At the tack house, Phyllis tells Nick that Summer's doctor will be in Boston. Nick encourages her to take their daughter to meet him - he says he can take them to the airport when he takes Noah to go to Paris. Nick mentions that Sharon convinced him to let Noah go. Phyllis says Sharon went off on her. They discuss Adam, and Nick thinks she should let it go. Abby comes to the door and tells Nick that her mother is totally freaking out! Abby explains what it was like when Ashley was pregnant, and that Adam was the only one who could talk her down. Phyllis wonders if Abby thinks that was because Adam had something to do with it. Abby says she's going to go look for Noah, and Phyllis says she'll go up to the Ranch to check on Ashley.

In the Ranch, Ashley is tearing the house apart looking for the purple scrap of cloth, as she recalls Adam telling her she hit someone. Sharon comes into the room and asks what is going on. Ashley says she's got it covered, but Faith starts to cry. Ash asks Sharon to take her out for a bit.

Noah comes into the bookstore, where Ryder is just putting up his hood and turning away. Noah sits with Adam, and Sharon comes in with Faith. Sharon mentions that Ashley is frantically looking for some piece of cloth from an accident. Adam calls his car and immediately hightails it out of there! Sharon informs Noah that he is allowed to go to Paris - he's thrilled! Just then, Eden phones. Before he can tell her he's coming, she rants about what Michael accused her of doing! Noah gets off the phone and tells Sharon that someone is trying to wreck Eden's life! Noah says he's going to have to clear her name. Sharon warns him not to get into trouble. Nick comes in with Abby. Sharon tells Nick that she had a fight with Phyllis. He admits he's tired of the arguing - even with Adam. Noah and Abby head out and Nick and Sharon look at the face that Faith is making. Nick suddenly asks if this is all real - her married to Adam and living at the Ranch - is she happy? Sharon insists that it's pretty perfect. Nick says they used to have that, and wonders how she gets that with Adam. They read a book to Faith that they used to read to Noah.

Adam comes into the Ranch, where Ashley confronts him, demanding to know where the piece of cloth from the accident is - and demanding to know why he would deliberately try to convince her she was a murderer! Adam denies it ever happened! Ashley insists that she knows what he told her - and that Nikki cleared all that up! She asks him again, why he would do such a thing. He tells her again that it didn't happen. Phyllis is outside the door as Ashley asks him why he's trying to make her thinks she's insane! Phyllis comes in and tells Ashley that Abby told them she was upset - something to do with a purple cloth. The doorbell rings, and Adam challenges Phyllis about being there. Ashley returns to the room with Neil, and tells Adam she wants him to leave - now! He agrees to go, but tells Ashley he's on her side. Phyllis leaves as well. Ashley calls Sharon to check on Faith, then turns back to Neil, who embraces her. Ashley muses that as far as she knows, Patty tried to make her see Sabrina out of revenge on Victor, but Adam is the one who showed her the bloody piece of cloth. Neil gets the whole story, and Ashley asks him if he thinks she's maybe starting to remember what really happened!

Abby and Noah are at the Club. She asks him if he wants to join her to work out. He says he has some things to do. Abby says she'll miss him when he leaves. Adam suddenly appears and tells Abby that she needs to go home with Ashley. Abby says she is going to work out. Phyllis appears and tells Adam this is a coincidence! She questions him about Dr. Taylor again. Adam tries to get by her, but Phyllis wonders why a Harvard business grad would be hanging out with an OB/GYN twice his age!

Daisy brings Lauren home and tells Michael that she was suffering with another headache at the store - she insisted she come home. When Daisy goes to make Lauren tea, Michael tells Lauren that he called Eden - she thinks she's being set up - by Daisy! Lauren disagrees, saying that Eden was raised in a cult! As Michael replies to her, his face starts to distort, as does his voice! Lauren holds her head, and Michael insists they go to a doctor - now!

At the doctor's office, Lauren tells Michael she is feeling better - perhaps from the fresh air. Michael wonders if it's stress-related, or worse. He recalls how Sheila once poisoned her - the clippings brought it to mind. Michael vows to get to the bottom of the headaches. He wonders if it's post-traumatic stress from the anniversary of the kidnapping all those years ago. He hugs her and reassures her they'll get through this. The doctor comes in and tells them there is nothing in the tests to indicate what it causing the headaches - it's likely stress. Michael gets a call from the man who sold the rat - he says it was a teen girl with long dark hair and an attitude who bought it!

Kevin and Jana are locking up at the coffee house. He can't wait to get home to their nice, warm bed. Jana tells Kevin about seeing Ryder digging in the dumpster. Kevin goes to look for him.

Kevin catches up with Ryder outside. He asks him why he lied to him about staying in a motel. Ryder admits he doesn't have a lot of options!

Kevin comes back to the coffee house, and Jana eventually joins him. He says he found Ryder begging for change - he feels guilty. Jana says she isn't sure what to believe when it comes to Ryder. Kevin seems perturbed that Jana didn't tell him sooner. Kevin gets on the phone and rents Ryder a room.

Ryder calls Daisy at the Baldwin house. He wants her to meet him down by the bookstore. She hisses at him that she told him not to call her.

Daisy meets with Ryder outside the bookstore, where he confronts her about ditching him. She says she's been putting on dark wigs and doing all the work! Ryder remarks that after all they've been through - how can she just abandon him! He walks off and Jana appears - she wants to know just what they've been through together!

Noah comes into the Baldwin house and finds it empty. He decides he's going to find out what Daisy is hiding!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Victor that Tucker wants to buy Newman Cosmetics and merge it with Jabot!

Ashley tells Adam, who is standing with Sharon, that he lied to her the night she took Victor's car - or he's lying to her now!

Rafe tells Sharon that she can't trust Adam - he's a consummate game-player!

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