In the Club, Phyllis is questioning Adam about how he knew Dr. Taylor. He says he has to call Sharon, and she says she'll wait. He tells her she is nails on the chalkboard personified! When he hangs up from his call, Phyllis asks about the purple cloth. Adam sighs, and distracts her by telling her that Sharon is with Nick. Phyllis tells Adam she's not threatened by Nick being with Sharon, and that she can't wait to see Sharon's face when she finds out who he really is! Adam leaves. Phyllis picks up the phone and makes arrangements to check in with the Harvard Alumni Society while she's in Boston!

In the bookstore, Sharon hangs up from Adam and Nick gets a call from Victor asking how the meeting with Tucker went. Nick excuses himself to go to the office and tells Sharon it was nice seeing her. Rafe appears and greets Sharon. He calls her a friend and tells her that the plane crash after she married Adam was an omen. He explains that Adam is a consummate game-player and doesn't care who gets hurt. Sharon says she's sorry things went badly for him, but Adam isn't like that. Rafe wishes her luck.

Nick arrives at Newman and touches base with Victor about the plan involving. Victor asks what Tucker said to his offer. Nick tells him that Tucker wants to buy Newman Cosmetics and merge it with Jabot! Nick says Adam was there when he went to Tucker's office - he played it perfectly. Victor thinks that the display in the dining room clinched Adam's place with Tucker. Nick asks if Adam knows it was his plan. Victor says no. Nick suggests they keep it that way. Nick muses that he hates lying to Phyllis, and mentions that she and Summer are going out of town to see the doctor. Victor tells Nick they're going to do great things together - starting with Jabot!

Adam finds Sharon at the bookstore. They kiss, and he tells her he loves her more than he's ever loved anyone - he doesn't know what he would do without her. She wonders if he is upset that she was with Nick, because there is nothing to be concerned about.

At the Ranch, Neil tells Ashley that he doesn't know about home, but at work, lying is what Adam does. They discuss Adam some more, and Ashley tells Neil that it sounds like Adam is a psychopath! Neil agrees. He tells her how beautiful she looks today, and says he needs to go for a bit. Ashley nods, saying she's going to look in Adam's room again. Neil heads to the door, where he stops to make a call, and tells someone he needs to see them about Adam.

Rafe comes into the Club, where Phyllis speaks to him about Adam. She asks if he thinks Adam and Dr. Taylor were intimate. Rafe laughs and says no, but there was something going on between them - it just wasn't sexual. As he walks away, Neil comes in to meet Phyllis. He fills her in on the back story of the purple, bloody cloth. They agree to team up to find out what is going on with Adam - and get him out of all of their lives. They start going over all of the information they have and come to the conclusion that something went on between Adam and Ashley - and Dr. Taylor knew what it was!

Adam and Sharon get home to the Ranch where Ashley confronts him about the argument they had earlier. Adam tries to downplay it, but Ashley blurts that either he lied to her the night she took Victor's car, or he's lying to her now! They get into it over the bloody, purple cloth - Adam tells her that she's just mixing things up in her mind again. Neil comes back and asks Adam if he's telling the truth. Adam takes Ashley to task for calling him a liar after all they've been through together. Ashley tells him he needs to move out. Adam agrees if it will avoid a rift. Sharon suggests they go out to give Ashley some space. Adam thanks her, and Rafe's words go through her mind. Neil whispers to Ashley to let Adam think he has dodged a bullet. He asks Ash if Adam could be right - is she mixing things up? Ash shakes her head - Adam's lying!

Phyllis and Nick both get to the tack house and discuss what a weird day it has been. He asks about Ashley, and Phyllis tells him she's fine - Neil's with her. She also says she left, it was none of her business.

Outside the bookstore, Jana confronts Daisy about how she knows Ryder. Daisy covers, saying he's a loser, and that he accused her of abandoning him because he caught Abby drinking and she convinced him not to tell her parents, and then left.

Lauren and Michael bicker at the doctor's office after Michael admits to her that the person who bought the rat matched Eden's description. Lauren asks who else it could have been!

In the Baldwin house, Noah has Eden on the phone while he searches Daisy's bag. He finds a photo of Daisy and a little boy in the side pocket. On the back is written, "Daisy and Max."

Lauren and Michael arrive at home, where Michael explains that it's really too obvious to be Eden - that's rarely the case unless someone wants you to think so. Lauren tells him he was right about letting Daisy stay at their home - it's time she stopped bringing home strays! Michael asks if they can kick her out when she comes back! Lauren laughs. She admits that she didn't ask him if Amber could move in, and now there's Daisy.

Gloria is at Crimson Lights irritating Kevin when Jack comes in and sits down. Despite Kevin warning her not to go there, she approaches Jack and informs him that she will help him buy Jabot from Tucker McCall. Jack wryly says that her money already belongs to him, but Gloria says he'll never see a penny of it unless they partner up! She also offers Jeffrey's money, which causes Jack to raise an eyebrow. He agrees to listen to her proposal. They talk more and Jack muses that he doesn't much like her. She smiles, saying she doesn't like him either, but they both love Jabot. Jack nods and tells her he'll get back to her.

Jana comes into the coffee house and rushes up to Kevin to tell him she saw Ryder with Daisy! Kevin fails to see the significance. Jana explains that she has a hunch they have known each other in the past and something is going on! They discuss Gloria and Jack, and Jana warns Kevin not to think about getting sucked into one of his mother's schemes! Gloria comes over and tells them that the deal with Jack is working out, and Kevin will get a great position at Jabot! Jana gives Kevin the evil eye, but he lets Gloria know he's in. Noah shows up and tells Jana there is something he needs to show her. They head outside, where he says Eden told him about a photo Ryder had that Jana found. He shows her the picture from Daisy's bag. Jana gasps, "This is the proof I've been looking for!" She says she doesn't know who Max is, but obviously Ryder and Daisy are connected!

Daisy is on the phone as she gets to the Baldwin door. She tells someone to watch Jana Fisher - she's snooping around! She listens, then says, "I'll tell him." Daisy enters the house and greets Michael and Lauren. Lauren says she'll see her in the morning. Daisy goes to her room, and Lauren promises Michael she'll tell her to leave tomorrow.

At the Club, Jack and Victor are separately on their phones formulating plans to bid on Jabot the next day. Jack stops near Victor and makes a jibe about him and Adam having it out in public, adding that maybe tomorrow will be better. Victor holds up his glass and says it will certainly be interesting!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Kay she's trying to use her influence with Tucker to save Jabot, but Kay says she's trying to take over!

Patty murmurs to herself in her room about seducing Jack and marrying him.

Chloe and Chance are laughing outside when there is a loud noise! Chance throws Chloe to the ground and shields her!

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