems to have been taken, and they're searching the neighborhood. Chance goes upstairs to check things out, and Chloe watches as Jill and Katherine have another misunderstanding and leave the room angry. Chance comes back and tells Chloe that the intruder had been in his room. Chloe wants him to promise to tell someone what is going on!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jill says to Tucker, "You're dumping me?" He replies, "I'm not big on drama, Darlin'."

Paul visits Patty and she introduces herself as Dr. Emily Peterson!

Adam says into his phone, "Will do." Nick, who is with Victor, asks if he thinks he can pull it off. Victor replies, "He wants to please his father."

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